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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-19 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. annihilatory
  2. authorless
    • 2009 January 19, Tony Russell, “Danny Dill”, The Guardian:
      He succeeded so well that many people, in the 50 years since it was written, have taken Long Black Veil to be just that: a page from the great authorless volume of traditional American folk balladry.
  3. backpager
    • 2009 January 19, Geoffrey Taylor, “Nesta Roberts”, The Guardian:
      There she began writing also for the Guardian , her medium being a now defunct type of article called a backpager.
  4. cauliflowers
    • 2009 January 19, Paul Brown, “Weatherwatch”, The Guardian:
      Cold temperatures send cabbages, spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers and root vegetables to sleep and prevent them bolting prematurely.
  5. commodified
    • 2009 January 19, Editorial, “Editorial: Steve Jobs' worth”, The Guardian:
      At a time when computers are more commodified than ever, and designed as well as manufactured in Asia, Apple has become something of a role model for a different way of doing things.
  6. crashlanded
  7. fightback
    • 2009 January 19, Aidan Jones, “Big Beast's return could bring snarls from right”, The Guardian:
      He lines up opposite the Labour business secretary Peter Mandelson, whose own return has been credited with galvanising Gordon Brown's political fightback.
  8. folkcraft
    • 2009 January 19, Dennis Barker, “Tony Hart”, The Guardian:
      Impish-faced and with a soothing voice, Hart thought fun was a vital part of children's education, but that schools were teaching art as if it were a dull form of folkcraft.
  9. homeware
    • 2009 January 19, Dan Milmo, “Retailers report a dismal December”, The Guardian:
      The discounting trend had a positive impact on Matalan, the value-for-money fashion and homeware chain said yesterday.
  10. hoolah
  11. largescale
  12. lubriciousness
    • 2009 January 19, Michael McNay, “Andrew Wyeth”, The Guardian:
      John Updike, a good judge in these matters, wrote with sly lubriciousness when the paintings of Helga were first shown: "tangled pubic hair... confronts us - affronts us, even - as if still wet from the artist's brush.
  13. mammon
    • 2009 January 19, Michael McNay, “Andrew Wyeth”, The Guardian:
      But he did not want to become an all-American illustrator like the Post's illustrious Norman Rockwell - and he had heard his own father, an illustrator, bemoan choosing the path of mammon rather than the path of virtue, and declined.
  14. miscaptioned
    • 2009 January 19, “Corrections and clarifications”, The Guardian:
      In Weekend magazine's 2008 Year in Review special, a photograph of an armoured Nato helicopter taking off was miscaptioned.
  15. overdependency
  16. paks
    • 2009 January 19, Matthew Taylor and Shane Croucher, “MoD investigates race hate on web”, The Guardian:
      One writer's espoused political idea was to "kill the paks", while another listed having an interest in "ethnic cleansing" and enjoying "SS marching music".
  17. ruralist
    • 2009 January 19, Michael McNay, “Andrew Wyeth”, The Guardian:
      Many critics dismiss Wyeth as a sentimental ruralist.
  18. timebanks
    • 2009 January 19, Jenni Russell, “How can Labour still fear to act for a fairer, greener land?”, The Guardian:
      From the funding of credit unions to timebanks, local energy advisers, taxes on financial speculation and penalties for environmentally damaging companies, there is the start of a real programme here.
  19. unilateralist
    • 2009 January 19, Alastair Crooke, “A return to square one”, The Guardian:
      At one level, this unilateralist outcome resolves none of the core problems that were at the source of the conflict in the first place.
  20. wej
    • 2009 January 19, “Letters: Ring in the changes”, The Guardian:
      In her otherwise balanced piece on Jewish stereotypes (Time to bury Fagin, 17 January), Julia Pascal reveals a hint of paranoia in her explanation of the slang term "wej" for money.