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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-03-22 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-02).

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  1. alternans
  2. altitudinous
    • 2007 March 22, Eric Wilson, “A Designer With Altitude”, New York Times:
      Well, anyone but David A. Levin, the chief executive of Casual Male Retail Group, which caters to the altitudinous end of the human populace with stores like Casual Male XL and the more upscale Rochester Big & Tall.
  3. anguishing
    • 2007 March 22, Jeff Zeleny, “House Democrats Weigh Plan for Iraq Withdrawal”, New York Times:
      As the House prepares to vote Friday on a $124 billion Iraq spending bill, which calls for American troops to come home before Labor Day of 2008, an intensely private and anguishing debate has played out for many lawmakers through handwritten letters, telephone calls and conversations.
  4. bandolero
    • 2007 March 22, Henry Alford, “Welcome to My World, O My Beloved. Don’t Bring Your Stuff.”, New York Times:
      I was inviting Greg and the cats to live with me, but I was not inviting the drunk bandolero in the black velvet painting, nor his donkey, nor their friend, the bug-eyed Joey Heatherton lookalike with the teardrop the size of her head.
  5. chandelierlike
    • 2007 March 22, Roberta Smith, “Gentle Textures in an Outpost of Color and Quiet Ecstasy”, New York Times:
      After a while, you may notice that the wind chime casts a chandelierlike shadow of pink orbs on the wall, while in the corner the light coming from the gallery’s offices is pale green.
  6. composter
    • 2007 March 22, Penelope Green, “The Year Without Toilet Paper”, New York Times:
      A sour odor hovered oh-so-slightly in the air, the faint tang, not wholly unpleasant, that is the mark of the home composter.
  7. concha
    • 2007 March 22, Ivan Berger, “Hang on to the Beat With Earbuds That Stay Put”, New York Times:
      The new soft ear tips (three sizes are supplied) fit in the concha, the little bowl-shaped hollow aft of the ear canal, rather than in the canal itself.
  8. counteraccusations
  9. deconditioned
    • 2007 March 22, Gretchen Reynolds, “How Exercise and Bed Rest in Pregnancy Can Co-Exist”, New York Times:
      Studies by scientists at NASA , who used bed rest to simulate weightlessness in space, found that as a result of long periods of bed rest, a person’s entire musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system becomes deconditioned.
  10. deconditioning
  11. detangling
  12. dweebish
    • 2007 March 22, Jennifer 8. Lee, “Calvert DeForest, 85, Larry (Bud) Melman on ‘Letterman,’ Dies”, New York Times:
      Calvert G. DeForest, the dweebish man who gained cult status on David Letterman ’s late-night shows as the comic figure Larry (Bud) Melman precisely because he was not funny, died Monday in Babylon, Long Island.
  13. flaneurs
    • 2007 March 22, Ruth La Ferla, “The Fashion Shows, Junior Grade”, New York Times:
      Like most of her peers — school-age flaneurs, some scarcely in their teens — she seemed to have borrowed her artfully disheveled look from the pages of US Weekly or In Style.
  14. fritted
  15. gateless
    • 2007 March 22, Leslie Land, “Garden Q.&A.”, New York Times:
      Plant sun lovers like carrots and basil in a 2-by-6-foot strip on the gateless short side.
  16. grasslike
  17. halfcourt
  18. intraparty
    • 2007 March 22, Thomas B. Edsall, “A Smoke-Filled War Room”, New York Times:
      The resolution — more precisely, a set of deals intended to paper over intraparty factions — is the result of a process better suited to a highway bill than national security.
  19. kilims
    • 2007 March 22, Henry Alford, “Welcome to My World, O My Beloved. Don’t Bring Your Stuff.”, New York Times:
      I like to think that I’m broad-minded and open and welcoming, and that my hand-carved Balinese animal heads and my gilded pier mirror and my portrait gallery of paintings and my Moroccan kilims and my collection of dried fruit and dried garlic “characters” bear this out.
