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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-12 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. allopurinol
    • 2007 March 12, Jeremy Pearce, “Tsai-Fan Yu, 95, Physician, Dies; Helped Alleviate Gout”, New York Times:
      In the 1960s, Dr. Yu, with Dr. Gutman and others, continued her pioneering studies of gout’s mechanisms and evaluated allopurinol, a drug that helps interrupt the formation of uric acid and still is used in treating gout and kidney stones.
  2. balletmasters
    • 2007 March 12, Jennifer Dunning, “Apollo, the Beach Boys and a Soupçon of Agitprop”, New York Times:
      This achievement is probably, in part, that of their balletmasters, Charthel Arthur and Mark Goldweber, two unforgettable early- and middle-period Joffrey dancers.
  3. mansionette
    • 2007 March 12, Alessandra Stanley, “For This Family of Pros, the Con Is Everything”, New York Times:
      Trading in their battered RV and Louisiana swamplands for a sumptuous pink mansionette with swimming pool, the Malloys pull off their ruse with skill and also childish naïveté.
  4. midquarter
    • 2007 March 12, The New York Times, “Looking Ahead”, New York Times:
      COMPANY NEWS Texas Instruments , the biggest maker of chips for cellphones, will provide a midquarter update (Monday); the outlook for the company is expected to be good.
  5. mischaracterization
    • 2007 March 12, Danny Hakim, “Legislature Acts to Restore Spitzer’s Cuts in Health Care”, New York Times:
      In a statement last month, Mr. Spitzer said, “No amount of distortion, scare tactics and mischaracterization will change the underlying fact that New York’s health care system is broken.”
  6. multipronged
  7. nightriders
  8. nimbuslike
    • 2007 March 12, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      Some tracks have tight pop surfaces; some are bumpier with swing rhythm and dissonant chords; some are piano-and-guitar duets; one, Mr. Metheny’s “Towards the Light,” has a nimbuslike atmosphere, with echo on Mr. Mehldau’s piano, a long solo from Mr. Metheny’s hornlike guitar-synthesizer.
  9. nonbusiness
  10. nonpower
    • 2007 March 12, Pete Thamel, “Midmajors Are Pushed Aside by Power Conferences”, New York Times:
      Only six teams from nonpower conferences received at-large bids, a surprising development in one of the more unpredictable N.C.A.A. tournament unveilings in recent years.
  11. nontariff
  12. nonwinners
  13. nonwood
    • 2007 March 12, Sewell Chan, “Manhattan: Vote on Ban of Nonwood Bats”, New York Times:
      A City Council committee was expected to approve a bill today that would ban the use of nonwood bats in high school baseball games, according to Council officials.
  14. posterlike
    • 2007 March 12, Katharine Q. Seelye, “With Redesign of Time, Sentences Run Forward”, New York Times:
      The iconic cover is still recognizably Time, with its posterlike presentation of a central image showcased inside a red border.
  15. prefunding
    • 2007 March 12, Mary Williams Walsh, “Texans Want to Strike Rule on Projecting Retiree Care”, New York Times:
      If you’re going to tell me that you don’t want to admit to this, and have no plan to deal with it, and have no intention of ever prefunding, I’ll tell you, I ain’t buying your bonds.
  16. probenecid
  17. sonics
    • 2007 March 12, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      With a mixture of sonics, harmonic logic and headlong improvisational stamina, Mr. Metheny can completely alter the character of someone else’s chord changes.
  18. ultraright
  19. videocasting
    • 2007 March 12, Doreen Carvajal, “France’s Effort to Export the News Is Catching On”, New York Times:
      The channel is assiduously courting international bloggers, most recently organizing a competition and a giveaway of podcasting and videocasting kits to invite them into interactive discussions about the French presidential elections.