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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-06 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. anticapitalism
    • 2009 February 6, Lizzy Davies, “French postman delivers far left message”, The Guardian:
      "We are an anticapitalism project which brings together many different political trajectories - people with no particular party political affiliation, people from the unions, young people," Besancenot, 34, told the Guardian at the LCR's final conference on the outskirts of northern Paris.
  2. anticapitalist
  3. drumkit
    • 2009 February 6, Adam Sweeting, “Lux Interior”, The Guardian:
      However, by the time the band began performing in earnest, Miriam Linna had taken over the drumkit, and this lineup played several seminal shows at CBGB's as well as landing bit parts as a gang of thugs in Amos Poe's 1978 movie The Foreigner.
  4. freakshow
    • 2009 February 6, Adam Sweeting, “Lux Interior”, The Guardian:
      Though the Cramps were often depicted as a kind of grotesque cabaret act or a comic freakshow, Interior begged to differ. "
  5. fundos *
    • 2009 February 6, Michael Billington, “Shades”, The Guardian:
      It also suggests there is just as much intolerance among secular Muslims as there is among those they abusively dismiss as "fundos".
  6. golli
  7. gormlessly
    • 2009 February 6, Mike Phillips, “Oldfangled racism”, The Guardian:
      The one who is known for having got himself gormlessly lost during the Paris-Dakar motor rally.
  8. lambswool
  9. meyhane *
  10. partible
    • 2009 February 6, Joan Thirsk, “Alan Everitt”, The Guardian:
      This was political history, focusing on a socially distinctive county, in which kinship and the rule of partible inheritance (apportioned among heirs), rather than primogeniture (inheritance by the eldest son), shaped local loyalties, and significantly affected the course of events in the civil war.
  11. rootlessness
    • 2009 February 6, Helen Meany, “The Death of Harry Leon”, The Guardian:
      Through the characters of the Jewish poet Harry Leon and his wife Elizabeth, a Prague-born seamstress, a history of Jewish exile and rootlessness is deftly established.
  12. schmoozefest
    • 2009 February 6, Hugh Muir, “Diary”, The Guardian:
      Last week, as Nestlé's top man, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, enjoyed the schmoozefest in Davos, activists Baby Milk Action held a conference nearby to unveil a document that claims Nestlé haven't quite played straight with Clooney.
  13. slumdog
  14. sneerers
    • 2009 February 6, Mark Brown, “James Patterson, master of all genres, tops library list”, The Guardian:
      Any sneerers at Patterson's surprise-shock-chuckle-lull-surprise style of writing can take a crumb of comfort from the fact he gets nothing, as the payment is for British and EU writers.
  15. stannator
    • 2009 February 6, Steven Morris and Helen Pidd, “Services at breaking point as freeze continues”, The Guardian:
      A driver who was killed when his van hit a bus injuring 16 passengers in Devon was named as 55-year-old Roger Coleman, a stannator - the equivalent of a mayor - in the Plympton area of Plymouth.
  16. steepling
  17. threequarters
  18. windslab
    • 2009 February 6, Stephen Lee, “Skiwatch”, The Guardian:
      The local Lombarde has blasted upper slopes, occasionally closed lifts and deposited windslab, potentially dangerous to off-piste skiers, on lee slopes.
  19. wireworms
    • 2009 February 6, Veronica Heath, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      A farmer tells me that moles can be beneficial because they eat a lot of wireworms and other pests, not just earthworms.