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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-10 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. horseriding
  2. moneyspinners
    • 2009 March 10, Jess Cartner-Morley, “McCartney magic: Paris's salute to Stella”, The Guardian:
      Bags and shoes are traditionally fashion's moneyspinners but McCartney, as a strict vegetarian, refuses to work with leather or fur.
  3. mumsy
    • 2009 March 10, Betty Clarke, “Annie Lennox”, The Guardian:
      An encore of Shining Star sees Lennox's blond crop hidden beneath a cocked trilby as she replaces the ardent affection of Ash's original with bland, mumsy pride.
  4. reselected
  5. scrappage


  1. transfered
    • 2009 March 10, Paul Lewis, “We were wrong to film journalists covering protest, say Kent police”, The Guardian:
      But the force appears not to have disclosed that - when officers deem it justified - surveillance material about protesters is transfered to Crimint, the general database used daily by all police staff to catalogue criminal intelligence.