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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-02-02 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-01).

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  1. caballero
    • 2007 February 2, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      He had his own way with materials and color and an unforgettable cast of characters (most notably, a mounted caballero and a levitating Madonna crowned like the Statue of Liberty.)
  2. cookoff
    • 2007 February 2, Austin Considine, “Snow or No, It’s a Party”, New York Times:
      Bennington , Vt., planned to substitute wagon rides for sleigh rides if necessary for its festival this weekend and scheduled weather-proof events like a chili cookoff and cookie decorating, in addition to the traditional ice carving.
  3. decadences
    • 2007 February 2, Amy Gunderson, “The Weekends Just Get Longer and Longer”, New York Times:
      IT’S only fitting that a woman who makes her living by concocting butter-laden decadences, like berry-stuffed shortcakes, lemon tarts that billow meringue and rose-suffused wedding cakes that are centerpieces at celebrity nuptials, would insist on a home kitchen that is practically an altar to the art of baking.
  4. flyways
  5. lockbox
    • 2007 February 2, Nate Schweber, “Suspects in Fishkill Family’s Deaths Are Indicted on Undisclosed Charges”, New York Times:
      FISHKILL, N.Y., Feb. 1 — The two men arrested last week in connection with the murder of a family of five were indicted by a Dutchess County grand jury Wednesday evening, hours after investigators found a rifle and a lockbox in a lake near one of the suspect’s homes, the authorities said.
  6. lollapalooza
    • 2007 February 2, Janet Maslin, “Sidney Sheldon, Literate Master of Pulp Panache”, New York Times:
      In Sidney Sheldon’s pulp-fiction lollapalooza “The Other Side of Midnight,” the heroine is an aspiring French actress named Noelle Page.
  7. mandalas
    • 2007 February 2, Roberta Smith, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      It is ubiquitous here, whether in Mongolian medical mandalas; a Wheel of Life from eastern Tibet; Kimsooja’s conversion of a jukebox speaker into a contemporary mandala; Dawn Clements’s “Oval,” a dizzying rendering, 10 feet in diameter, that records her devotion to the television soap opera; and Ad Reinhardt’s 1955 “Portend of the Artist as a Yhung Mandala.”
  8. marchy
    • 2007 February 2, Allan Kozinn, “A Blend of New and Old Germanic Expressionism”, New York Times:
      Carol McGonnell played it with graceful virtuosity, but it was hard not to compare her amusing but often marchy stage movement with the slinkier, more supple performances Jean Kopperud gave of the full version (“Harlekin,” without the “Kleine”) in the 1980s.
  9. midsea
  10. midset
  11. minicamp
    • 2007 February 2, Karen Crouse, “Bears’ Backs Share Ball-Carrying Duties, but Little Else”, New York Times:
      “I know what I meant to the offense, I know what I meant to the team,” said Jones, who switched agents, demanded a trade and, when one could not be arranged, skipped the voluntary minicamp practices.
  12. misimpression
  13. mujahedeen
    • 2007 February 2, Carlotta Gall, “Afghans Urge Legal Amnesty for Those Involved in Wars”, New York Times:
      Lawmakers said the resolution was passed in the interest of peace and stability and was intended to include even the fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar , and the renegade mujahedeen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
  14. multicandidate
    • 2007 February 2, Andy Newman, “Ex-Aide Says Party Boss Pressured Judge to Hire Vendor”, New York Times:
      As Mr. Feldman filled in details of the complex and costly process of mounting a multicandidate campaign, though, a portrait began to emerge of Mr. Norman as a frustrated commander trying to bully some semblance of discipline into his wayward troops.
  15. multivehicle
    • 2007 February 2, Christopher Mason, “Canada: Five Dead in 20-Vehicle Crash”, New York Times:
      A report in the World Briefing column on Friday about a multivehicle accident east of Toronto carried incorrect information from the authorities about the number of dead.
  16. noncarbonated
    • 2007 February 2, Bloomberg News, “Coca-Cola to Buy Fuze Beverage”, New York Times:
      “This represents Coke aggressively getting itself into a better place in the noncarbonated business in the U.S.,” Mr. Sicher said.
  17. noncontact
  18. nonmortal
  19. nonpaid
    • 2007 February 2, The New York Times, “Theater Listings”, New York Times:
      The show’s director, Tania Inessa Kirkman, and her design team have created a set that enthusiastically embraces commercialism by including a slew of obvious (but nonpaid) product placements, commercials for everything from Red Bull to Campbell’s Soup that play during intermission and corporate logos, made of light, dancing across the stage floor.
  20. reinvolved
    • 2007 February 2, Alexis Rehrmann, “An Older Sister Who Has Become Head of the Family”, New York Times:
      Ms. Murray also worked with the family to set goals, including getting Devonta reinvolved in after-school activities and re-enrolling Ms. Hand in school and helping her to find a job. Ms. Hand plans to finish her G.E.D. this spring and then study architecture.
  21. rugelach
    • 2007 February 2, Amy Gunderson, “The Weekends Just Get Longer and Longer”, New York Times:
      “Two cheesecakes, a walnut tart, three dozen rugelach — and they needed it tomorrow,” she said in an accent that betrays her Long Island roots.
  22. shaggily
    • 2007 February 2, Ralph Blumenthal, “Inmate Who Fled With Official’s Wife Is Sentenced for Escape”, New York Times:
      Mr. Dial, 62, a sculptor, writer and spinner of tales, was shaggily white-haired and bearded when he appeared in state court here in western Oklahoma, telling Judge Richard Darby that heart disease and tumors left him only months to live.
  23. skateway
    • 2007 February 2, Austin Considine, “Snow or No, It’s a Party”, New York Times:
      (Officials now say that thanks to the recent cold weather, the entire five-mile skateway is skate-worthy for the festival opening today.)
  24. squeegeelike
  25. superblocks
    • 2007 February 2, Nicolai Ouroussoff, “Complex, Contradictory Robert Moses”, New York Times:
      It was cemented by Robert A. Caro’s “Power Broker,” the 1974 biography that famously portrayed Moses as a villainous figure who, through his control of federal slum clearance and highway money, was able to trample tens of thousands of lives, uprooting entire neighborhoods in a quest to impose his megalomaniacal vision: a city of dehumanizing superblocks strangled in ribbons of expressways.


  1. schuhplatter: apparently an error for schuhplattler
    • 2007 February 2, Matthew Preusch, “A Bit of Bavaria in a Mountain Town”, New York Times:
      During the occasional German festival, women in traditional dirndls and men in lederhosen dance the schuhplatter.
  2. unpulling