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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-19 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. blogpost
    • 2009 February 19, Matthew Weaver, “17 Britons on grounded Antarctic cruise ship”, The Guardian:
      In a blogpost written from the rescue ship, one of the passengers, David Sinclair, wrote: "All on board the Clipper Adventurer are in good spirits, everyone is understanding and happy to assist."
  2. coastguards
    • 2009 February 19, Robert Booth, “Drama in North Sea: 18 saved as helicopter goes down”, The Guardian:
      All 18 people on a helicopter which ditched in the North Sea last night were saved in a dramatic rescue that coastguards have compared to the "miracle on the Hudson" in New York last month.
  3. deglobalisation
    • 2009 February 19, Patrick Wintour, “Mandelson and Starbucks clash on UK economy”, The Guardian:
      "What we are confronted with is, in my opinion, nothing less than a sharp risk of dismantling, or at least damaging the global economic machine at the risk of deglobalisation."
  4. deracination
    • 2009 February 19, Lynsey Hanley, “Households built on sand”, The Guardian:
      The novelist Andrew O'Hagan, in his astringent but ultimately mean-spirited recent essay on the English working class, complained that "they take their deracination completely for granted".
  5. eyewatering
    • 2009 February 19, Lizzy Davies, “Sale of £440m house falls through”, The Guardian:
      It was to be the most expensive home in the world - a luxurious belle époque villa on the French Riviera carrying the eyewatering price tag of €500m (£440m).
  6. farepayer
    • 2009 February 19, Dan Milmo, “Fare payers have reached the limit, says rail watchdog”, The Guardian:
      Analysts have warned that the funding settlement for the rail network is under pressure from the recession because the farepayer contribution is underpinned by growth in passenger numbers and fare levels.
  7. farepayers
    • 2009 February 19, Dan Milmo, “Fare payers have reached the limit, says rail watchdog”, The Guardian:
      The government must protect recession-hit farepayers by pumping more subsidy into the railways at a potential cost to the taxpayer of at least £500m per year, according to the rail user watchdog.
  8. flourishings
  9. helideck
  10. inserter
    • 2009 February 19, David Ward, “Des Newton”, The Guardian:
      Des Newton, who has died after a long illness at the age of 67, liked to describe himself as a glass receptacle miniature artefact inserter.
  11. landgirls
    • 2009 February 19, Julie Bindel, “Dorothy Brant”, The Guardian:
      Working with landgirls, who had taken on a key role in wartime farming, she was a popular and enthusiastic leader and derived great pleasure from the activities of the young women in her charge - including teasing some of them about condoms discarded in the shrubbery around a WLA hostel.
  12. latterday
  13. quadrophonic
    • 2009 February 19, Rian Evans, “BBC NOW Brass Ensemble”, The Guardian:
      For comparable impact, Christian Morris's new piece - named for Djemaa el Fna, the bustling square of Marrakech, and symbolically featuring four groups of trumpets - should probably have gone for the full quadrophonic experience.
  14. thinktankers
    • 2009 February 19, Timothy Garton Ash, “Liberty in Britain is facing death by a thousand cuts. We can fight back”, The Guardian:
      It has been led by three groups: judges and lawyers (witness the excellent article by the former senior law lord, Thomas Bingham, on these pages on Tuesday); unelected peers (witness, most recently, an outstanding House of Lords report on surveillance); and a rainbow coalition of journalists, academics, writers, artists, thinktankers, civil society activists and citizens, of left and right, young and old, some of whom have now joined together to launch the Convention on Modern Liberty.
  15. woodrush
    • 2009 February 19, Phil Gates, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      Freshly ring-barked young saplings, gnawed by hungry rabbits, and truncated evergreen woodrush leaves, nipped off by roe deer wherever they had protruded through the blanket of snow, were the only clues to how difficult it must have been to find food.


  1. alfabet *(title of a poem)
    • 2009 February 19, Charles Lock and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen, “Inger Christensen”, The Guardian:
      In alfabet, the number of lines is to be reckoned.
  2. chutfest (protologism)
  3. det *(title of a poem)
    • 2009 February 19, Charles Lock and Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen, “Inger Christensen”, The Guardian:
      In det, the printed page keeps the look of a typewritten one (though not, alas, in the English translation).
  4. landshare (a website)
    • 2009 February 19, Rebecca Smithers, “Dig for recovery: allotments boom as thousands go to ground in recession”, The Guardian:
      Each of the new growing spaces will be created within a range or rural and urban communities throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and will be registered through the landshare website set up by Fearnley-Whittingstall, an online "matchmaking" database which pairs prospective gardeners with available spaces.
  5. superfailed (protologism)
    • 2009 February 19, Esther Addley, “Esther Addley's Diary”, The Guardian:
      The 27km tunnel thingy, switched on amid a blizzard of BBC propaganda in September, switched off again shortly thereafter when its superconductors superfailed, was constructed in part to further the hunt for the Higgs.