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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-02-21 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-01).

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  1. artmaking
    • 2007 February 21, Randy Kennedy, “When Meals Played the Muse”, New York Times:
      THE artist Gordon Matta-Clark, who died in 1978 at age 35, loved to cook, but he could never quite unbraid his culinary passions from those of artmaking, with sometimes bizarre dinner party results.
  2. candylike
  3. chinois
    • 2007 February 21, “Recipe: Maple Crema”, New York Times:
      Strain through a chinois or fine-meshed sieve to remove any lumps of yolk.
  4. chitlin
    • 2007 February 21, Campbell Robertson, “The World of Black Theater Becomes Ever Bigger”, New York Times:
      BALTIMORE, Feb. 18 — Urban theater — or what has been called over the years inspirational theater, black Broadway, gospel theater and the chitlin circuit — has been thriving for decades, selling out some of the biggest theaters across the country and grossing millions of dollars a year.
  5. conductorial
    • 2007 February 21, Bernard Holland, “An Opera by Verdi That Needs Name Tags”, New York Times:
      My star of the evening was the conductor Fabio Luisi, a musician who knew exactly what he wanted and conveyed it through the Met’s orchestra and chorus with electrical jolts of conductorial will.
  6. countywide
    • 2007 February 21, Trymaine Lee, “Talk of Race as Theft Case Heads to Jury in Brooklyn”, New York Times:
      In a two-hour final argument, Mr. Wilford cast Mr. Norman, who is black, as a freedom fighter and master political strategist bent on helping two white candidates in countywide civil court races get support in the important central Brooklyn neighborhoods.
  7. dancegoing
    • 2007 February 21, Jennifer Dunning, “Ann Barzel, 101, Dies; a Writer Whose Passion Was Dance”, New York Times:
      Asked by The Times in 1996 about the highs and lows of her dancegoing over 70 years, she singled out minimalist dance — “these ego trips people take nowadays,” she said — as a low.
  8. gnawable
    • 2007 February 21, Melissa Clark, “Winter’s Stew Infused With Summer”, New York Times:
      Each chop contained a few small gnawable bones, and plenty of velvety meat that would slip right off them after a long, gentle braise.
  9. housedress
  10. intercamp
    • 2007 February 21, Richard Sandomir, “One City Down and 10 to Go”, New York Times:
      It was the start of the 11-city tour to sell the Oscar De La Hoya -Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout on May 5, and the staples of major boxing promotion were in evidence: well-fed reporters, thumping music, interminable video clips, Bert Sugar (boxing’s living logo) in his fedora and unlit cigar, late-arriving fighters, intercamp insults and each boxer’s fierce vow to hurt the other.
  11. megafight
    • 2007 February 21, Richard Sandomir, “One City Down and 10 to Go”, New York Times:
      “You need a megafight to justify that,” said Mark Taffet, a senior vice president of HBO.
  12. midstage
    • 2007 February 21, Alison Gregor, “Bringing Laboratory Space Back to New York”, New York Times:
      Mr. Marcus, Alexandria’s chief, said his company was designing the buildings to attract both start-up and midstage companies, as well as biotech venture capital companies.
  13. minicamp
  14. misrecollected
  15. nonheavyweight
    • 2007 February 21, Richard Sandomir, “One City Down and 10 to Go”, New York Times:
      “I have to go with it, but I get fed up with it,” said De La Hoya, who knows as well as anyone the primary requirement of the tour: to push sales of HBO’s $54.95 pay-per-view production beyond the 1.4 million he and Felix Trinidad generated in 1999, the most for a nonheavyweight fight.
  16. nonpower
    • 2007 February 21, Matthew L. Wald, “Cleaner Coal Is Attracting Some Doubts”, New York Times:
      Others point out that carbon capture from gas made from coal has proved workable, at least at a relatively small nonpower plant that manufactures methane, but that it is still unproved at a large power plant.
  17. nonunionized
    • 2007 February 21, Nick Bunkley, “Nissan Is Offering Buyouts at 2 Tennessee Factories”, New York Times:
      Gary N. Chaison, a professor of labor relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., said that Nissan was sending a message to its nonunionized work force by softening the job losses with buyouts and by offering more money than G.M. and Ford.
  18. outpointing
    • 2007 February 21, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      Morrison (46-3) won the W.B.O. title in 1993 by outpointing George Foreman .
  19. pennywise
    • 2007 February 21, Milt Freudenheim, “Some Employers Are Offering Free Drugs”, New York Times:
      Now some employers are reversing course, convinced that their pennywise approach does not always reduce long-term costs.
  20. peperoncini
  21. prefight
  22. primatial
    • 2007 February 21, Laurie Goodstein, “Many Episcopalians Wary, Some Defiant After Ultimatum by Anglicans”, New York Times:
      But already there were questions from Episcopalians who said that such significant decisions as a moratorium on gay bishops and blessings, and the creation of a council and primatial vicar, could not be taken by the House of Bishops alone, but by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, which includes lay and clergy delegates.
  23. reconceptualization
    • 2007 February 21, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      The project, to begin in May and be completed by early January, will include a major reconceptualization and updating, right, of the exterior of the structure at 129 West 67th Street on the Upper West Side, as well as a modernization of its public spaces and upgrades of the concert hall’s performance and backstage areas.
  24. reteeing
    • 2007 February 21, Damon Hack, “Golf Match Play Means One Opponent, No Leader Board”, New York Times:
      If they blow one out in the desert and you know they are reteeing, you’re going to take a more conservative route, maybe put the ball on the fairway and make them do something spectacular. d.
  25. rosticceria
  26. saucepot
    • 2007 February 21, “Recipe: Vanilla Pudding”, New York Times:
      Put 2 cups of half-and-half or milk, sugar and salt in a small or medium saucepot over medium-low heat.
  27. sloganeering
    • 2007 February 21, Brad Stone, “Stirring Up the Cubicles at eBay”, New York Times:
      Much of his effort over the last two years has focused on creating what he calls — with a consultant’s zeal for sloganeering — “tailored shopping experiences.”
  28. staredown
    • 2007 February 21, Richard Sandomir, “One City Down and 10 to Go”, New York Times:
      There were flashy entrances, the usual claims that history will be made, overuse of the fight’s slogan (“The World Awaits”) and the golden oldie of boxing news conferences: the posed staredown between the boxers for photographers and TV cameras.
  29. staredowns
    • 2007 February 21, Richard Sandomir, “One City Down and 10 to Go”, New York Times:
      In day after day of self-promotion for bouts that are months in the future, answering the same questions and rising again and again for staredowns, Caplan said that as a rule, “The fighters don’t stay interested.”
  30. toeshoe
    • 2007 February 21, Jennifer Dunning, “Ann Barzel, 101, Dies; a Writer Whose Passion Was Dance”, New York Times:
      The collection includes 30,000 feet of film and 200 shelves of documents, books, periodicals, scrapbooks, programs and photographs, as well as audio-visual materials and artifacts, among them a toeshoe said to have been worn by Anna Pavlova.
  31. ultrapasteurized
  32. unmolded
    • 2007 February 21, Randy Kennedy, “When Meals Played the Muse”, New York Times:
      He unmolded it, then gave the table a good kick, so that the aspic wobbled wildly and the bass seemed to fishtail upstream.
  33. womenless
    • 2007 February 21, Roberta Smith, “Present at an Empire’s Corrupted Birth”, New York Times:
      For womenless Rome, Ms. Sussman substitutes the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, shot in glamorous black and white to the sounds of walking, coughs and murmurs.