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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-15 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-16).

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  1. airconditioner
    • 2009 February 15, Nui Te Koha, “'We were shell shocked' survivor tells”, Herald Sun:
      From there, Ms Moritz and Mr Glenn ran to shelter in their car, parked in a machinery shed, with the airconditioner on full blast.
  2. ambos *
    • 2009 February 15, Bryan Patterson, “Yes, they are our heroes”, Herald Sun:
      More than 7000 volunteers and professionals with the CFA, service organisations such as the Lions, the Salvos, the DSE, SES, the ambos and paramedics went into action as Victoria faced the deadliest fires in its history.
  3. bloodstock
    • 2009 February 15, “Win free shot at racetrack glory”, Herald Sun:
      Inglis bloodstock agent Peter Heagney will pick the trainer at random and the trainer will be allowed to bid up to $100,000 for the yearling.
  4. boosh
    • 2009 February 15, Jane Howard, “Primary pupils offer comfort”, Herald Sun:
      Jacob wrote: "I hope you get better because the boosh fires are so big.
  5. downpipes
    • 2009 February 15, Peter Rolfe and Clair Harvey, “Fireproof living”, Herald Sun:
      Roofs should be tiled or metal and gutters and downpipes fitted with metal leaf guards and systems for water retention.
  6. flyscreens
    • 2009 February 15, Peter Rolfe and Clair Harvey, “Fireproof living”, Herald Sun:
      SPARK guards for vents and steel flyscreens for windows.
  7. liveability
    • 2009 February 15, Peter Rolfe, “Populations to grow in regional Victoria”, Herald Sun:
      The Blueprint for Regional Growth document aims to "protect Melbourne's world-renowned liveability and help accommodate a population of five million before 2030".
  8. mysogynist
    • 2009 February 15, By correspondents in Kuala Lumpur, “Muslim women 'face crisis over violence'”, Herald Sun:
      "Of course violence against women is not limited to Islamic countries but Islamic countries have become stigmatised as being mysogynist societies which are inherently anti-women."
  9. pacy
    • 2009 February 15, Samantha Amjadali, “Sing me a story”, Herald Sun:
      Full of twists and turns, this pacy thriller is read with great aplomb by James Macpherson, who brings our mischevious characters, including a bored computer programmer who decides to rob paintings for amusement, to life making for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.
  10. uber *
    • 2009 February 15, Samantha Amjadali, “Sing me a story”, Herald Sun:
      Kids, kids, kids Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Price: $65 Duration: 28 hours (24 CDs) The most complex (and darkest) of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is read by the uber talented Stephen Fry, which means it is endlessly entertaining, humourously read and witty through and through.
  11. unbiblical
  12. waterbombing
  13. whitegoods
    • 2009 February 15, Liz Ackroyd, “Bargains at the click of a button”, Herald Sun:
      THIS has big savings on top brands of whitegoods, televisions, vacuum cleaners and most major appliances.