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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-01-01 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2008-01-14).

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  1. airpower
    • 2007 January 1, Jeffrey Gettleman, “Somali Clan Elders Urge Islamists to Leave Stronghold”, New York Times:
      That led to the city falling much faster than anyone expected into the hands of Somalia’s transitional government, which has used Ethiopian troops and airpower to reclaim much of the country.
  2. baldheaded
    • 2007 January 1, Campbell Robertson, “Mozart, Now Singing at a Theater Near You”, New York Times:
      “If you go to many classical performances, you see that a lot of them are senior citizens, baldheaded and white,” said Mr. Robinson, who is black and was wearing a hat.
  3. boatfuls
    • 2007 January 1, Amy Cortese, “At Sea With a Book to Read, and the Author of It, Too”, New York Times:
      Often sponsored by publishers, the cruises, aboard commercial liners, feature popular authors who give readings and seminars — even knitting lessons — to boatfuls of book lovers.
  4. counterthreats
  5. downtowns
    • 2007 January 1, Susan Saulny, “This Remaking of Downtown Has Downside”, New York Times:
      As an urban issue, the downsizing of downtowns has little precedent because many cities, particularly in the Midwest, are struggling mightily to bring people back to their cores, not send them away.
  6. fencelines
    • 2007 January 1, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Edges and Order”, New York Times:
      The farmers up here will have a lot of cleaning to do along the fencelines before they bale hay next June or they will be baling kindling.
  7. franticness
    • 2007 January 1, David Carr, “The Lonely Newspaper Reader”, New York Times:
      Or, more brightly, a private equity firm saw an opportunity for a savvy investor who could operate the property without the quarter-to-quarter franticness that comes with making Wall Street happy.
  8. greatgrandchildren
    • 2007 January 1, Frank Litsky, “Johnny Gibson, 101, Track Coach With a Long Legacy, Is Dead”, New York Times:
      Patricia Carter of Bloomfield, N.J.; Katharine Lipinski of Surf City, N.J., and Mary Donegan of Ogdensburg, N.J.; a sister, Helen Ryan of Wayne, N.J.; 19 grandchildren and 46 greatgrandchildren and 5 great-greatgrandchildren, the youngest a girl born last Wednesday.
  9. hyperfocused
    • 2007 January 1, New York Times[1]:
      While Brown distracted the usually hyperfocused Mangini, safety Kerry Rhodes and linebackers Eric Barton and Jonathan Vilma grabbed a cooler of Gatorade and surreptitiously assumed their positions according to plan.
  10. minisessions
  11. nonconsumption
    • 2007 January 1, Kelefa Sanneh, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      And there’s a thumping remix of “Ain’t Got Nothing,” about conspicuous nonconsumption, from “Certified.”
  12. overcommunication
  13. peacocky
    • 2007 January 1, New York Times[2]:
      From his short passes to the hip-length tan winter coat he slipped on after the game, Pennington proved in myriad ways that he was all about being practical, not peacocky.
  14. repost
  15. rewardingly
    • 2007 January 1, Nate Chinen, “Toting Up the Sum of Its Influences”, New York Times:
      And his rapport with the drummer Matt Abts, the keyboardist Danny Louis and the bassist Andy Hess felt rewardingly deep.
  16. solitudes
    • 2007 January 1, “The Hope of a Fresh Start”, New York Times:
      “I am in love,” he wrote, “with this green earth; the face of town and country; the unspeakable rural solitudes, and the sweet security of streets.”
  17. uncommercial
    • 2007 January 1, Stephen Holden, “Hush, Little Baby, Mama’s Crooning”, New York Times:
      But Columbia Records executives deemed the idea uncommercial (probably wisely, she now admits) and instead proposed an album of lullabies.
  18. balthazar
  19. finales
    • 2007 January 1, Joe Lapointe, “‘Granddaddy’ of Bowls Has Touch of the Blues”, New York Times:
      The Wolverines of the Big Ten and Trojans of the Pacific-10 had each hoped to play for the B.C.S. championship but lost their regular-season finales to their biggest conference rivals — — the Wolverines to Ohio State, the Trojans to U.C.L.A.
  20. postmidnight
    • 2007 January 1, John F. Burns, “U.S. Questioned Iraq on the Rush to Hang Hussein”, New York Times:
      Hussein’s being taken to his execution from his cell in an American military detention center in the postmidnight chill of Saturday had a surreal and even cinematic quality.
  21. superagent
    • 2007 January 1, Sharon Waxman, “Murdoch vs. Regan: Hollywood Girds for Latest Boldface Battle of Egos”, New York Times:
      Eisner , the DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg , the superagent Michael S.


  1. hakia: brand name
    • 2007 January 1, New York Times[3]:
      Even as Google continues to outmaneuver its main search rivals, Yahoo and Microsoft , plenty of newcomers — with names like hakia, ChaCha and Snap — are trying to beat the company at its own game.