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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-29 issue of The Guardian which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. afrobeat
    • 2009 September 29, Robin Denselow, “Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou”, Guardian:
      The insistent rhythms (which had links to Benin's voodoo traditions) were interspersed with a dash of Latin influences, afrobeat, and the taut funk riffs that provided a reminder of James Brown's influence in west Africa.
  2. asbos
  3. camfleugal
  4. childism
    • 2009 September 29, Libby Brooks, “We must listen to children and young people first”, Guardian:
      To speak of "childism" is to court derision, and conjure a nightmarish totem of the bolshy teen threatening to call ChildLine when his parent or teacher scolds him.
  5. dustpile
  6. immeasurables
  7. managerialised
  8. managerialism
  9. marketisation
    • 2009 September 29, Seumas Milne, “Public service privatisation is a fast track to corruption and higher costs”, Guardian:
      Cuts in spending on ID cards, the Afghan war, Trident renewal and corporate welfare would be widely welcomed – as would the major savings to be had from slashing the vast infrastructure of bureaucracy, quangos and private consultancies built up to administer the marketisation and outsourcing of public services over the past couple of decades.
  10. measureable (surely measurable?!)
  11. payrise
    • 2009 September 29, James Morton, “Gladys 'Killem' Gillem obituary”, Guardian:
      She later claimed one small victory when, aged 85, she disclosed in a film that she had slept with Burke's husband, the promoter Billy Wolfe, to get a payrise.
  12. pricepoint
    • 2009 September 29, “The Spectator launches iPhone application - as a subscription”, Guardian:
      Our research on attitudes to paid content last week found that punters are more keen on subscriptions than per article fees, but we also found that the preferred pricepoint was "less than £10 a year" so the annual £28.68 iPhone fee might be a little too high for some, though it is cleverly split into weekly payments.
  13. schemey
    • 2009 September 29, “So sue me; I like Gordon Brown”, Guardian:
      He struck me as schemey and oleaginous from the first time I saw him, long before his disgraceful performances around the Iraq war.
  14. setpiece
    • 2009 September 29, “Expert view: Gordon Brown's speech”, Guardian:
      Good fighting stuff, marred only by structural flaws that seem endemic to all big setpiece political speeches.
  15. spryest
    • 2009 September 29, Caroline Sullivan, “Cliff Richard”, Guardian:
      Inevitably, it was Summer Holiday, Living Doll and Move It that got the crowd to its feet, and provoked Cliff's spryest dancing.
  16. unaccommodated
  17. uncosted
  18. untackled


  1. announcedtoday = announced today
  2. biche (French)
    • 2009 September 29, “Letters: A winning hand”, Guardian:
      • "Civet de biche" is not Bambi casserole (Simon Hoggart's week , 26 September).
  3. ceo = CEO
  4. iniatiative = initiative
    • 2009 September 30, Owen Bowcott, “Why healthcare is Brown's chosen battlefield”, Guardian:
      At the time, the iniatiative canvassed three options, one of which was the government's promise to pay between a quarter and a third or more of long-term care costs for people on a low income.
  5. leve = leave
  6. theyworkforyou = part of Web site address
  7. threatre = theatre
    • 2009 September 29, James Morton, “Gladys 'Killem' Gillem obituary”, Guardian:
      After Wall, who also worked as a stagehand, was killed in a Broadway threatre accident, she once again took to the road with her alligators.