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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-08 issue of the Herald Sun which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-09).

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  1. bassman
    • 2009 March 8, James Wigney, “Coldplay running hot”, Herald Sun:
      "We have 10 eyes on it -- all four of us you can see and the one you can't," says Martin, referring to band members Buckland, drummer Will Champion, bassman Guy Berryman and the so-called fifth member, former manager Phil Harvey.
  2. boltcutters
  3. freekeh
    • 2009 March 8, By Joanna McMillan, “Eat your way to wellbeing”, Herald Sun:
      Choose less common grains such as freekeh, quinoa or bulgur, and a wholegrain, traditionally produced bread such as sourdough.
  4. undie
    • 2009 March 8, Elle Halliwell and Nick Gardner, “Pac Brands' $500k festival”, Herald Sun:
      Gallery: Celebrity undie campaigns Yesterday, fashion show organisers were busy trying to distance themselves from Pacific Brands.
  5. wheatbelt
  6. wildman
    • 2009 March 8, James Wigney, “Kram beats his own drum”, Herald Sun:
      Those used to seeing the bearded wildman pounding the skins may be surprised to hear his softer side on the album.


  1. ugg
    • 2009 March 8, Peter Rolfe, “MCC members guide on how to dress”, Herald Sun:
      In case members don't know what tracksuit pants and ugg boots look like, the MCC had models pose in the unacceptable clothes.
  2. worldy