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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-28 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-01-29).

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  1. drawcard
  2. groundstrokes
    • 2009 January 28, Finn Bradshaw with AAP, “Day 10 - Nadal through to semis”, Herald Sun:
      But Simon lifted his game, showing more adventure with his groundstrokes to pull off several fine winners and finally put Nadal under some pressure.
  3. hayshed
  4. helitankers
  5. homewares
    • 2009 January 28, Ben Butler and Alice Coster, “Fast-food boom as retail sales slump”, Herald Sun:
      The global financial crisis has hit shopping strips across Australia, hurting boutiques and homewares stores.
  6. legspinner
  7. liferaft
    • 2009 January 28, Ian McPhedran, “Unknown HMAS Sydney sailor is 1 in 100”, Herald Sun:
      The body was found in a liferaft at Christmas Island in February 1942, three months after the Sydney and the Kormoran sank following a fierce battle.
  8. newsflow
    • 2009 January 28, Ben Butler and Fleur Leyden, “Pain for property giant Westfield”, Herald Sun:
      "Westfield's performance over the past month suggests there was an expectation of negative newsflow both from an earnings guidance and valuation perspective."
  9. redivert
    • 2009 January 28, Liam Walsh, “Confidence ABC key”, Herald Sun:
      (you can) redivert those funds," he said.
  10. statured
    • 2009 January 28, Finn Bradshaw with AAP, “Day 10 - Nadal through to semis”, Herald Sun:
      The small statured Spaniard had won the hearts of the fans at Melbourne Park with her giant killing run through the tournament.
  11. storages
    • 2009 January 28, Kamahl Cogdon, “The buzz on water bins: mozzies like 'em”, Herald Sun:
      He and scientists from Queensland, SA and the US, say the increase in household water storages could accelerate the dengue fever mosquito's life cycle by up to 10 times, increasing their numbers.
  12. unfussed
  13. waterbombers


  1. natured
    • 2009 January 28, Staff writer, “Lapping up life with law”, Herald Sun:
      "He's just the best natured cat I've ever had," she said.