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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-03 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. bolshy
    • 2009 March 3, Joe Moran, “The golden Allegro age”, The Guardian:
      But this time there are no pantomime villains, like bolshy shop stewards or incompetent managers, to make sense of the narrative.
  2. documentarist
    • 2009 March 3, Joe Moran, “The golden Allegro age”, The Guardian:
      Now everyone is at it: we have had a Radio 4 series about the Caravan Club, the actor Richard Wilson exploring Britain's best drives in a Morris Traveller, and documentarist Michael Smith going in search of "sunsets over spaghetti junction".
  3. logjammed
    • 2009 March 3, David Hencke, “Treasury rescues big building projects with £2bn injection”, The Guardian:
      Jeremy Barker, a director with accountants KPMG, said: "Any source of new money is clearly going to help free up logjammed transactions but the idea of a government bank acting like a private funder is potentially at odds with the philosophy underlying PFI."
  4. monthling
    • 2009 March 3, Editorial, “In praise of ... March”, The Guardian:
      The passing of the poor, 28-day monthling prompts a national sigh of relief.
  5. operationalise
    • 2009 March 3, “Letter: G20 must beef up tax haven proposals”, The Guardian:
      States should operationalise the provisions for automatic information exchange in the 1988 convention and those such as the UK which have dependent territories should extend its provisions to them, since many of them are tax havens.
  6. pseudonymised
    • 2009 March 3, Alan Travis, “Straw urged to exempt medical records from data sharing”, The Guardian:
      They say that separate mechanisms are already being developed to enable anonymised and, in some cases, pseudonymised medical data to be made available for research, commissioning and public health purposes.
  7. rustbowl
    • 2009 March 3, Patrick Wintour, “On the agenda for the meeting between Gordon Brown and Barack Obama”, The Guardian:
      However, he is facing opposition from Democrats in post-industrial "rustbowl" states and will come under pressure from developing countries not only to commit the US to an 80% cut in emissions by 2050, but also to pay for their investment in green technology.
  8. siloviki
  9. sprechgesang
    • 2009 March 3, Andrew Clements, “Gurrelieder”, The Guardian:
      Monica Groop was a compelling, anguished Wood Dove; Ralf Lukas and Andreas Conrad were high-class casting for the Peasant and Klaus the Jester respectively; while the final hallucinatory sprechgesang section was delivered with spellbinding dramatic power by Barbara Sukowa.
  10. theatricalism
    • 2009 March 3, George Hall, “BBCSO/Bringuier”, The Guardian:
      But Bringuier's spacious reading stressed its near-expressionist aspects as much as its blatant theatricalism, hitting its strengths dead-on.
  11. unfalteringly
    • 2009 March 3, Andrew Clements, “Gurrelieder”, The Guardian:
      This was a performance that unfalteringly plotted the music's course from the lush Wagnerian textures of the opening to the wilder, quasi-expressionist climaxes of the final part - Salonen and the outstanding Philharmonia had it all perfectly judged.


  1. bortsch
  2. fauxlanthropists - third use, but spanning less than a year and all in the same publication
    • 2009 March 3, Matthew Bishop and Michael Green, “Bashing the benefactors”, The Guardian:
      Marina Hyde, meanwhile, is outraged by "fauxlanthropists" such as alleged fraudster and cricket fan, Sir Allen Stanford; U2 frontman, aid advocate - and, she says, tax avoider - Bono; and the 100 tycoons meeting today at the Fortune Forum to consider a new idea to increase funds going to the poorest people in Africa.
  3. ostalgie
    • 2009 March 3, Joe Moran, “The golden Allegro age”, The Guardian:
      Perhaps we are experiencing a version of what Germans call ostalgie, that longing for the two-stroke Trabants and quaint traffic-light signs of the old East Germany that began as self-conscious kitsch but has become an expression of disappointment at free-market economics.