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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-16 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. astroturf *
  2. centreright
  3. controlees
  4. filesharers
  5. forgiveable
  6. pensionless
    • 2009 September 16, “Letters: Scarred by Bunty”, Guardian:
      • Re Quakers, the News Chronicle and chocolate (Letters , 14 & 15 September): after the News Chronicle folded, its Quaker proprietors having secretly swallowed the firm's pension fund, leaving the staff pensionless, that great campaigning journalist James Cameron swore never to eat another piece of Cadbury chocolate.
  7. postcoded
    • 2009 September 16, Charles Arthur, “Find your nearest postbox - legally”, Guardian:
      But Somerville has got around that by using the open-sourced OpenStreetMap system, and asking viewers to click a spot that they think is closest to a named, postcoded postbox.
  8. powerbroking
  9. rightsholder
    • 2009 September 16, Patrick Smith, “Call to copy-protect HD shows”, Guardian: speculates that the real motivation is not to halt piracy but "creating a rightsholder veto over new consumer technologies in DTV".
  10. rightsholders
    • 2009 September 16, Patrick Smith, “Call to copy-protect HD shows”, Guardian:
      As MP and former communications minister Tom Watson writes : "In an attempt to satisfy the fears of powerful rightsholders, the BBC will prohibit millions of people from programming their existing STBs ...
  11. shiftyness
  12. sims
  13. smartbooks
    • 2009 September 16, “ARM targets Intel with 2GHz Osprey chip built for speed”, Guardian:
      However, ARM dominates the mobile phone business, so there are thousands of applications written for ARM chips, and some of these could be attractive on smartbooks, netbooks, tablets such as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and similar devices.
  14. smoochiness
    • 2009 September 16, Alexis Petridis, “David Gray”, Guardian:
      The audience – big on thirtysomething couples whose smoochiness suggests that Sail Away may well have played a pivotal role in their wedding celebrations – get a lot of Draw the Line before he unleashes the songs they've come to hear.
  15. superabundantly
    • 2009 September 16, Timothy Garton Ash, “California's golden dream has turned sour. Only a great reform can revive it”, Guardian:
      Perhaps California's deepest problem is that it has been so superabundantly endowed with both natural and human resources, so blessed by the huge contracts that the second world war and the cold war brought to its industries, so fortunate in the inflow of brilliant innovators, dynamic entrepreneurs and industrious workers from Hitler's Germany, rainy Britain, Vietnam, India, China, Mexico and everywhere else, who have moved here, wooed by its matchless charms and opportunities.
  16. treggings
    • 2009 September 16, Simon Chilvers, “Catwalk predictions”, Guardian:
      The natural successor to wet-look leggings, denim treggings and ripped tights?
  17. twitterati
    • 2009 September 16, Bonnie Greer, “It's nasty. It's scary. But face it, it's not new – America was built on racism”, Guardian:
      To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, you would have to have had a heart of stone not to laugh as the comment pages, the cable networks' politico-comedians, the blogosphere, the twitterati and 24-hour news feeds came alive as a result of Congressman Joe Wilson's boorish and crass outburst on the floor of the House during Obama's address last week.
  18. uptalk
    • 2009 September 16, Sam Wollaston, “Running in Heels and Lost Land of the Volcano”, Guardian:
      As they scuttle, they, like, uptalk all the time – you know, when your voice goes up questioningly at the end of a sentence, as if nothing in life is certain, which it isn't in the world of magazines.
  19. uptalking


  1. trop *