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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-04-14 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. anticensorship
    • 2007 April 14, Alina Tugend, “Tools to Keep the Web Safe for Children”, New York Times:
      The war between parents and children over control of the Internet is mirrored in the technological world’s battles over filters and monitoring software; there are anticensorship Web sites like that show how to circumvent blocking software.
  2. asenapine
    • 2007 April 14, William J. Holstein, “The Science of Attacking Cholesterol”, New York Times:
      The company is completing the purchase of Organon BioSciences to gain access to medicines in that company’s research pipeline like asenapine for schizophrenia .
  3. barrierlike
  4. charism
    • 2007 April 14, Peter Steinfels, “A Catholic Debate Mounts on the Meaning of ‘Just War’”, New York Times:
      Reviewing the prudential warnings and moral qualms issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops , “it is hard not to conclude,” the editors write, “that the bishops’ charism, rather than the president’s, has better served the nation.”
  5. elusory
    • 2007 April 14, Peter Steinfels, “A Catholic Debate Mounts on the Meaning of ‘Just War’”, New York Times:
      In his latest essay, Mr. Weigel grapples with the fact that those costs have become painfully evident, and the larger concerns of security, justice and freedom increasingly elusory.
  6. geekily
    • 2007 April 14, Mike Hale, “A Turtle Goes Home, in Old-School Style”, New York Times:
      It also feels like a bit of bait and switch, at a time when television documentaries tend to be geekily scientific, with degree-laden talking heads explaining every aspect of what you’re seeing.
  7. hitless
    • 2007 April 14, Stuart Miller, “Breaking the Truth Barrier”, New York Times:
      After that hitless Opening Day he wrote in a column for The Pittsburgh Courier: “Whenever I hear my wife read fairy tales to my little boy, I’ll listen.
  8. horsehead
  9. interreligious
  10. keyless
    • 2007 April 14, Micheline Maynard, “Car Keys Could Go the Way of Tail Fins”, New York Times:
      Today’s keyless models use a fob — the small remote control device that most modern cars use to lock and unlock doors — but it performs the additional duty of sending a signal to the ignition.
  11. ladykilling
    • 2007 April 14, Stuart Lavietes, “Barry Nelson, Broadway and Film Actor, Dies at 86”, New York Times:
      That was when he played Jimmy Bond, an Americanized version of Ian Fleming ’s ladykilling international spy, in an adaptation of “Casino Royale” for the CBS anthology series “Climax!”
  12. monthslong
    • 2007 April 14, Adam Nossiter, “Ex-Senator Will Not Run for Governor of Louisiana”, New York Times:
      NEW ORLEANS, April 13 — A former United States Senator, John B. Breaux , ended his monthslong flirtation with the Louisiana governor’s race Friday evening, declaring that he would be not be a candidate in the election this fall.
  13. mudflaps
    • 2007 April 14, Virginia Heffernan, “An Amazing Race, With Cars as the Stars”, New York Times:
      A tougher character, Winston (Kevin Alejandro), has a sinuous, bare-breasted lady as a hood ornament — a kind of precursor to the silhouette lady of mudflaps — that, along with a logo, denotes a low-riding Chevy Impala.
  14. noh *
    • 2007 April 14, Anne Midgette, “A Parable Cuts Across Cultures, Using the Sparest of Blades”, New York Times:
      In 1998 the actor and director Yoshi Oida created a production for young artists at the Aix-en-Provence Festival that touched on the piece’s Japanese roots — it was based on the noh drama “Sumidagawa” — and respected its monastic spareness.
  15. nonprint
    • 2007 April 14, The New York Times, “New Appointments at the Times Company”, New York Times:
      Mr. Haskell, 38, will oversee sales and advertising for and will play a crucial role in helping the company expand its digital advertising as it seeks more revenue from nonprint sources.
  16. nontypical
  17. pseudospiritual
    • 2007 April 14, Alessandra Stanley, “The World Since 9/11, in Detail and Sorrow”, New York Times:
      Mr. Qutb went on to work up a pseudospiritual justification of Islamic terrorism that inspired and emboldened many, including Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri .
  18. radiothon
    • 2007 April 14, Richard Sandomir, “Post-Imus, WFAN Opts for More Sports, for Now”, New York Times:
      On their show yesterday Mr. Francesa and Mr. Russo lauded Mr. Imus’s career, excoriated CBS Radio for firing him with a day left in the station’s annual charity radiothon — in which Mr. Imus was customarily a central figure — and attacked those who had benefited from Mr. Imus’s praise, salesmanship and backing but had failed to defend him publicly.
  19. sinkerball
  20. spaghettilike
    • 2007 April 14, Vivien Schweitzer, “Prokofiev’s Take on Pushkin’s Czar, Revealed at Last”, New York Times:
      The Polish ball is one of the most visually striking scenes in the staging, which features floor-to-ceiling spaghettilike cords that encourage the actors (all Princeton undergraduates) to adopt fully Meyerhold’s intensely physical style of acting.
  21. stylization
    • 2007 April 14, Anne Midgette, “A Parable Cuts Across Cultures, Using the Sparest of Blades”, New York Times:
      In “Curlew River” formal stylization reins, and the instruments of the unusual seven-piece ensemble — double bass and harp, viola and horn, odd combinations intended to capture some of the flavor of a gagaku orchestra — are more individualized than the figures onstage.
  22. unbelted
    • 2007 April 14, David W. Chen, “Corzine Facing Severe Hurdles in Intensive Care”, New York Times:
      Still, doctors and state officials did not mince words in discussing Mr. Corzine’s situation after a crash that was much worse than initially reported, with the unbelted Mr. Corzine jettisoned from the front passenger seat into the back from the impact.
  23. uncommoner
    • 2007 April 14, Charles Isherwood, “Taking His Theater Talent Well Over the Rainbow”, New York Times:
      If you are now demanding to know how a drag queen singing this sentimental standard could possibly be described as anything but a camp cliché — let alone a happening — you need to make the acquaintance of the man singing it, an actor of uncommon gifts and uncommoner aspect named David Greenspan.
  24. unintegrated
    • 2007 April 14, Virginia Heffernan, “An Amazing Race, With Cars as the Stars”, New York Times:
      Still, for all the current talk of integrating advertising into programming, as opposed to alternating programming with ads in the old model, there’s something distinctly unintegrated about this finished product.