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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-02-03 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-01).

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  1. blockheadedness
    • 2007 February 3, Corey Kilgannon, “Teenagers Run Straight Into Fences, and Trouble”, New York Times:
      DEER PARK, N.Y., Feb. 2 — Bored teenagers here have a new way of entertaining themselves on a weekend evening, local authorities say: a pastime that combines the latest technological skill with good old teenage blockheadedness.
  2. boatlift
  3. celebrification
    • 2007 February 3, Mark Leibovich, “Titillating or Not, Washington Gossip Blossoms”, New York Times:
      Chuck Todd, editor of the online political clearinghouse Hotline, calls the gossip phenomenon “pack gossip journalism,” a byproduct of the celebrification of politics and the attendant proliferation of media to cover it.
  4. communitywide
    • 2007 February 3, Holland Cotter, “To Explore Race, Sometimes You Focus on the Explorer”, New York Times:
      Working at St. Philip’s Church in Harlem last fall, Mr. Ovelman issued a communitywide call for 381 volunteers to sit for Polaroid portraits; 381 is the number of days the 1955 Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott lasted.
  5. dipperfuls
    • 2007 February 3, “A Rare Bill in Congress”, New York Times:
      Earmarks — those undebated dipperfuls of taxpayer-financed contracts that tripled under the Republicans — will undoubtedly return in the new budget.
  6. interreligious
    • 2007 February 3, Peter Steinfels, “In the Era of the Holocaust, 29 Who Made a Difference”, New York Times:
      Rabbi Schneier, senior rabbi of Park East Synagogue and founder of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, has been active for decades on behalf of religious freedom and interreligious dialogue.
  7. laojiao
  8. lifehacking
    • 2007 February 3, Damon Darlin, “Consumers Have Allies on the Web”, New York Times:
      Nick Denton, Gawker Media’s owner, began talking to her over lunch one day about lifehacking, a term coined by Danny O’Brien, a British technology consultant, for the shortcuts people take to make their life easier. Mr. Denton had registered the name and he wanted her to write a blog about hacks.
  9. multiscreen
    • 2007 February 3, Bridget L. Goodbody, “Even on the Big Screen, Things Are Never as They Seem”, New York Times:
      Eija-Liisa Ahtila uses multiscreen projections to voyage into the fragmented minds of the mentally ill; Matthew Barney makes gorgeous, operatic films that contain nary a spoken word; and Pierre Huyghe manufactures Antarctic adventures that include orchestral performances in Central Park.
  10. nonartists
    • 2007 February 3, Holland Cotter, “To Explore Race, Sometimes You Focus on the Explorer”, New York Times:
      The gift-giving nature of the exchange feels nice and pokes gently at art world economics. Mr. Ovelman is the subject of the portraits here, but they are all by nonartists.
  11. nonfamily
    • 2007 February 3, Katharine Q. Seelye, “Assets Shifted by Family That Controls Times Co.”, New York Times:
      In a letter to nonfamily Times directors last month, Mr. Elmasry wrote: “Our motivating concern is that without independent action by the board and real evidence of sustained accountability, further strategic missteps, capital misallocation, franchise abuse and overly generous compensation are inevitable.
  12. politerati
  13. ponytailed
    • 2007 February 3, Matt Zoller Seitz, “The Recurring Stain Should Be a Tipoff”, New York Times:
      The nomadic handyman, Burwell (a ponytailed John Corbett), who joins in the planting of sunflowers and befriends Jess, is a cryptic rock, but faced with such an immense evil that he’s bound to break.
  14. ragalike
    • 2007 February 3, Nate Chinen, “Kindred Spirits in Groove”, New York Times:
      On a ballad called “If Only Once,” she shared lyrical duties with Mr. Cline, who demonstrated sensitivity and restraint in an improvisation over a ragalike pedal tone. Ms. Scheinman’s solo on the tune was stately but not remote; she packed many shades of melancholy into a few understated phrases.
  15. tabloidy
  16. understatedly
  17. unstocked
  18. weekold
    • 2007 February 3, Trymaine Lee, “Former Judge Cites Pressure to Pay Friends of Party Boss”, New York Times:
      The former judge, Karen B. Yellen of Brooklyn Civil Court, who ran on the Democratic ticket in the 2002 primary along with Mr. Norman, was the key witness for the prosecution in the weekold corruption trial against Mr. Norman, a former 12-term state assemblyman, in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn.
  19. worksites
    • 2007 February 3, Ian Fisher, “Uffizi Expansion Is Finally (Well, Maybe) to Begin”, New York Times:
      The first of two cranes is in place, modern 150-foot spires in this city of many closely guarded old ones, and the six worksites are being fenced in and secured.