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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-02-10 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-01).

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  1. antinarcotics
  2. backgrounding
    • 2007 February 10, Harry Hurt Iii, “A Day in the Life of an Extra, Er, Background Artist”, New York Times:
      After reporting to wardrobe to pick up my work shirt, I quickly discovered that my modest role demanded more backgrounding and more artistry than I ever imagined.
  3. briefers
    • 2007 February 10, David S. Cloud, “Inquiry on Intelligence Gaps May Reach to White House”, New York Times:
      Therefore, Mr. Sessions said, there was no need for the briefers to point out that their conclusions differed from those of the C.I.A. , because the briefing was intended as a “critique” of the agencies’ conclusions.
  4. chocophile
  5. downings
    • 2007 February 10, Richard A. Oppel, “U.S. Accidentally Attacks Kurdish Outpost, Killing Several”, New York Times:
      Also on Friday, an insurgent group that has taken credit for several recent downings of United States helicopters released a video that it said showed a missile shooting down the Marine CH-46 Sea Knight transport that crashed Wednesday, killing all seven on board.
  6. enviropreneurship
    • 2007 February 10, Deborah Weisberg, “River Ruling Is a Boost for Proponents of Public Access”, New York Times:
      Terry L. Anderson, executive director of the Property Environmental and Research Center in Montana, is a pioneer of enviropreneurship, which treats open space as a free-market commodity.
  7. interregional
  8. klezmerlike
  9. lawyerlike
  10. miens
    • 2007 February 10, Claudia La Rocco, “Stony Miens and Sad Hearts”, New York Times:
      It’s hard to say which is worse: the press-on smiles favored by many a ballet dancer, or the stony “I’m going to pretend this isn’t happening to me” miens often found in contemporary troupes like White Road.
  11. mischaracterization
  12. ngoni
    • 2007 February 10, Ben Ratliff, “Young Guitarist Shows Some Things He Learned From His Famous Father”, New York Times:
      Vieux Farka Touré’s touring band is a simple cross between ancient and modern, with the American musicians Eric Herman on electric bass and Tim Keiper on drums, and three Malians: Mana Cissoko on second guitar and the lutelike ngoni, Baye Kouyaté on talking drums and Seckou Touré on the overturned calabash, making a thud like a second bass drum.
  13. nonparents
    • 2007 February 10, M. P. Dunleavey, “And Baby Breaks the Budget”, New York Times:
      When we were nonparents, our modest digital camera was perfect for vacation photos and the like.
  14. oddsmakers
    • 2007 February 10, Clifton Brown, “Every Picture Tells a Story: Collazo Set for Title Fight”, New York Times:
      “Critics have me as the underdog, but I’ve been waiting for this all my life,” Collazo said Thursday, scoffing at the Las Vegas oddsmakers who have made him more than a 3-1 underdog.
  15. percussiveness
  16. prisonlike
  17. refinancings
    • 2007 February 10, Vikas Bajaj, “U.S. Inquiry on Bonds at Big Bank”, New York Times:
      The investigation is the biggest in municipal finance since the 1990s, when the Securities and Exchange Commission accused some Wall Street firms of “yield burning” — or profiting by overcharging state and local government agencies in debt refinancings.
  18. threefer
  19. underscreening
  20. unsettlingly