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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-28 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. ballade
    • 2009 January 28, Andrew Clements, “BCMG/Benjamin”, The Guardian:
      Ballata, for eight solo strings, takes two songs - a south Italian lullaby and a Florentine ballade, and weaves them into a substantial single movement that is clearly articulated by returns of the iambic rhythm that characterises both sources.
  2. chalkland
  3. childminding
  4. envoi
    • 2009 January 28, Erica Jeal, “LSO/Segerstam”, The Guardian:
      From the pulsing throb of the very opening, this was a detailed, incisive playing, culminating in an envoi glowing enough to provide the catharsis this programme so uncompromisingly demanded.
  5. hereditaries
  6. histopathologist
    • 2009 January 28, Corrections editor, “Corrections and clarifications”, The Guardian:
      The name of the histopathologist Professor William Robertson, who died in April last year, was accidentally included in our Birthday list for 17 January, page 47.
  7. homerun
  8. inauthenticity
    • 2009 January 28, Editorial, “Editorial: In praise of ... manners”, The Guardian:
      A particular strain of the self-hating bourgeois brackets good manners together with neck ties, as a mark of inauthenticity.
  9. irritatedly
    • 2009 January 28, Angus Batey, “Akon”, The Guardian:
      The suited bodyguard irritatedly cuffs away anyone who comes too close, including the band's kilted, shirtless DJ who has deserted his decks to empty a small bottle of water over the heads of the audience.
  10. montbretia
    • 2009 January 28, Virginia Spiers, “Country diary: Cornwall”, The Guardian:
      On hedge banks, fresh alexanders and shoots of montbretia are emerging, and ivy berries are ripening.
  11. multilateralist
  12. overrewarded
    • 2009 January 28, Editorial, “Editorial: End of the age of excess”, The Guardian:
      In an interview last weekend, City minister Paul Myners (previously chairman of the Guardian's parent company) attacked finance's masters of the universe as "people who were grossly overrewarded ...
  13. oversubscribed
  14. plantlife
  15. ridgeway
    • 2009 January 28, Virginia Spiers, “Country diary: Cornwall”, The Guardian:
      Wind turbines, their blades turning in the breeze, tower above burrows beside the A30 going to Redruth, on the course of the old ridgeway.
  16. stagedive
    • 2009 January 28, Angus Batey, “Akon”, The Guardian:
      His decision to stagedive during Right Now (Na Na Na) worries Akon's staff enough to bring a man the size of a small car to the centre of the stage.
  17. unembarrassable
  18. unstuffiness
    • 2009 January 28, Tom Healy, “Sally Ledger”, The Guardian:
      Ledger was renowned for her generosity, for her unstuffiness, and for her sense of fun: qualities that were secured through her close family life with Jim and their son Richard.
  19. volunteery
    • 2009 January 28, Zoe Williams, “Holiday with the hoorays”, The Guardian:
      I am not opposed to the fact of being active - I simply have the following prejudices: snow sports attract snobs and try-hards; gap-style, volunteery, "environmental" breaks attract people who want to tell the rest of the world how little to fly while reserving the right to do exactly as they please in Guatemala; and water sports attract people who want to show you slides of water sports.