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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-09 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-10).

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  1. concreter
    • 2009 February 9, John Hamilton, “Hearts break on Heartbreak Hill”, Herald Sun:
      Outside one smashed tangle was a man called Glen, a concreter, and his two mates.
  2. dressingroom
    • 2009 February 9, Iain Payten, “Australia, England struggling ahead of Ashes”, Herald Sun:
      The Daily Mail sighed: "Strauss saves time by getting his humiliation in early", but while saying the dressingroom was a "pretty disconsolate place", the new captain battled valiantly to maintain hope of a bounce back.
  3. examing
  4. farewelled
  5. firefront
    • 2009 February 9, Staff reporters, “Disaster beyond belief”, Herald Sun:
      Thousands of exhausted firefighters remained on the firefront last night, many still unable to return to their own ravaged communities.
  6. galeforce
    • 2009 February 9, Gary Hughes, “My escape from blazing hailstorm”, Herald Sun:
      All the while the car is being buffeted and battered by a galeforce wind and bombarded by a hail of blackened material.
  7. gloveman
  8. haysheds
  9. lbw
  10. newsagency
    • 2009 February 9, AAP, “Nervous Yackandandah residents play waiting game”, Herald Sun:
      People are desperately hoping no strong southerly winds will push the 30,000-hectare blaze towards their town, Yackandandah newsagency owner James Lacey, told AAP.
  11. northeastly
  12. petajoules
    • 2009 February 9, “BG launches $796mln bid for Pure Energy”, Herald Sun:
      Pure Energy has assets in Qld's Bowen Basin and Tasmania, with total proved and probable (2P) reserves of 394 petajoules (PJ), proved, probable and possible (3P) reserves 2,472 PJ.
  13. seamers
  14. stretchered
  15. uncontracted
    • 2009 February 9, Jon Ralph, “I'm still standing”, Herald Sun:
      Croad is uncontracted at year's end, but, at 28, said he had years ahead of him despite being the club's third-oldest player behind Stuart Dew and Brent Guerra.


  1. grevious
  2. shetland
    • 2009 February 9, John Hamilton, “Hearts break on Heartbreak Hill”, Herald Sun:
      Four cows and a shetland pony were grazing peacefully in a nearby paddock, which hadn't been touched.