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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-20 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. articled
    • 2009 March 20, Jeffrey Burke, “Obituary: Simon Walton”, The Guardian:
      Brought up in Coventry, after studying law at University College London he became an articled clerk with the trade union solicitors WH Thompson, and soon afterwards a solicitor and salaried partner.
  2. clubbable
  3. cringingly
  4. disclosable
  5. disincentivise
    • 2009 March 20, Martin Kettle, “Problems this big need more than the state v market stuff”, The Guardian:
      But the public interest also requires them not to be so draconian that they disincentivise the financial services sector whose success has helped pay - in spite of tax dodging - for much of the last decade's new spending on public services.
  6. embracingly
    • 2009 March 20, Caroline Sullivan, “Mary Coughlan”, The Guardian:
      This and the next few numbers are of a piece: lightly swinging jazz ditties, sung warmly and embracingly, easing her into the set.
  7. eurocrats
  8. metroplexes
  9. mochas
    • 2009 March 20, Andrew Clark, “Starbucks boss: we're not all froth”, The Guardian:
      He complains that Starbucks, which has seen its share price plunge by two-thirds in two years, has unfairly been labelled a "poster child for excess" by critics, who see its creamy Frappuccinos and white chocolate mochas as a symbol of boom-time folly. "
  10. moptops
    • 2009 March 20, Adam Sweeting, “Alan Livingston”, The Guardian:
      In 1964 he brought the moptops to America.
  11. multivocal
    • 2009 March 20, Tzipporah Maher, “Orthodox Jews like me are facing indoctrination and abuse”, The Guardian:
      And thinkers from all faiths, including great Jewish intellectuals such as Gershom Scholem, have advocated a faith that is proven not by the cloistering practised by the Haredim and other Orthodox sects, but by its robust survival in a multivocal world.
  12. spikey
    • 2009 March 20, Ed Pilkington, “West Side Story returns to Broadway with bilingual treatment”, The Guardian:
      You would have to be made of granite not to be moved by Bernstein's score, while Robbins's spikey choreography - with its "Pows! and "Biffs! like a Batman comic - is as pumped up and testosterone-fuelled as it was in 1957.
  13. tranquilisers
  14. trunkless
  15. unbreathed
  16. unpromisingly
    • 2009 March 20, Andrew Clements, “Norma”, The Guardian:
      It certainly began unpromisingly, with the orchestra sounding as threadbare as it must have done in a number of provincial European houses when the opera's success spread across the continent in the 1830s, and the stand-and-deliver singing was intermittently effective but never involving.