  20. knifelike
    • 2007 March 22, Nicolai Ouroussoff, “Gehry’s New York Debut: Subdued Tower of Light”, New York Times:
      As you circle to the north, however, its forms become more symmetrical and sharp-edged, evoking rows of overlapping sails or knifelike pleats.
  21. micromanager
    • 2007 March 22, Kirk Johnson, “In Utah, an Opponent of the ‘Culture of Obedience’”, New York Times:
      Mr. Anderson, who described himself as an exacting boss — others say workaholic micromanager — has gone through City Hall employees with blazing regularity, including at least five chiefs of staff.
  22. midtempo
    • 2007 March 22, Ben Sisario, “Creating a New Reality, and a String of Hit Songs”, New York Times:
      He was the writer or a co-writer of all but two of the tracks on his debut, and his first single, “It’s Not Over,” a midtempo torch song with a soaring chorus and serrated guitars reminiscent of post-grunge stars like Nickelback and Hinder, is a blockbuster on both pop and rock stations.
  23. noncarbonated
  24. noncompete
    • 2007 March 22, Bloomberg News, “Conrad Black’s Co-Defendants Start Stating Their Cases”, New York Times:
      Gustave Newman, a lawyer for Hollinger’s former chief financial officer, John Boultbee, 63, urged jurors to consider evidence showing that the company’s outside auditors knew about the noncompete agreements.
  25. nonshoppers
    • 2007 March 22, Penelope Green, “The Year Without Toilet Paper”, New York Times:
      Mr. Beavan looks to groups like the Compacters ( ), a collection of nonshoppers that began in San Francisco, and the 100 Mile Diet folks ( and, a Vancouver couple who spent a year eating from within 100 miles of their apartment, for tips and inspiration.
  26. postrelease
    • 2007 March 22, The Associated Press, “Four Men Plead Guilty in an Antigay Attack”, New York Times:
      Mr. Johnson, of Manhattan, pleaded guilty to first-degree assault as a hate crime in exchange for a sentence of 15 years in prison and five years of postrelease supervision.
  27. renamings
  28. reputational
    • 2007 March 22, Landon Thomas Jr., “Morgan Stanley Net Jumps; Appeal on Lawsuit Is Won”, New York Times:
      And the surprising decision by the state District Court of Appeal in Florida removes a legal and reputational pall that hung heavily over the firm during the bitter leadership battle that led to Mr. Mack’s return.
  29. saberist
  30. semicurls
  31. stinkily
    • 2007 March 22, Penelope Green, “The Year Without Toilet Paper”, New York Times:
      Spices are out but salt is exempt, Mr. Beavan said, because homemade bread “is awful without salt; salt stops the yeast action.” Mr. Beavan is baking his own, with wheat grown locally and a sour dough “mother” fermenting stinkily in his cupboard.
  32. tigerwood
  33. tribespeople
  34. twisties
    • 2007 March 22, Randal C. Archibold, “I Have Taken on My Daughter’s Hair and Won”, New York Times:
      I was introduced to the panorama of twisties, barrettes, hair and scalp conditioner (basically hair grease), brushes for every occasion and narrow- and wide-tooth combs.
  35. uncashed
  36. undidactic
  37. unpermitted
  38. vegging
    • 2007 March 22, David Pogue, “Apple TV Has Landed”, New York Times:
      Computers are for work, TVs are for vegging out, and that’s final.
  39. ventromedial


  1. blogalogs
    • 2007 March 22, Penelope Green, “The Year Without Toilet Paper”, New York Times:
      If Al Gore is their Rachel Carson, blogalogs like Treehugger, and are their Whole Earth catalogs.
  2. duking
    • 2007 March 22, Lynn Zinser, “A Rangers Welcome Back: 5 Goals, 1 KO”, New York Times:
      The Rangers’ Colton Orr, right, duking it out with the Flyers’ Todd Fedoruk in the opening seconds of Wednesday night’s game at the Garden.
  3. poststraightening
    • 2007 March 22, Randal C. Archibold, “I Have Taken on My Daughter’s Hair and Won”, New York Times:
      I felt relieved when she seemed equally excited — well, almost — at the return of her tight curls after her first poststraightening swim.