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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-14 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-01-19).

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  1. airconditioner
    • 2009 January 14, Peter Jean, “New fridges grid and share it”, Herald Sun:
      NEW environmentally friendly Australian fridges can borrow electricity from the airconditioner or tumble dryer across the road.
  2. airconditioning
    • 2009 January 14, Peter Jean, “New fridges grid and share it”, Herald Sun:
      " Mr West said the technology could also be extended to other household appliances such as airconditioning units and tumble dryers.
  3. allrounder
  4. backflipped
    • 2009 January 14, Matt Stewart, “Injured Mark Zahra out 3 months”, Herald Sun:
      Zahra was injured when his mount backflipped at Flemington, pinning him to the ground.
  5. bayside
    • 2009 January 14, Mark Buttler, “Teenager drowns off Edithvale Beach”, Herald Sun:
      Yesterday's hot weather saw bayside beaches and coastal resorts packed, with surf lifesavers reporting 45 rescues across the state.
  6. boardies
    • 2009 January 14, Robert Craddock, “Matthew Hayden was one gigantic tomato”, Herald Sun:
      They chatted for 10 minutes, Rudd, no doubt in some giant office somewhere with a suit and tie and Hayden , ambling around in his blue boardies, both agreeing that they would love to work together to try to enhance the well-being of aboriginal cricketers.
  7. debutants
    • 2009 January 14, “Gold Coast confirm Culina coup”, Herald Sun:
      The Gold Coast chairman, mining magnate Clive Palmer, made the bold call after confirming Culina would depart Dutch giants PSV Eindhoven and link with the A-League debutants on a three-year deal.
  8. defendable
  9. disdavantage
    • 2009 January 14, “Luton climb back to zero”, Herald Sun:
      League 2 table English football chiefs argue that if such rules were not in place there would be a reduced incentive for teams to be put on a sound financial basis and that well-run sides would be at an unfair disdavantage.
  10. farewelled
    • 2009 January 14, “Town farewells tot savaged by dog”, Herald Sun:
      THE small community of Whitton today farewelled Ruby-Lea Burke, killed in a tragic dog attack in the southwest of New South Wales.
  11. galloper
    • 2009 January 14, Matt Stewart, “Weekend Hussler leads Aussies at No.23 in world”, Herald Sun:
      American galloper Curlin, the retired winner of the 2008 Dubai World Cup, was the world's equal No. 1-ranked racehorse with Ireland's New Approach, winner of the Champion Stakes at Newmarket last October.
  12. grasscourt
    • 2009 January 14, AAP, “Lleyton Hewitt through to Sydney quarters”, Herald Sun:
      Playing in Sydney for the first time since demolishing Hewitt in a grasscourt Davis Cup encounter three-and-a-half years ago, the fourth-seeded Nalbandian breezed past Frenchman Michael Llodra 6-1 6-3.
  13. greenkeeper
    • 2009 January 14, Robert Craddock, “Matthew Hayden was one gigantic tomato”, Herald Sun:
      Through sheer hard work and a planning gene he inherited from his father Laurie, a peanut farmer who kept his property with the diligence of a greenkeeper, he sandpapered every obstacle into oblivion.
  14. gyprock
  15. hitout
  16. instore
  17. irrigators
    • 2009 January 14, Peter Hunt, “Water brokers pocket liquid gold”, Herald Sun:
      WATER brokers have siphoned off tens of millions of dollars in commission from irrigators, who traded $1.
  18. laidback
    • 2009 January 14, Robert Craddock, “Matthew Hayden was one gigantic tomato”, Herald Sun:
      " Hayden said in his laidback country way that makes it hard to tell if he is talking to Kev the car mechanic, Kev the cleaner or Kev the former old boy from Hayden's old school Marist Brothers Ashgrove.
  19. oestradoil
    • 2009 January 14, AAP, “Scientists discover &squo;Marilyn Monroe gene&squo;”, Herald Sun:
      Women who have high levels of oestradoil also show elevated confidence and a greater inclination to have sex outside of their current relationship, according to the US-based research.
  20. paceman
  21. probs
    • 2009 January 14, Robert Craddock, “Matthew Hayden was one gigantic tomato”, Herald Sun:
      " That's why if Waugh is launching a book and asks him to be there he can be halfway to Siberia yet will still reply, "No probs .
  22. southside
    • 2009 January 14, Robert Craddock, “Matthew Hayden was one gigantic tomato”, Herald Sun:
      Yesterday I drove to Hayden's house in Brisbane's southside at breakfast time to find a man who had just cast off a ball and chain and was in his rural element.
  23. stablemate
    • 2009 January 14, AAP, “Vic Darchinyan in last super flyweight bout”, Herald Sun:
      Darchinyan's stablemate Hussein Hussein, who lost two memorable fights against Arce, was confident his friend would overcome the Mexican provided he didn't get involved in a slugfest.
  24. staffordshire
    • 2009 January 14, Lisa Edgerton, “DNA test proves staffordshire cross attacked walker”, Herald Sun:
      Kingston Council also prosecuted the dog owner after DNA swabs on samples of the victim’s clothes that proved brindle staffordshire cross Archie was behind the attack on the recreational walker, the Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader reports.
  25. unaudited
  26. unplaced
  27. wicketless