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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-07 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-08).

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  1. bridalwear
  2. coronial
    • 2009 February 7, Staff reporters, “Bushfires in Victoria kill 14 more deaths feared”, Herald Sun:
      Funerals and coronial investigations have been thrown into turmoil because forensic investigators cannot keep up with the number of bodies sent to the state's mortuary.
  3. dressingroom
    • 2009 February 7, Ben Dorries and Richard Earle, “Sign of disunity”, Herald Sun:
      "Blokes have disagreements from time to time, that is life, but I am just disappointed it got out of the dressingroom."
  4. escrowed
    • 2009 February 7, Peta Hellard, “Olivia Newton-John sued over Florida property deal”, Herald Sun:
      Perry Lap, president of Mastercraft Development LLC and seller of the home, filed a suit this week in an attempt to recoup an escrowed deposit of $154,000 or obtain a court order forcing the couple to abide by the contract.
  5. fireground
    • 2009 February 7, Staff reporters, “Bushfires in Victoria kill 14 more deaths feared”, Herald Sun:
      Police, fire and VicRoads officials also set up several roadblocks - including on the Princes Highway near Pakenham - and stopping all non-essential traffic and residents from going anywhere near the ever-expanding fireground.
  6. grassfire
  7. guernsey
    • 2009 February 7, Ron Reed, “Today&squo;s heroes given priority”, Herald Sun:
      The likes of George Giffen and Charlie McCartney - notables from an ancient era - may be the last of their ilk to get a guernsey for a long time.
  8. ppg
    • 2009 February 7, Grantley Bernard, “Centre Chris Anstey a gauge for Tiges”, Herald Sun:
      Westover acknowledges the changes were crucial, but he puts great store in a two-week break over the new year period that got the Tigers and, more importantly, Anstey (18.7 ppg, 11.0 rebounds) ready for the run to the playoffs.