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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-23 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. agisnt
    • 2009 September 23, Andy Hunter at the City of Manchester Stadium, “Carling Cup: Manchester City 2-1 Fulham”, Guardian:
      Manchester City's Kolo Toure celebrates scoring his side's winner agisnt Fulham in the Carling Cup third round.
  2. animateur *
    • 2009 September 23, Philip Osment and Carole Woddis, “Noël Greig obituary”, Guardian:
      That sense of context came from the people Noël related to as a teacher, mentor, animateur, artist and gay rights activist.
  3. autonuke
  4. awere
    • 2009 September 23, Andrew Clark, “Pittsburgh braced for G20 protests”, Guardian:
      Several city-centre restaurants awere offering special G20 menus and some local businesses have vowed to carry on with business as usual.
  5. bishely
  6. closeson
    • 2009 September 23, Heather Stewart and Jill Treanor, “Lord Myners wants City to name (and shame) its top earners”, Guardian:
      The Treasury is already trying to curb tax avoidance schemes used by banks, although its code of conduct for banks is already causing controversy before its consultation period closeson Friday.
  7. eoineoin
  8. examinership
  9. fourpiece
    • 2009 September 23, Laura Barnett, “Skunk Anansie: 'We burnt out'”, Guardian:
      The London-based fourpiece – fronted by the shaven-headed Skin, who combined the vocal range of Mariah Carey with the swagger of Michael Hutchence, alongside bassist Cass and drummer Mark Richardson – had sold 4m albums, headlined Glastonbury, and played at Nelson Mandela's 80th birthday party.
  10. gadarene
    • 2009 September 23, Philip Osment and Carole Woddis, “Noël Greig obituary”, Guardian:
      It suggested the leavening effect the gay sensibility might possibly have on the human gadarene drive to self-destruction.
  11. gigatonnes
  12. interferer
    • 2009 September 23, Will Hayler, “Stewards' Rockys Choice move is knockout blow for punters”, Guardian:
      These ask where the incident took place, how the horses involved in the interference were going, how serious the interference was, how much momentum was lost and how easily the interferer ultimately beat the sufferer.
  13. lucysherriff
  14. mailshot
    • 2009 September 23, Allegra Stratton, “Liberal Democrats borrow money to mount mailshot”, Guardian:
      The Liberal Democrats are to borrow money to help mount their first direct mailshot as part of an attempt to widen the number of seats they target at the next election to more than 200 – according to aides, their largest number of targeted seats ever.
  15. mailshots
    • 2009 September 23, Allegra Stratton, “Liberal Democrats borrow money to mount mailshot”, Guardian:
      The Lib Dems' mailshots will be scrutinised for references to the local candidate – which would see the party have to register the cost as election expenditure.
  16. makjes
    • 2009 September 23, Alan Henry, “Father smooths Nelson Piquet Jr's return”, Guardian:
      Nelson Piquet Sr, right, has always been willing to underwrite his son's Formula One ambitions which makjes him an attractive prospect to the new teams on next season's grid.
  17. managership
  18. margherita *
  19. mentis *
    • 2009 September 23, Yvonne Roberts, “Foggy guidelines won't help the dying”, Guardian:
      I have three relatives, including my father, suffering terribly from Alzheimer's disease and a great aunt of 108 who is compos mentis but has had enough.
  20. nevali
  21. paign
  22. pizzaiolo *
  23. postion
  24. refolution
    • 2009 September 23, Timothy Garton Ash, “We can't decide Iran's struggle. But we can avoid backing the wrong side”, Guardian:
      What is still possible, however, is a mix of reform and revolution – what I have called "refolution" – which strengthens the constitutional republican elements in the strange hybrid political system of the self-styled Islamic Republic, and weakens the Islamist revolutionary ones.
  25. reiteratedthat
  26. silner
  27. sssembly
  28. striplight
    • 2009 September 23, Philip Osment and Carole Woddis, “Noël Greig obituary”, Guardian:
      There has to be a reason for putting on a play: the best work comes out of collaboration and the audience has to emerge – whether from a grand metropolitan auditorium or a room with a striplight – feeling in some way larger.
  29. suprised
  30. wavery
    • 2009 September 23, Tim Ashley, “LSO/Gergiev”, Guardian:
      There were more than a few moments of insecurity from the London Symphony Chorus, however, for which Gergiev's wavery beat must be held responsible.
  31. welcomely
    • 2009 September 23, Lynsey Hanley, “Tonight's special turn”, Guardian:
      The swoops and trills of the club singer became a comedy staple through the panel game Shooting Stars , which has just returned to television as welcomely as if summoned through Noel Edmonds's cosmic ordering service.