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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-04 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. antisemites
  2. bastardz
  3. chicanes
    • 2009 February 4, “UK news in brief”, The Guardian:
      They may now be installed in built-up areas as alternatives to chicanes and road humps.
  4. chuntered
  5. conductorship
    • 2009 February 4, Bret Johnson, “Lukas Foss”, The Guardian:
      In 1963 Foss was offered the conductorship of the Buffalo Philharmonic, New York state, the first time he had had his own orchestra, and he embarked upon a wildly ambitious programme, set up a centre for creative arts and promoted several contemporary music festivals in the city.
  6. cyberman
    • 2009 February 4, Gavin Gaughan, “Roy Stewart”, The Guardian:
      His fight with a cyberman in Doctor Who (1967) caused some complaints from squeamish viewers.
  7. demerger
    • 2009 February 4, Richard Wray and Andrew Clark, “Mobile phone sales fall as users put handsets on hold”, The Guardian:
      The company, known for making so-called midrange handsets, dropped to a $3.6bn loss for the final quarter of 2008, creating doubts over a planned demerger of its handset operation from the rest of the company.
  8. gritters
  9. inquilines
    • 2009 February 4, Malcolm Edmunds, “Obituary: Neil Robinson”, The Guardian:
      He also examined numerous nests of the formidable red wood ant for the various inquilines and scroungers that live in its nests, including the minute Shining Guest ant Formicoxenus nitidulus, a new species of fly and a rare false scorpion.
  10. islamism
  11. jihadism
  12. masterplan
    • 2009 February 4, Chris Salmon, “The Airborne Toxic Event”, The Guardian:
      It has been suggested that Mikel Jollett formed the Airborne Toxic Event driven by a cunning masterplan that involved combining the best bits of the Strokes, Arcade Fire and the Killers, to catapult the band from suburban Los Angeles to global indie-rock domination.
  13. maternalism
  14. nationaliser
  15. newbuild
  16. protogalaxy
    • 2009 February 4, Lawrence Krauss, “Edwin Salpeter”, The Guardian:
      He proposed an "initial mass function" that could describe the distribution of stars that first formed as hydrogen, collapsed to form a protogalaxy and then fragmented into smaller regions that collapsed to form stars of differing masses.
  17. reflationary
    • 2009 February 4, Larry Elliott, “Larry Elliott: Is free trade the best way to beat recession?”, The Guardian:
      Wildcat strikes at UK oil refineries and the international storm created by Barack Obama's "buy American" clause in his $800bn reflationary package have brought the cloistered world of trade officials out of the shadows over the past week.
  18. snowlady
    • 2009 February 4, Jess Cartner-Morley, “What fashionable snowmen are wearing in 2009”, The Guardian:
      An abundance of bikini wearing suggests that the modern snowlady has been much influenced by Lady Gaga, pop singer of the moment, who garnered a blizzard of media attention last month for undertaking a promotional blitz of London dressed in knickers, sunglasses and little else.
  19. snowpeople
    • 2009 February 4, Jess Cartner-Morley, “What fashionable snowmen are wearing in 2009”, The Guardian:
      Anyone concerned that the younger generation's distorted body image would express itself in snowmen with hewn clavicles and wearing Spanx can relax: a full face and a well-rounded tummy are still desirable attributes in snowpeople of both genders.
  20. snowperson
  21. travelcards
    • 2009 February 4, Miles Brignall and James Meikle, “Compensation claims follow travel chaos”, The Guardian:
      Transport for London said it was "holding discussions" on compensation for passengers who bought travelcards for Monday but received no service.
  22. undistributed
  23. unintimidating
    • 2009 February 4, Zoe Williams, “Public service bickering”, The Guardian:
      There is something unintimidating about these "reality" moments; they make big things seem worth discussing, broadly, in a way that religious leaders and thinktank reports tend not to.


  1. sutinib mis-spelling of sunitinib