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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-15 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. anecic
  2. antispyware
    • 2007 March 15, J. D. Biersdorfer, “Installing Adobe Reader”, New York Times:
      A. Windows Vista comes with its own firewall and antispyware program, and its Internet Explorer 7 browser includes a pop-up ad blocker and a filter that can help spot fraudulent Web sites and swindles.
  3. aspheric
    • 2007 March 15, Deborah L. Jacobs, “Better Vision Without Looking Your Age”, New York Times:
      Most of the new lenses are aspheric, meaning they have three prescriptions arranged in concentric circles like a bull’s-eye — typically with distance in the middle, intermediate vision next, and near vision in the outer circle.
  4. conventiongoer
  5. dopesickness
    • 2007 March 15, Virginia Heffernan, “When the Cravings Won’t Quit, Turn On the Camera”, New York Times:
      As she’s driving to the clinic for the first time, contemplating the new drug that she’s hoping will relieve her dopesickness, she seems to speak for every kind of addict, as well as about the paradox of treating drug addiction with drugs.
  6. ecoconscious
    • 2007 March 15, Mike Albo, “Save a Face, Save the World”, New York Times:
      WHILE its tie to a major corporation may breed suspicion among the ecoconscious consumers it courts, being a rich daughter brand does give Origins the financial advantage to stay committed to its mission — to pay for trips to far-flung countries to retrieve ingredients (like charred bamboo from Japan) and research indigenous healing traditions with shamans in Belize.
  7. epigeic
    • 2007 March 15, Anne Raver, “The Dark Side of a Good Friend to the Soil”, New York Times:
      Another invasive worm, an Asian species, Amynthas hawayanus, is epigeic, meaning it stays close to the earth’s surface, living in the topsoil and the duff layer.
  8. garbagehead
  9. hydrochlorofluorocarbons
    • 2007 March 15, Keith Bradsher, “Push to Fix Ozone Layer and Slow Global Warming”, New York Times:
      The United States joined Argentina, Brazil, Iceland, Mauritania and Norway on Wednesday in notifying the Ozone Secretariat of the United Nations Environment Program that they want to negotiate an accelerated phaseout of hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or HCFC’s, at an international conference in Montreal in September.
  10. jivey
  11. liquados
    • 2007 March 15, Michelle Slatalla, “I’ll Never Pay $34 for a Caesar Salad Again”, New York Times:
      How well I remember the Christmas of the $20 liquados (in Cabo San Lucas) and the summer of the untouched $15 apple juice frappé (Beijing) and the recurring nightmare, year after year, of the $9 banana-mango smoothies (Miami).
  12. lovability
  13. marquesita
  14. megacam
    • 2007 March 15, Marty Katz, “A Camera That Can Take Pictures When the Light Starts to Fade”, New York Times:
      One of the biggest stars of last weekend’s Photo Marketing Association show in Las Vegas was Canon’s new megacam, the $4,000 EOS-1D Mark III. It doesn’t capture more pixels than other cameras, just better ones, the company says.
  15. megacomplex
    • 2007 March 15, Nicolai Ouroussoff, “The Malling of Moscow: Imperial in Size and a View of the Kremlin”, New York Times:
      Mr. Foster’s megacomplex could be viewed as a step toward enlightenment, a tentative, somewhat mediocre design that at least tackles the challenge of serious planning in one of the world’s most intriguing cities.
  16. microlenses
  17. minitrend
    • 2007 March 15, Stuart Elliott, “Avon Comes Calling With a New Campaign”, New York Times:
      The minitrend may have started with ads last summer for Level vodka, sold by V&S Vin & Sprit, which carry the headline “Hello delicious.”
  18. neofolk
    • 2007 March 15, Ben Sisario, “Folk-Rock Memories, Psychedelic but Clear”, New York Times:
      He produced Pink Floyd’s first single, “Arnold Layne,” and helped shape British folk-rock with albums by Fairport Convention, the Incredible String Band, Nick Drake and Vashti Bunyan that have directly influenced the current generation of neofolk avant-gardists like Devendra Banhart, Espers, Joanna Newsom and P. G. Six.
