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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-19 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. antimilitary
  2. balladeering
    • 2007 March 19, Bernard Holland, “A Strange Brew of Ye Olde and Ye Very Freshly Minted”, New York Times:
      The most striking example was “It Goes Without Saying” with Carol McGonnell, an extraordinary clarinetist, put through a demanding, very entertaining series of precipitous leaps. Mr. Amidon’s singing came in “The Only Tune,” a banjo- and guitar-driven homage to country balladeering in which the singer’s untrained (at least classically untrained) voice was either flat-out loud or unvaryingly soft.
  3. barebones
    • 2007 March 19, Michael Cieply, “Tilting Hollywood’s Balance of Power to Talent Agency Clients”, New York Times:
      Working the phones from their barebones office on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Mr. Satchu, 35, acknowledged a penchant for making points with scrawls on a whiteboard. Mr. Wiczyk, 34, spoke with considerable passion about their zeal for market information.
  4. bargoers
    • 2007 March 19, Stuart Elliott, “A Promotion to Sell Cars by ‘Losing’ the Keys”, New York Times:
      The survey also found that 27 percent of bargoers describe themselves as early adopters of new products, in contrast to 18 percent of those who said they had not been to a bar in the last month.
  5. bleepable
    • 2007 March 19, Janet Maslin, “My Fellow Boomers, Time to Transition”, New York Times:
      “We can fool some of the diseases some of the time,” Randy proclaims during a campaign speech (because almost everyone in the book winds up campaigning, not least its publicly folksy, privately more bleepable president).
  6. blueswoman
    • 2007 March 19, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      She looked like a blonde hippie sprite but had the big knowing voice of a double-divorcée blueswoman who gargles with Southern Comfort.
  7. boredoms
    • 2007 March 19, Sarah Lyall, “After Lean Times, Prizes and Not One Apology”, New York Times:
      But in its forensic examination of the day-to-day boredoms, fears, annoyances, hopes and betrayals of romantic relationships, and its exploration of the roads not taken, it is in its way every bit as provocative. Ms. Shriver’s work tends to be.
  8. bunkerlike
    • 2007 March 19, Adam Nossiter, “Uproar Over Memphis Power Broker’s Unpaid Bills”, New York Times:
      Outside the utility’s bunkerlike headquarters downtown, some people waiting to pay or dispute their bills had no difficulty identifying who they thought were the victims: themselves.
  9. coatless
  10. conventiongoers
    • 2007 March 19, Jon Pareles, “Singing and Doing the Hustle in Austin”, New York Times:
      As conventiongoers filled the two club corridors of downtown Austin, East Sixth Street and Red River Street, their name tags invited new contacts.
  11. doomy
    • 2007 March 19, Jon Pareles, “Singing and Doing the Hustle in Austin”, New York Times:
      And there was music for virtually every taste: doomy heavy metal (Zoroaster, Boris), supple Brazilian pop (Tita Lima), brutally innovative electronica (Amon Tobin) or charmingly nerdy indie-rock (Menomena).
  12. downcourt
  13. fullcourt
  14. marrieds
    • 2007 March 19, Ginia Bellafante, “Love? Obey? These Vows Are to Nag or to Shoot”, New York Times:
      Few architects of popular culture have made the habits of heterosexual life seem sillier, and here the mere sight of Mr. Waters’s fixed smirk reminds us that smug marrieds have no real claim to their smugness.
  15. megacasinos
    • 2007 March 19, Gary Rivlin, “Atlantic City Aiming Higher as Casinos Slip”, New York Times:
      Casino operators have invested more than $4 billion in Atlantic City over the past five years, and plans are on the drawing board for at least two more megacasinos, each costing $1 billion-plus.
  16. midmarket
    • 2007 March 19, Gary Rivlin, “Atlantic City Aiming Higher as Casinos Slip”, New York Times:
      ATLANTIC CITY, March 14 — Making money used to be so easy in this doleful seaside resort, at least if you were in the casino business: Efficiently shuttle a steady parade of day-tripping grandparents clutching rolls of quarters through midmarket gambling halls, and success was all but assured.
  17. multipoint
    • 2007 March 19, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      KINGS TOP DUCKS Mike Cammalleri had two goals and the rookie Patrick O’Sullivan had a goal and two assists for his first career multipoint game in the Los Angeles Kings’ 5-3 victory at Anaheim.
  18. nondance
    • 2007 March 19, Jennifer Dunning, “The Strange Career of a Boy With an Edge, or Several”, New York Times:
      Much has been made in recent interviews of Mr. Bourne’s intense interest in satisfying his audiences, particularly nondance audiences who, he feels, may need a way into scarily wordless dance-dramas.
  19. outmuscled
    • 2007 March 19, Jer㉠Longman, “Wolfpack Wins One for Yow, and Dreams of Winning More”, New York Times:
      PITTSBURGH 71, JAMES MADISON 61 Marcedes Walker outmuscled James Madison for 20 points and 15 rebounds as Pittsburgh won its first N.C.A.A. women’s basketball game, in Pittsburgh.
  20. pseudofeminism
  21. scriptless
  22. tipoff
  23. unenumerated
    • 2007 March 19, “A Gun in My Home: Is It My Right? (4 Letters)”, New York Times:
      A faithful reading of the Constitution does not allow us to pick and choose from among rights we like or dislike, and we bolster our claim on other enumerated and unenumerated rights (for example, the right to privacy) when we adopt an expansive view of liberty.
  24. upfronts
    • 2007 March 19, Louise Story, “Viacom’s Full-Court Press for Online Ads”, New York Times:
      Nickelodeon was the first of many television networks that will be rapping about their digital assets this spring as ad executives determine how to spend their clients’ money at the annual advertising previews, known in the trade as the upfronts.