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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-21 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. cycleways
  2. demutualisation
    • 2009 January 21, “Letters: Help jobseekers fight the recession”, The Guardian:
      Clarke was a prominent member of the Thatcher-Major administration whose policies of deregulation, demutualisation and privatisation led to the present dire economic conditions, which should be labelled the Thatcher recession.
  3. deregulator
  4. finito
    • 2009 January 21, Duwayne Brooks, “A premature obituary”, The Guardian:
      Stop using the term "institutional racism" for the police - it's dead, finito, past tense.
  5. gallerists
    • 2009 January 21, “Letters: End of the celebrity junk-art market”, The Guardian:
      The unregulated state-subsidised modernist establishment (Arts Council, Tate and clique of favoured "progressive gallerists"), which confounds subversion with quality, is primarily responsible.
  6. hymned
    • 2009 January 21, Michael Coveney, “Tom O'Horgan”, The Guardian:
      An unknown cast, including Diane Keaton, hymned the Age of Aquarius, stripped off at the end of the first act and let the sunshine in at the end of the second.
  7. overdirecting
  8. oversubscribed
    • 2009 January 21, Hugh Muir, “Diary: Hugh Muir”, The Guardian:
      And we know that because the organisers of the British Parking Association Awards, to be held at London's Dorchester in March, have just told the entrants that they are so heavily oversubscribed for tables that none can be allocated at this early stage.
  9. spinetingling
    • 2009 January 21, John Fordham, “Sarah Jane Morris/Ian Shaw”, The Guardian:
      On the occasions in a Sarah Jane Morris performance when she seems to turn herself into a cross between Edith Piaf and Tom Waits (and there are usually a few such spinetingling flashes in the course of a show), the British singer's obscurity in her own homeland is hard to fathom.
  10. stulted
    • 2009 January 21, “Letters: George who?”, The Guardian:
      The Labour leader did not describe Conservative Britain as "class-ridden, lethargic and stulted" (an adjective which still eludes the OED).
  11. tenora
    • 2009 January 21, Rowena Smith, “BBCSSO/Heath”, The Guardian:
      The Catalonian lineup includes the tenora, a shawm-like 20th-century instrument whose strident tone makes it even less suited to indoor performance than the bagpipe.
  12. theatricalise
    • 2009 January 21, Michael Coveney, “Tom O'Horgan”, The Guardian:
      " Having replaced the original Superstar director with a brief to "theatricalise" the oratorio, which had already played concert performances all over America, O'Horgan filled the stage with huge angels swinging on psychedelic wings across shimmering, surreal sets, laser beams, dancing dwarves and lepers, and a crucifixion scene set on a dazzling golden triangle.
  13. transitionary
    • 2009 January 21, Hugh Muir, “Diary: Hugh Muir”, The Guardian:
      "During this transitionary phase, the interim logo has been chosen while a full branding position is developed," we learn, but that won't occur until the end of the financial year.
  14. unglad
  15. unlamented
    • 2009 January 21, Editorial, “Editorial: The world watches and hopes”, The Guardian:
      He appears to recognise, as his unlamented predecessor so conspicuously did not, that the old answers will no longer do.
  16. voicelike
    • 2009 January 21, John Fordham, “Sarah Jane Morris/Ian Shaw”, The Guardian:
      Barker began tracing a voicelike third line of muted effects, half-valve sounds, Louis Armstrong-like ascents and boppish garrulity around Janis Ian's Seventeen, Boo Hewerdine's Sunset (written for Morris) and the Isley Brothers' Harvest for the World, dedicated to Barack Obama.