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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-31 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. boulangerie
    • 2009 January 31, Michael McNay, “Aldo Crommelynck”, The Guardian:
      They could not keep up with Picasso's output, so when the old man moved to his new house in the hinterland of Cannes, Notre Dame de Vie, the Crommelyncks followed in 1963 and opened the Atélier Crommelynck in an old boulangerie in the nearby hilltop town of Mougins, devoting their entire efforts to coping with Picasso's output of graphics until his death 10 years later.
  2. cameraphones
    • 2009 January 31, Marina Hyde, “It's Davos, but where is the Bono of the financial crisis?”, The Guardian:
      In recent years, of course, the gathering has teemed with stars, observers reporting even finance ministers stalking them with cameraphones and generally acting like teenage girls at a Justin Timberlake concert.
  3. casualised
  4. chandleries
  5. coleta
    • 2009 January 31, AL Kennedy, “Deaths in the afternoon”, The Guardian:
      One child standing close to me, he was probably seven or eight, sported a thin pigtail - a coleta - the mark of a torero - the mark of a dream.
  6. corrida
    • 2009 January 31, AL Kennedy, “Deaths in the afternoon”, The Guardian:
      The afternoon had been cinematic, almost implausible, in its drama - El Juli, a young and already much-admired torero, takes risk after risk until he is gored, drops to the sand and is helped up by Enrique Ponce Martinez - Spain 's leading matador and his partner for the afternoon's corrida.
  7. crossworder
    • 2009 January 31, Interview by Alexandra Topping, “Good to meet you”, The Guardian:
      But we still follow the Guardian online and I have become a fanatically keen crossworder.
  8. cuadrillas
    • 2009 January 31, AL Kennedy, “Deaths in the afternoon”, The Guardian:
      The ring has seen all manner of novelty acts in its time: midget toreros, clown toreros, all-female cuadrillas, exotic animals.
  9. deglobalisation
    • 2009 January 31, Patrick Wintour, “Is this the week that Labour lost the next election?”, The Guardian:
      But those that have known Brown longest insist he must stick to his strengths, even if his speeches are peppered with references to "deglobalisation and financial mercantilism".
  10. desulphurisation
  11. disclocation
  12. freecycling
  13. gravures
    • 2009 January 31, Michael McNay, “Aldo Crommelynck”, The Guardian:
      In that period the Crommelyncks produced more than 700 gravures for Picasso, often working through the night and proofing successive stages of each print so that Picasso could carry it further the following morning.
  14. offchance
  15. reflagged
    • 2009 January 31, Jon Cruddas, “This is a race to the bottom”, The Guardian:
      In 2003 the Finnish ferry company Viking Line reflagged its vessel and employed an Estonian crew, cutting its wage costs by 60%.
  16. screenprints
    • 2009 January 31, Michael McNay, “Aldo Crommelynck”, The Guardian:
      He had been making a name for himself in London with screenprints (such as Adonis in Y Fronts), produced in the studio of Chris Prater, and in the process became drawn to the process of printmaking.
  17. shopowner
    • 2009 January 31, Alfred Hickling, “Innit”, The Guardian:
      And, though his production is certainly raw - in places, quite technically inept - it still seems pretty incongruous for two cell-mates to pass the time singing power ballads, or for an assaulted shopowner to launch into a lung-busting, sub-Noel Gallagher anthem when he would be better off phoning the police.
  18. umbilically
  19. unilateralist
    • 2009 January 31, Rageh Omaar, “After the Crusader”, The Guardian:
      The unilateralist, "you're either with us or against us" world view has been forgiven.