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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-04-25 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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99614 tokens ‧ 73481 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8680 types ‧ 30 (~ 0.346%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. ammoniums
    • 2007 April 25, Alex Witchel, “A Soft Spot for the Anti-Artisanal”, New York Times:
      For bodies that are already built, the label’s not even that scary — once you get past those ammoniums.
  2. coachable
  3. comfrey
  4. compulsives
    • 2007 April 25, Alex Witchel, “A Soft Spot for the Anti-Artisanal”, New York Times:
      I’m genuinely glad about the progress being made in the culinary world, and I’m grateful that our daily diets are improving thanks to the tireless efforts of local farmers and obsessive compulsives who have chosen heritage pork as their final frontier instead of space.
  5. conductorly
    • 2007 April 25, Daniel J. Wakin, “Philharmonic to Add a Position at the Top”, New York Times:
      The clash of two conductorly egos is another question mark, one Mr. Mehta played down, saying “I think the ego part is overdrawn.”
  6. crosnes
    • 2007 April 25, “Dining Briefs”, New York Times:
      Kumquat and crosnes round out the dish, fulfilling the apparent fancy restaurant obligation to marshal off-the-beaten-path ingredients.
  7. dorkiness
    • 2007 April 25, “Dining Briefs”, New York Times:
      If one were to construct a Venn diagram of different types of dorkiness, there would certainly be an overlap between the circles drawn for beer geeks and for video gamers.
  8. folklife
  9. fretworks
  10. hitless
    • 2007 April 25, Ben Shpigel, “Against Left-Handers, the Mets Are All Right”, New York Times:
      Despite the struggles of Delgado and Wright, who was hitless in his previous 15 at-bats, the Mets entered last night’s game leading the majors with a .297 average.
  11. lactylate
    • 2007 April 25, Alex Witchel, “A Soft Spot for the Anti-Artisanal”, New York Times:
      So I believe there is still an argument to be made for sodium stearoyl lactylate, dicalcium phosphate, ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride — and not just for cleaning the bathroom.
  12. lovefest
  13. nonphoto
    • 2007 April 25, The Associated Press, “Texas: Move to Require More ID at Polls”, New York Times:
      The new proposal, which passed 76 to 69, would require voters to produce photo identification or two forms of nonphoto ID at a polling place.
  14. nonpolluters
    • 2007 April 25, Andrew E. Kramer, “Russian Energy Giant to Bundle Carbon Credits With Gas Sales”, New York Times:
      In 2005, the European Union, the major market for Gazprom, introduced a cap-and-trade scheme that allows polluters to buy credits that allow them to pollute and nonpolluters to sell pollution credits that they won’t use.
  15. nonsoccer
    • 2007 April 25, Jack Bell, “Another Go at a Women’s League, but Not Going It Alone”, New York Times:
      Dallas, which is playing its second season in its new stadium, started the M.L.S. season with three straight road games because Pizza Hut Park in Frisco was being used for nonsoccer events.
  16. pasilla
  17. pitmaster
    • 2007 April 25, Florence Fabricant, “Off the Menu”, New York Times:
      Robbie Richter, a native of Queens who has won barbecue contests and is an owner of the catering operation Big Island Bar-B-Que, will be the pitmaster: 30 West 26th Street, (212) 255-4544.
  18. popout
  19. predraft
    • 2007 April 25, Lee Jenkins, “For N.F.L. Draft, the Biggest (XXXXXXL) Sleeper”, New York Times:
      Magid, who represents several professional football players, lobbied for Thomas to be included in a predraft all-star game called Texas vs. The Nation.
  20. rebozos
    • 2007 April 25, Ray Rivera, “In Mexican Town, Maybe a Way to Reduce Poverty in New York”, New York Times:
      MEXICO CITY, April 24 — For a few days every other month, the narrow sidewalks of Tepoztlán, a scenic mountain town south of here, fill with hundreds of women from surrounding villages, many tugging along children by the hand or carrying infants slung at their waists in rebozos.
  21. reductivism
  22. serrano *
    • 2007 April 25, Mark Bittman, “Shedding Light on Heat: Making a Perfect Chili Paste”, New York Times:
      If you’re looking for more heat without the characteristic smokiness of the chipotle, just add a few ordinary dried red chilies; these may be Thai, serrano, or any of a number of other varieties.
  23. ultracheap
  24. unbundling
    • 2007 April 25, Jeff Bailey, “A New Low-Fare Airline on a Web-Only Approach”, New York Times:
      The unbundling of the airline service may seem like crass nickel-and-diming, but it is a reaction to consumer behavior in the Internet era.
  25. unpixelated
    • 2007 April 25, “Dining Briefs”, New York Times:
      Barcade, in Williamsburg, is aimed at that demographic — people who spent too much time tinkering with carboys and Mega Men in their youth — as well as those who have moved on to gainful employment and unpixelated life partners (but who still enjoy a good pint and a sore thumb the morning after).
  26. unrecruited
  27. woundingly
    • 2007 April 25, Jennifer Dunning, “Recalling Kirstein, Endearing Monster”, New York Times:
      Lovable and loving, as kind as he could be abruptly and woundingly cruel, possessed of a wicked and sometimes raunchy sense of humor, Mr. Kirstein is as alive for me in his gnarled, fierce imperfection as in any of his extraordinary accomplishments.