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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-30 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. chicleros
  2. earthlit
  3. eremitic
    • 2009 March 30, Patrick Gale, “Patricia Parkin”, The Guardian:
      There she developed the eremitic habits of a lifetime - living apart from the crowd, barely eating, apparently subsisting on reading and Consulate menthol cigarettes - and discovered the pithy delights of the art postcard as communication device.
  4. erotics
    • 2009 March 30, Sanjoy Roy, “Ballet Nacional de España”, The Guardian:
      With its swooning ambience, murky erotics and sumptuous costumes - men brandishing black capes, women in virginal white skirts lined with crimson, and blood-red velvet for Rojas, Rodríguez and their mysterious female partners - it feels like the Fall of the House of Dracula.
  5. fuelwood
  6. malpractices
    • 2009 March 30, Peter Fraser, “Janet Jagan”, The Guardian:
      She, like the rest of the PPP, fought against the PNC's electoral malpractices, but was handicapped by agreement with its policies and the defection and resignation of many of its most able members.
  7. mesmerisingly
    • 2009 March 30, Martin Buckley, “Horst Tappert”, The Guardian:
      But for those who tuned in every Friday evening at 8.15, there was something mesmerisingly bland about Tappert's portrayal of the dour detective.
  8. militance
    • 2009 March 30, Max Hastings, “Brown and Obama may fail in Afghanistan, but they cannot give up”, The Guardian:
      Three decades of ill-judged US policies, starting with cold war support for the Afghan mujahideen, accompanied by Washington's backing for Pakistan's military dictatorship and indulgence of its nuclear programme, have fuelled Islamic militance and made many of the country's 173 million inhabitants implacably anti-American.
  9. plantsman
    • 2009 March 30, “UK news in brief”, The Guardian:
      During his life he was a renowned plantsman, a columnist for Country Life and the Guardian's gardening correspondent.
  10. podge
    • 2009 March 30, Peter Preston, “Let them eat rum babas”, The Guardian:
      But then, in a potty, piecemeal way, everything goes to podge.
  11. videoclips


  1. trn *