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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-12 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. atomisation
    • 2009 March 12, Seumas Milne, “A generation on, the miners' strike can speak to our time”, The Guardian:
      The enfeeblement of unions, the explosion of inequality, social atomisation, the collapse of confidence in a political alternative and Britain's harsh brand of neoliberalism all flow from its aftermath.
  2. benga
    • 2009 March 12, Robin Denselow, “African Soul Rebels”, The Guardian:
      The Americans sounded sadly plodding when they tried to imitate benga styles, though there were occasional impressive slide guitar rock solos.
  3. chuggingly
    • 2009 March 12, Alexis Petridis, “Fall Out Boy”, The Guardian:
      The winningly OTT Bat Out of Hell affectations of last year's Folie à Deux album are absent live, leaving only chuggingly mundane mainstream pop-rock.
  4. communiques *
  5. fiending
  6. insidest
    • 2009 March 12, Quentin Peel, “JDF Jones”, The Guardian:
      He had a clever trick of making everyone feel that he or she was specially privileged, was on the best deal, the insidest of inside tracks, knowing what an insecure lot we all are."
  7. megafines
    • 2009 March 12, Hugh Muir, “Diary”, The Guardian:
      With trouble looming it is good to know someone reliable - and in the matter of air quality and avoiding European megafines, the hopes of the Labour party rest with Tory Boris Johnson.
  8. meph
  9. mephedrone
  10. methylone
  11. nestboxes
    • 2009 March 12, Ray Collier, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      Some wrens were found dead in or near nestboxes where they had frozen to death because of lack of insects and the cold.
  12. nyjer
    • 2009 March 12, Ray Collier, “Country diary”, The Guardian:
      In our garden the five peanut holders, two of mixed grain and the nyjer feeders, had no more birds than usual.
  13. redosing
  14. stegosauruses
  15. subeditors
    • 2009 March 12, Quentin Peel, “JDF Jones”, The Guardian:
      He also insisted that subeditors knew their regions, and that the content of foreign news pages was grouped geographically.
  16. tulipwood
    • 2009 March 12, “UK news in brief”, The Guardian:
      The desk, made of rosewood and tulipwood, had been used at Lord Lucan's former home in Lower Belgrave Street in London, a spokesman said.
  17. uncaringly
    • 2009 March 12, Martin Narey, “Our duty of care”, The Guardian:
      But, as our memories of Baby P fade, the default option for the public, fuelled by press reporting, will be to assume that social workers routinely, uncaringly or sometimes maliciously, tear families apart.
  18. unsectarian


  1. cathinonem => cathinone (mistyped m for comma)
  1. peripherique
    • 2009 March 12, Angelique Chrisafis, “After the Pompidou, can Rogers transform the secret, shabby, divided side of Paris?”, The Guardian:
      But Paris's secret shame has always been the horror lurking behind its peripherique ring road - the moat that protects the city's 2 million people from at least 6 million others who live outside in high-rise, ethnic ghettoes or suburban sprawl, choked by dismal public transport and shabby green space.