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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-10 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. alligatored
  2. antiracism
  3. chainsawed
    • 2007 March 10, Reuters, “Germany: 50-50 Divorce Split”, New York Times:
      A 43-year-old man in the eastern town of Sonneberg, a trained mason in the midst of a divorce, measured the family’s single-story summer house, chainsawed through the wooden roof and walls to divide it in half, picked up his half with a forklift truck and drove off.
  4. counterbids
    • 2007 March 10, Jeremy W. Peters, “Investors Get a Break, but Some Lenders Absorb Blows”, New York Times:
      After the bids and the counterbids and the court battle, the two suitors clashing over Caremark Rx threw what each hoped would be the knockout blow in the battle.
  5. darbepoetin
  6. epoetin
  7. falsecard
  8. furnacelike
  9. gators
  10. geomorphologist
    • 2007 March 10, William Yardley, “Park Tries to Balance Access and Nature as It Rebuilds”, New York Times:
      But other nearby streams, close to the Van Trump and Pyramid Glaciers, have no record of releasing debris until the last few years, said Paul M. Kennard, the geomorphologist at the park.
  11. glissandos
    • 2007 March 10, Vivien Schweitzer, “An Orchestra of Standouts in a Lively Musical Blend”, New York Times:
      But this early work, which opened the program, bears all the hallmarks of later Shostakovich, with a soulful lament, darkly sardonic moods, glissandos and propulsive rhythms.
  12. murrelets
  13. noncarbon
    • 2007 March 10, Dan Bilefsky, “Europe Sets Ambitious Limits on Greenhouse Gases”, New York Times:
      In a nod to Mr. Chirac, who lobbied hard for the European Union to include nuclear power as a noncarbon energy alternative, the agreement acknowledges the role of nuclear power, saying it will be taken into account when the European Commission determines national renewable energy targets.
  14. nonemergencies
  15. nonmanagement
    • 2007 March 10, Jeremy W. Peters, “More Finding Work in U.S.”, New York Times:
      The average employee in a nonmanagement job earned 4.1 percent more in February than a year earlier — an increase that significantly outpaced the rate of inflation.
  16. nonparty
    • 2007 March 10, Melena Ryzik, “Are You Ready to Listen? This Rocker Just Wants to Talk”, New York Times:
      Subsequent albums of nonparty songs and metal-like ballads have not been nearly as successful, but 20-something truth-seekers are not made for stasis. Mr. W. K. busied himself with other projects: opening a club on Lafayette Street in SoHo (it won’t be ready for at least six months, but the T-shirts are already done); performances and writing for musicians from Will Oldham to Hanson; an advice column for a magazine in Japan, where he’s still quite popular; and an advice reality show on MTV, “Your Friend, Andrew W. K.”
  17. nonpitcher
  18. oppositional
    • 2007 March 10, Steven Lee Myers, “Kasparov, Building Opposition to Putin”, New York Times:
      And he has brought to oppositional politics the same energy and aggression that characterized his chess, attacking Mr. Putin and the Kremlin — or the regime, as he repeatedly calls it — with language rarely spoken so bluntly in Russia.
  19. overdubber
  20. preintermission
    • 2007 March 10, Vivien Schweitzer, “An Orchestra of Standouts in a Lively Musical Blend”, New York Times:
      For a preintermission encore, Mr. Lindemann and Daniel Nix, a bassist, offered an abrupt mood change with a sultry rendition of “Sugar Blues,” the Clyde McCoy standard.
  21. prelight
    • 2007 March 10, Claudia La Rocco, “Sparkling Lights, Lingering Birdcalls and Lots of Lingerie”, New York Times:
      There’s nothing, save the memory of that prelight shimmer, to hold on to in this senseless hourlong trio — performed by Al Crisppin, Ana Amélia Vianna and Fernanda Reis — which, regrettably, marks the New York debut of Marcia Milhazes Dance Company.
  22. railyards
    • 2007 March 10, Charles V. Bagli, “Users of the Javits Center Criticize Its Expansion Plan”, New York Times:
      But state and city officials say it is unclear whether Mr. Spitzer will ultimately seek to modify the proposal or abandon it altogether and build over the railyards instead.
  23. trailerlike
    • 2007 March 10, Martin Stolz, “Explosives Are Missing From Mine in Arizona”, New York Times:
      The materials were stored in a trailerlike bunker, or magazine, at a gypsum mining site jointly operated by two companies in the Black Rock area of sparsely populated Mohave County, Ariz., a few miles to the south of St. George.
  24. unresisting
  25. videolink
    • 2007 March 10, Kirk Semple, “U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Civilians in Sadr City”, New York Times:
      General Mixon told reporters at the Pentagon in a videolink from Iraq that he had already shifted troops to Diyala from elsewhere in northern Iraq and requested reinforcements from the central command in Baghdad.
  26. yuks
    • 2007 March 10, Felicia R. Lee, “Comedians as Activists, Challenging Prejudice”, New York Times:
      He joins three other comedians with Middle Eastern origins for “Axis of Evil Comedy Tour Special,” an hour of both gentle and acerbic yuks that flits from Islam to the erosion of civil liberties, to be shown tonight on Comedy Central.


  1. mayan