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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-08 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. asdic *
  2. confesctionary
    • 2009 September 8, “The 2009 Barclaycard Mercury prize - Live!”, Guardian:
      21.10 Have moved on to my Cadbury's Brunch Bar (have a plan to consume one unit of every item in Cadbury's confesctionary range before the completion of any hostile takeover).
  3. dagree
  4. deerstalking
  5. defendable
  6. deformer
    • 2009 September 8, Claire Armitstead, “Odds on: the Booker's favourites”, Guardian:
      Some may think this disingenuous as, in choosing to frame a novel as a memoir, Coetzee reveals himself as a supreme deformer of his chosen medium.
  7. dustclouds
    • 2009 September 8, “Poet Keith Douglas on El Alamein”, Guardian:
      Their wheels were continually hidden in dustclouds: the ordinary sand being pulverised by so much traffic into a substance almost liquid, sticky to the touch, into which the feet of men walking sank to the knee.
  8. fallenover
  9. inlike
    • 2009 September 8, “The 2009 Barclaycard Mercury prize - Live!”, Guardian:
      They do at least make a touching speech, insisting that no one would understand quite how pleased they are to be nominated and reminding everyone that they, inlike most other artists, will be heading back to work the next day.
  10. liveblogger
  11. lve
  12. mudbanks
    • 2009 September 8, John Vallins, “Country diary”, Guardian:
      At low tide in the evening we looked out across shining pools and low mudbanks towards Iken church tower, a pale shape against a dark clump of trees on what was once an island.
  13. outburts
    • 2009 September 8, “Remember, remember: the best Fame clips”, Guardian:
      But, recognising - after an incident involving a teacher getting knocked over by an over enthusiastic dance move - that unregulated and impromptu outburts in public areas could be dangerous - the practice was banned for a very short time in season four.
  14. pernicous
  15. popstrel
    • 2009 September 8, Lucy Mangan, “Pass notes 2,643: Pass notes”, Guardian:
      Or failing that, we gave a brief rundown of the latest piece of lunacy gifted to the media by a politician, popstrel, celebrity and/or exotic animal.
  16. pudd
  17. reus *
    • 2009 September 8, Corrections editor, “Corrections and clarifications”, Guardian:
      A Scrabble board (5 September, page 81, Weekend) contained a typographical error, though one that did not affect other words: "reus" should have been rues.
  18. righ
  19. skronk
    • 2009 September 8, “The 2009 Barclaycard Mercury prize - Live!”, Guardian:
      19.42 Stage 2: Led Bib come on and completely skronk out (I believe that's a technical term) it's wild and chaotic and, to be honest, the majority of the audience look nonplussed.
  20. unreceipted
    • 2009 September 8, Harry Phibbs, “Alan Duncan: life on shorter rations”, Guardian:
      They agreed that MPs £4,800 a year limit for unreceipted claims should be doubled to £9,125 a year for subsistence allowances.
  21. wireimage