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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-13 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. armageddon *
    • 2009 February 13, Mark Lawson, “A tabloid Carmen”, The Guardian:
      In comparison to Nixon-Mao, terrorism and armageddon, Anna Nicole Smith may seem lightweight, but it could prove an inspired choice.
  2. chairfolk
  3. demerger
  4. disarmers
    • 2009 February 13, Christian Wolmar, “Obituary: Phil Jeffries”, The Guardian:
      He was more knowledgeable about the law than many lawyers, and he turned his hand to editing, with his partner Diana Shelley, a legal advice pack for nuclear disarmers (published by CND in 1984).
  5. djing
  6. ello *
    • 2009 February 13, Stephen Bates, “I name this site QE2.0 ... Queen unveils new web home”, The Guardian:
      It will show edited highlights of royal engagements, most recently a visit to Flitcham school, Norfolk - conveniently close to Sandringham, where she always spends January - where the Queen was apparently greeted, according to the soundtrack, by a small voice chirruping: "ello".
  7. gallingly
    • 2009 February 13, Estelle Morris and Vivienne Little, “Joan Browne”, The Guardian:
      Her communist past, though, was to follow her, in the affectionate tag "red Joan", but more gallingly in the difficulty she had in the early 70s in getting into the US, where she had been invited to lecture.
  8. gerontophile
    • 2009 February 13, Mark Lawson, “A tabloid Carmen”, The Guardian:
      The gerontophile model with multiple addictions could clearly take her place in the tradition of Violetta, Tosca and Carmen.
  9. minimisation
    • 2009 February 13, John Hooper, “Pope criticises Holocaust denial at meeting with US Jews”, The Guardian:
      Speaking in the Vatican, he said the Nazis' attempt to wipe out European Jewry was a "crime against God" and that "any denial or minimisation" of it was "intolerable", especially from a cleric.
  10. musicalising
    • 2009 February 13, Mark Lawson, “A tabloid Carmen”, The Guardian:
      This week, Turnage announced that the search is over: with the librettist Richard Thomas, he is musicalising the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith, the glamour model who became a tabloid diva through marriage to a tycoon 63 years her senior, and her own self-destructive early death.
  11. reprivatised
  12. ringfencing
  13. unconvicted
    • 2009 February 13, Jeyan Anketell, “Civil strife in Sri Lanka began long before the Tamil Tigers existed”, The Guardian:
      A Tamil journalist, JS Tissainayagam (one of my own distant relatives) was arrested some months ago and still remains in prison, unconvicted of any crime, after complaining to the police about the destruction of a friend's printing presses.
  14. unintimidated
    • 2009 February 13, Martin Kettle, “Now Brown has to accept his share of guilt for this mess”, The Guardian:
      The evidence for this diminished authority is everywhere in the political system: in the extraordinary Cabinet argument this week about bonuses reported in the Guardian on Wednesday; in the emboldened behaviour of Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman and other would-be Brown successors; in the notably unintimidated questioning of Brown by Labour committee members yesterday; in the fatalistic mood of most Labour MPs. And of course in the opinion polls, too.
  15. unsensational