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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-04 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. battlelines
    • 2009 March 4, Patrick Wintour, “The speech of his life - but Brown will not say sorry”, The Guardian:
      He will argue that the battle against worldwide recession is the challenge of this generation - just as the fight against fascism had been the test of the 1940s, the struggle to defeat nuclear weapons and communism the challenge of the 1950s, and earlier this century the battlelines had been the defeat of terrorism.
  2. bullethole
  3. bylined
    • 2009 March 4, Corrections editor, “Corrections and clarifications”, The Guardian:
      An interview with the Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes was incorrectly bylined.
  4. cheaty
    • 2009 March 4, Zoe Williams, “Paxo, you're a pint of mild”, The Guardian:
      Now, to recap ... ach, you don't need a recap: winning team disqualified; cheaty accountant spoiled play; runner-up team promoted to winning team.
  5. groupuscule
  6. kitemark
    • 2009 March 4, Simon Bowers, “Sweet deal: Dairy Milk to carry Fairtrade badge”, The Guardian:
      The decision - the highlight of Fairtrade Fortnight - will transform Fairtrade chocolate from a niche preference to a mainstream ethical benchmark, bearing the sustainability kitemark on 15% of chocolate sold in Britain.
  7. nailbiting
  8. overexcitable
    • 2009 March 4, Zoe Williams, “Paxo, you're a pint of mild”, The Guardian:
      It is overexcitable, immature, prone to violent mood swings; all of this is true.
  9. rainswept
    • 2009 March 4, Jonathan Jones, “Expert view: Unworthy of imitation”, The Guardian:
      This painter of rainswept castles, master of cornfields and titanic genius of landscape was hamfisted when it came to painting people.
  10. strummings
    • 2009 March 4, John Fordham, “Matthew Bourne”, The Guardian:
      Sometimes he played anthemic but out-of-tune chord-chants behind his two remarkable singers (Tom Waits-meets-Napalm Death specialist Andrew Plummer, and twisted-operatics artist Seaming To), some of it as scalding free-jazz, some as under-the-lid strummings.


  1. nannygate - see -gate
    • 2009 March 4, Hugh Muir, “Diary”, The Guardian:
      How many times has it met and where did the meetings occur?, asked Tory MP Caroline Spelman, she of nannygate fame. "
  2. nozzing