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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-14 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. bonkersness
    • 2009 February 14, Sam Wollaston, “Last night's TV”, The Guardian:
      He's like the Michelle Gomez character in Green Wing (the one who used to stalk Julian Rhind-Tutt along the hospital corridors) - living proof that an unhealthy interest in filth and a bit of bonkersness is actually funnier than jokes.
  2. cavewoman
  3. cheffing
  4. childminders
    • 2009 February 14, Allegra Stratton, “Harman battles to give female workers a voice”, The Guardian:
      She said: "The government's focus on state-run centre-based childcare has squeezed other providers, particularly childminders, out of the market, leaving parents with less choice in flexible care which might better fit their needs as the job market changes."
  5. disquietingly
    • 2009 February 14, Tim Ashely, “Venus and Adonis”, The Guardian:
      The closing scenes, in which Adonis's gored body is borne through the audience as this gaudy world implodes, are disquietingly effective.
  6. dreys
    • 2009 February 14, Graham Long, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      Bare tops reveal the round balls of squirrel dreys high up, close to the trunk.
  7. gastrodomes
    • 2009 February 14, Jon Henley, “At last there is such a thing as a free lunch”, The Guardian:
      These range from places proposing simply to knock 50% off your bill, to Michelin-starred gastrodomes such as L'atelier de Joël Robuchon or Arbutus with lunches for about £20.
  8. herby
  9. hypertax
  10. malnourishment
  11. manakin
    • 2009 February 14, “UK news in brief”, The Guardian:
      Video footage of the long-tailed manakin has found that males employ a wingman to find a mate.
  12. marquise *
    • 2009 February 14, Emine Saner, “'She was a mass of contradictions - we all are'”, The Guardian:
      In 1986, she appeared in the stage adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuse opposite Alan Rickman, playing the manipulative marquise whose icy demeanour seems to have clung to Duncan's image like frost ever since, even though it is so at odds with her warmth in person.
  13. monumentalism
    • 2009 February 14, “Letters: Constructive and invasive art”, The Guardian:
      Can Jonathan Jones (Let's ride with this big art, G2, 12 February) explain how this piece of crass monumentalism can be "so imaginative, witty and succinctly clever".
  14. paupiette
    • 2009 February 14, Jon Henley, “At last there is such a thing as a free lunch”, The Guardian:
      Those inside are chowing cheerfully down on steamed mussels with shallots, parsley, white wine and cream or pressed foie gras terrine with brioche and fig compote; whole poussin with gratin potatoes, lentils and peppercorn sauce, and paupiette of salmon with avocado and tomato salsa.
  15. penalisation
    • 2009 February 14, Editorial, “Editorial: Closing the tax gap”, The Guardian:
      Here are some things Messrs Brown and Darling need to consider: a General Anti-Avoidance Rule; country-by-country reporting; the removal of secrecy from all British-controlled tax havens, replaced with the requirement for offshore companies to publish accounts and beneficial ownerships; harmonisation of the corporation tax regime within the EU (this does not mean identical tax rates, but a common basis for assessing taxes); the employment of many more tax inspectors; the penalisation - if not prosecution - of big business tax avoiders plus the blacklisting from government contracts of accountancy firms that sell artificial tax avoidance schemes; amending the Companies Acts to require companies to publish (a) the actual annual payments of corporation tax to HMRC (b) the details of avoidance schemes they have disclosed to HMRC (c) a full list of subsidiaries appended to the annual report, regardless of length; amending of land registration law to require the disclosure of the beneficial owner of land and property; and the public listing in advance of pending tax tribunal cases.
  16. photocalls
    • 2009 February 14, Eamonn McCabe, “Douglas H Jeffery”, The Guardian:
      Today, when photocalls are arranged for everything, it is hard to remember that, back in the 1950s, theatres were not very helpful to photographers.
  17. restaurantland
    • 2009 February 14, Jon Henley, “At last there is such a thing as a free lunch”, The Guardian:
      But as the recession begins to bite, Ilic is a rare bird in restaurantland UK. According to the consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), 141 restaurants went bankrupt in the last three months of last year, and the trend is likely to intensify this year.
  18. sealife
  19. sidelocks
    • 2009 February 14, SA Mathieson, “'Laughter erupted. I longed to join in'”, The Guardian:
      The Jews in Richard Bean's play arrive decked out in sidelocks, entering to a cacophony of klezmer music (unknown in my household) and immediately form into anarchists, Zionists, and capitalists.
  20. snowpeople
    • 2009 February 14, SA Mathieson, “'Laughter erupted. I longed to join in'”, The Guardian:
      Like when the snow fell earlier this month and, as I walked through the blanketed streets, more and more of the snowpeople on route were wearing the hijab.
  21. taskforces
    • 2009 February 14, Marina Hyde, “Who would credit the word of banking's knights-erroneous?”, The Guardian:
      No, they will surely settle on financial collapse for honours, the enchanting outreach programme whereby bankers were given baubles, government jobs and taskforces to chair, on the basis that extremely rich men must be right (I paraphrase slightly).
  22. washbag


  1. termism -> short termism
    • 2009 February 14, “Letters: Time to sack the bonus culture”, The Guardian:
      Extend this bonus culture, really based on greed, corruption and short termism, and you can see why the world economy has come to this pass.
  2. hardwork
  3. hived -> hived off
    • 2009 February 14, Suzanne Goldenberg, “Clinton tries to build US-China climate pact”, The Guardian:
      Nonetheless, a recasting of relations is compelling for a secretary of state eager to reclaim territory after the foreign policy crises in the Middle East and Afghanistan were hived off to envoys. "