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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-06 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. acronymania
    • 2009 April 6, David McKie, “Shorter and sweeter”, The Guardian:
      We rarely know who invented any acronym, but in this case we probably do: a writer named Niamh Bugler is credited with having invented the term in 2004, two years before it started to swamp the media in England's doomed football World Cup campaign of 2006, in a process that one dictionary calls acronymania.
  2. cabbala
    • 2009 April 6, David McKie, “Shorter and sweeter”, The Guardian:
      The initial letters of their names happily constituted the word "cabal", which with even greater serendipity had a slightly sinister echo of the word cabbala (a secret mystical tradition of Jewish rabbis uncovering hidden meanings in the Bible.)
  3. colin
  4. disqualifiable
    • 2009 April 6, David McKie, “Shorter and sweeter”, The Guardian:
      Medicine is fond of these practices too, displaying an ingenuity that ranges from Aids to the clever, but ultimately disqualifiable, Caduceus for Committee Advocating Development and Use of Chymopapain to Eliminate Unnecessary back Surgery.
  5. ecotowns
    • 2009 April 6, “Letters: Downside of national park status”, The Guardian:
      Labour's plans to build more than 660,000 houses and ecotowns are by far the biggest threat to the countryside of the south-east - handing the already-protected South Downs to a quango will do nothing to prevent this.
  6. flattire
    • 2009 April 6, Geoffrey Wheatcroft, “Our knack for dire romcom”, The Guardian:
      It also illustrated a pattern which that excellent veteran critic, Philip French of the Observer, identified with his lethal coining "flattire".
  7. flugelhornist
    • 2009 April 6, John Fordham, “Bud Shank”, The Guardian:
      But though he largely withdrew from the circuit later in that decade to concentrate on studio session work (memorably contributing a haunting flute solo to the Mamas and the Papas' California Dreamin'), Shank returned in 1974 in the company of the LA Four, a Latin-influenced, cool-bop ensemble that featured Almeida and the great double bassist Ray Brown - sometimes extending this successful group's style into broader recording projects, including the excellent trumpeter and flugelhornist Bobby Shew.
  8. overexuberant
  9. uncliched
    • 2009 April 6, John Fordham, “Bud Shank”, The Guardian:
      He recorded with his fellow altoist Phil Woods in 2004, formed the Bud Shank Big Band in 2005, and confirmed how creative and uncliched a simple sax-and-piano duo could be in 2006's Beyond the Door, recorded with the pianist Bill Mays.


  1. loooot
    • 2009 April 6, Siobhain Butterworth, “Open door”, The Guardian:
      Even more unbelievable was a story with the headline "Miss Universe's fun day out - at Guantánamo Bay" which reported that, after visiting the US detention centre, Miss Universe (aka Dayana Mendoza) had written a blogpost saying "It was a loooot of fun" and that she found it "such a relaxing place, so calm, and beautiful".
  2. silvaculture