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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-07 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. congressionally
    • 2007 March 7, Randal C. Archibold, “In Arizona Desert, Indian Trackers vs. Smugglers”, New York Times:
      But the 15-member Shadow Wolves unit, part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is recruiting members to reach the congressionally authorized complement of 21.
  2. countywide
  3. deveining
  4. insulinlike
    • 2007 March 7, Andrew Pollack, “To Settle Suit, Maker Agrees to Withdraw Growth Drug”, New York Times:
      The settlement will resolve all litigation between Tercica and Insmed , two small biotechnology companies that sell competing drugs to treat an extremely rare condition, a deficiency of a hormone called insulinlike growth factor-1.
  5. intrasquad
    • 2007 March 7, Ben Shpigel, “Mets Rookie Uses All the Angles to Disguise Pitches”, New York Times:
      He also dazzled coaches and teammates during the team’s second intrasquad game, when he set up Lastings Milledge with two sinkers before he finished him off with that slider.
  6. lowlights
  7. megadairies
    • 2007 March 7, Patricia Leigh Brown, “A Piece of History Lands in a Contemporary Fight”, New York Times:
      In recent years, the environmental impact of megadairies on the San Joaquin Valley, with some of the country’s worst air quality, has led to lawsuits and a push for tougher regulations.
  8. multigrain
    • 2007 March 7, Florence Fabricant, “Japan’s Noodle of the Moment, From a Master”, New York Times:
      At Willie’s Dawgs, 351 Fifth Avenue (Fourth Street), in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Ms. Lutter and Mr. Anderson cook high-quality beef hot dogs and tuck them into outstanding house-baked challah, rye or multigrain rolls, adding assorted toppings ($3 to $4).
  9. outmuscle
  10. renamings
  11. renin
    • 2007 March 7, The Associated Press, “U.S. Approves Novartis Hypertension Drug”, New York Times:
      Given in tablets, it acts by inhibiting renin, an enzyme secreted primarily by the kidneys that raises blood pressure.
  12. restaurateurial
    • 2007 March 7, Adam Liptak, “Serving You Tonight Will Be Our Lawyer”, New York Times:
      The suit joins a long line of court encounters between sharp reviews and the restaurateurial ego, and, if the earlier cases are a reliable guide, it is doomed.
  13. riesling
    • 2007 March 7, Florence Fabricant, “Food Calendar”, New York Times:
      On April 20 riesling wines will be featured, $300; on May 9, cabernet sauvignons, $500: (212) 891-8100.
  14. skordalia
    • 2007 March 7, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      ANTHOS Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia have opened this high-end Greek restaurant where Mr. Psilakis seasons raw fish with fennel and ouzo; deconstructs skordalia, a garlicky dip, and turns it into a velvety soup; and cuts the richness of pork belly with an egg-and-lemon avgolemono sauce.
  15. tableful