  19. noncareer
  20. nongamers
    • 2007 March 15, Bradley Melekian, “But Coach, I Practiced in the Living Room”, New York Times:
      It was made for nongamers with no interest in mastering the intricacies of traditional thumb jockeying, and for die-hard Nintendo fans awed by the new technology.
  21. nowheresville
    • 2007 March 15, Ginia Bellafante, “Writer Goes Home, Lands in a Soap Opera”, New York Times:
      And while “October Road” asks us to think about Knights Ridge as the blue-collar nowheresville of a Richard Russo imagining, the creators cannot quite commit to what that means visually, depositing the characters in big houses with pretty clapboard exteriors on broad streets where it always seems to be fall.
  22. overanalysis
  23. panuchos
    • 2007 March 15, Jim Rutenberg, “On Bush’s Trip, a Name Unspoken and a Surprising Phrase”, New York Times:
      Tony Snow, the White House press secretary, opened the one full-fledged news briefing he gave during the entire trip by explaining Mr. Bush’s lunch menu on Tuesday: “Three panuchos: These are corn tortillas filled with refried beans — actually, sort of layered, not ‘filled,’ your flat, round tortillas, not great, big tortillas — with pork, turkey and roast chicken.”
  24. postproduction
  25. precinctlike
    • 2007 March 15, Damien Cave, “Baghdad Violence Declines in Security Push, Iraq Says”, New York Times:
      But with more soldiers in the capital on patrol and in precinctlike bases in neighborhoods, a higher proportion of the American deaths have been in Baghdad — 36 percent after Feb. 14 compared with 24 percent in the previous month.
  26. preppiness
    • 2007 March 15, Karin Nelson, “Unstarched Collars”, New York Times:
      “It’s that tension between the traditional and the unusual that I find appealing,” said Alexander Olch, a tie designer, whose round tortoiseshell glasses and halo of red mad-scientist hair mirror the skewed preppiness of his Italian corduroy and gingham seersucker ties.
  27. prescribers
  28. presidentially
    • 2007 March 15, Eric Lipton, “Gonzales’s Critics See Lasting, Improper Ties to White House”, New York Times:
      Philip B. Heymann, a deputy attorney general under Ms. Reno and now a professor at the Harvard Law School, said the term that Mr. Gonzales used to describe his position at a news conference on Tuesday, “chief executive officer,” demonstrated his lack of appreciation for the discretion presidentially appointed United States attorneys have to have.
  29. rhodiola
    • 2007 March 15, Mike Albo, “Save a Face, Save the World”, New York Times:
      And there is still satisfaction in reading the chummy product names and arcane label descriptions, learning, for example, that the skin-firming cream Youthtopia contains rhodiola, a “legendary” herb that flowers in Siberia’s polar mountains.
  30. semidetached
  31. serumed
    • 2007 March 15, Mike Albo, “Save a Face, Save the World”, New York Times:
      At home I scrubbed and serumed and moisturized, daubed some Peace of Mind on my temples, took a dropper of Dr. Weil’s sleep supplement and lay in my bed all smooth-faced and redolent in botanical clouds of fragrance.
  32. shewing
    • 2007 March 15, Richard Eder, “Coleridge Was Wordsworth’s Albatross”, New York Times:
      Ill and humiliated, he wrote to William Godwin that “by shewing to him what true Poetry was,” Wordsworth “made him know, that he himself was no Poet.”
  33. shiraz
    • 2007 March 15, Mike Albo, “Save a Face, Save the World”, New York Times:
      I slept really well, too, but that may have been because of another healing ingredient I use called shiraz.
  34. ultrasounds
    • 2007 March 15, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      Lincoln said he would study 700 N.F.L. players from 12 teams, subjecting them to physical exams, echocardiograms, ultrasounds and even sleep studies to check for apnea.


  1. uninumber
    • 2007 March 15, David Pogue, “One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones”, New York Times:
      From now on, whenever somebody dials your new uninumber, all of your phones ring simultaneously, like something out of “The Lawnmower Man.”
  2. uninumbers
    • 2007 March 15, David Pogue, “One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones”, New York Times:
      First, GrandCentral offers you a choice of about 20 uninumbers, but it doesn’t yet offer phone numbers in every area code, so your next-door neighbor may wind up having to dial an out-of-town number to reach you.