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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-01-11 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-01).

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  1. adjacencies
    • 2007 January 11, David W. Dunlap, “Still, the Question of Displaying the Names of 9/11”, New York Times:
      With the adjacencies for victims whose families wish them to be listed together, and the removal of the shields, which were so objectionable to so many, this is an approach that I hope will be acceptable to the great majority of the families affected,” he said afterward.n.
  2. antiharassment
  3. borgo
    • 2007 January 11, Maureen Orth, “Shopping for a Villa, He Wound Up With a Village”, New York Times:
      The borgo, which appears on a map from 1318, is about 40 miles south of Siena, close to the ancient Florence-Rome road used by Chaucer and Michelangelo.
  4. boxloads
  5. cardboardy
    • 2007 January 11, Michiko Kakutani, “Hurdles in Harvard Yard and the World Beyond”, New York Times:
      Archie never becomes more than a cardboardy cutout figure — a well-meaning, not-too-bright social climber with a dislike of “heavy conversations,” a fellow who “wanted to wear a club tie — the right tie, not all clubs being equal.”
  6. classicly
    • 2007 January 11, Alexa Brazilian, “Clip-Ons Are Back. Fondling Allowed.”, New York Times:
      Tilting your head to the side, inching a clip off your ear as you answer the phone, is a classicly flirtatious act, like dabbing wrists with perfume or slipping into high heels.
  7. constitutionalized
    • 2007 January 11, Linda Greenhouse, “Rights of Unions and Nonmembers Vie at Court”, New York Times:
      Solicitor General Paul D. Clement said the Washington Supreme Court had “rigidly constitutionalized an area of labor law” that should be left to the “substantial discretion” of the states and the federal government.
  8. efavirenz
  9. farreaching
  10. laminitis
    • 2007 January 11, Joe Drape, “Barbaro Set Back by Damage to a Hoof”, New York Times:
      While the original fracture in Barbaro’s right hind leg appears to be healing well, veterinarians have always said they were more concerned about the severe laminitis that prompted the removal of 80 percent of the colt’s left hoof.
  11. midgrade
  12. midmeal
    • 2007 January 11, Elaine Sciolino, “France Polishes Its Politesse”, New York Times:
      And, bien sûr, the dinner guest must not leave the table in midmeal to use the powder room, and should she have to go, never, ever use the word “toilette” when asking a host for directions.
  13. minicamp
  14. minidomes
    • 2007 January 11, Alastair Gordon, “The Dome Gains Weight and Settles Down”, New York Times:
      Companies that sell kits for large-scale domes offer custom options like cupolas, balconies, rectangular additions for extra rooms and even matching minidomes for pets.
  15. movielike
    • 2007 January 11, Douglas Martin, “Carlo Ponti, Film Producer, Dies at 94”, New York Times:
      Their existence became even more movielike when magazines dwelled on Ms. Loren’s difficulties in pregnancy; kidnappers repeatedly threatened their family, and gossip columnists ceaselessly predicted the demise of their marriage.
  16. multidiscipline
    • 2007 January 11, Horacio Silva, “A Whole Lot of Thinking Going On”, New York Times:
      The owners, Brian Janusiak and Elizabeth Beer, have a multidiscipline company called Various Projects, and the store is their eighth collaboration, hence the name.
  17. multitouch
    • 2007 January 11, David Pogue, “Apple Waves Its Wand at the Phone”, New York Times:
      Alternatively, you can use a brand-new feature that Apple calls multitouch: you slide your thumb and forefinger together (like pinching) or apart on the glass.
  18. nevirapine
  19. nonfrivolous
    • 2007 January 11, Gretchen Morgenson, “A Public Pension Fund Sues Directors of Caremark Rx”, New York Times:
      In a Dec. 29 meeting with the parties in the case, Chancellor Chandler said that while he was certain Caremark would argue forcefully that its directors exercised their duties of care and loyalty to the company’s owners, he also concluded that “there is a tenable argument on the other side, and nonfrivolous claims here on the other side, that at least need to be tested against a fuller record.”
  20. noninjurious
    • 2007 January 11, Ruth La Ferla, “Uncruel Beauty”, New York Times:
      Vegans, who may be thought of as extreme vegetarians, strive for a diet and way of life that is noninjurious to both animals and the environment, directly or through the processing of materials like leather, wool or silk.
  21. offseason
  22. omni
  23. overclean
    • 2007 January 11, Mitchell Owens, “Room to Improve”, New York Times:
      It’s basically resistant to dirt, so there’s no reason to overclean it.” d.
  24. preshow
    • 2007 January 11, Virginia Heffernan, “Television That's Rude, Crude, Hilarious and Only on the Web”, New York Times:
      I kept stopping episodes, starting new ones, cursing the preshow ads, pausing, causing buffering and loading glitches, pretending they weren’t my fault and calling up e-mail to blot it all out.
  25. reacclimated
  26. runup
    • 2007 January 11, Jacques Steinberg, “Back to 'Talking Smack' With Rosie, Donald and Barbara”, New York Times:
      Last February, for example, during the runup to the fifth season of “The Apprentice,” he wrote another open letter, this one to Martha Stewart , for the weak performance of her “Apprentice” spinoff — which he partly owned — saying it “never had a chance.”
  27. semistaged
    • 2007 January 11, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      The cast of the New York Philharmonic ’s semistaged performance of “My Fair Lady” from March 7 to 10 has been announced: Kelli O’Hara (“The Pajama Game”) will play Eliza Doolittle, and Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier”) will play Prof. Henry Higgins.
  28. sermonizer
    • 2007 January 11, Campbell Robertson, “Comedy Writer, Litigant, Frog Lover”, New York Times:
      He was a daunting intellectual sparring partner and an obdurate sermonizer on every subject.
  29. spaceworthy
    • 2007 January 11, Dennis Overbye, “NASA Schedules Flight to Update Space Telescope”, New York Times:
      NASA has set Sept. 11, 2008, as the target date for launching a mission intended to revitalize the telescope and keep it spaceworthy into the next decade, according to a planning document made public by , an independent Web site.
  30. stepgranddaughter
  31. supermonster
    • 2007 January 11, Charles Herold, “Large Beasts, Mean Weapons and a Terrifying Judge”, New York Times:
      Running won’t help when you encounter each mission’s final supermonster or enemy V.S. These battles are brutal; I would die several times just figuring out a basic strategy and then die a few more times while I perfected my technique.
  32. targetability
    • 2007 January 11, Louise Story, “Digital Billboard Up Ahead: New-Wave Sign or Hazard?”, New York Times:
      Digital signs, Ms. Senese said, offer “immense creativity, flexibility and targetability for different demographics, which was really never an option for out-of-home advertising.”
  33. tubside
    • 2007 January 11, Alix Strauss, “Room Service, Draw Me a Bath”, New York Times:
      BUBBLY Rachel Lang, the bath butler at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan, serves champagne at tubside.
  34. unmesmerized
    • 2007 January 11, Virginia Heffernan, “Television That's Rude, Crude, Hilarious and Only on the Web”, New York Times:
      On the day I checked into , with its discordant graphic styles, clown-colored ads, egg-yolk-yellow background and general I-exist-to-pester-you design scheme, I was dangerously unmesmerized by the digital video.