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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-27 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. belligerati
    • 2009 January 27, Richard Seymour, “Obama the imperialist”, The Guardian:
      The first Democratic president in the modern era to be elected on an anti-war ticket is also, to the relief of neocons and the liberal belligerati, a hawk.
  2. conditionality
  3. cubists
    • 2009 January 27, Jonathan Jones, “Umberto Boccioni”, The Guardian:
      Futurism appeared at the moment when Picasso's cubism was the rage of Paris, and it tried to spin the broken pieces of the world the cubists painted into an art of speed.
  4. debtholders
    • 2009 January 27, Elena Moya, “Meet the bankruptcy barons who turn bust into boom”, The Guardian:
      Last summer, debtholders of Martinsa Fadesa, Spain's largest construction company, imposed stringent conditions on a restructuring deal, which led to the company's failure.
  5. dehumanisation
    • 2009 January 27, Ronald Bergan, “Pat Hingle”, The Guardian:
      In 1953, Hingle got his first break on Broadway in End As a Man, Calder Willingham's play depicting the dehumanisation of young men at a southern military school.
  6. destock
    • 2009 January 27, Will Hutton, “The love of labour”, The Guardian:
      Honda at Swindon, for example, has closed its plant for four months while car showrooms destock, but so far has retained its entire workforce.
  7. loinclothed
  8. outgoings
  9. sleazebags
  10. talkshows
    • 2009 January 27, Daniel Nasaw, “Blagojevich skips impeachment hearing”, The Guardian:
      Instead of facing what he described as "a kangaroo court" and "a hanging without even a fair trial", Blagojevich flew to New York, where he launched his defence in a round of interviews on television talkshows.
  11. varroa
    • 2009 January 27, John Vallins, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      The blood-sucking "varroa" mite is commonly regarded as the chief enemy, and he felt that there was perhaps a new strain of a known disease.