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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-04-28 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. bayside
  2. boxwoods
    • 2007 April 28, Stacey Stowe, “With Return of Sea Lions, a Rebirth at Bronx Zoo”, New York Times:
      The areas being renovated include an Italian garden of boxwoods and roses; the Rockefeller Fountain, which has provided a welcome spritzing to many of the two million annual visitors; and a suite of Beaux-Arts-style buildings considered to be the heart of the 265-acre zoo.
  3. cannonlike
    • 2007 April 28, Judy Battista, “Top Pick Could Be Building Block, or on Trading Block”, New York Times:
      But receiver Calvin Johnson is considered the best player in the draft, and as much as Davis is thought to favor Russell for his cannonlike arm, Johnson has equivalent big-play capabilities.
  4. counterbidding
    • 2007 April 28, Julia Werdigier, “3 Banks Press ABN to Consider Rival Bid”, New York Times:
      Dutch regulations make the counterbidding process a bit complicated for the consortium, which also includes Banco Santander Central Hispano of Spain and Fortis , the Belgian banking group.
  5. dropoff
  6. fwapp
  7. kissee
    • 2007 April 28, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      As Mr. Gere sought to calm India’s kiss-troubled waters, Ms. Shetty, the kissee and the winner of Britain’s reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother,” said she would open a chain of Indian curry houses in Britain, Reuters reported.
  8. microcycles
    • 2007 April 28, Kelefa Sanneh, “Hazy Clouds of Sound, Halfway Intelligible Vocals”, New York Times:
      And while it’s easy to chuckle at the microcycles of praise and backlash that characterize the Internet music age, it’s not hard to see the upside.
  9. nebbishy
    • 2007 April 28, Kathryn Shattuck, “What’s on Saturday Night”, New York Times:
      10 P.M. (Showtime) EDMOND (2005) After a tarot card reader tells him, “You are not where you belong,” a nebbishy businessman walks out on his marriage and unleashes his long-suppressed rage — and sexual desires — in this explosive adaptation of David Mamet ’s 1982 one-act play.
  10. noncash
  11. noncompete
    • 2007 April 28, Eric Ferkenhoff, “Ex-Hollinger Audit Panel Member Testifies”, New York Times:
      Mr. Black and his top lieutenants are accused in the case, which is being tried in Federal District Court in Chicago, of pocketing more $60 million in noncompete payments beginning in the mid-1990s.
  12. nonshaking
  13. oceanside
    • 2007 April 28, Edward Wyatt, “Well-Known Secret: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff for ABC”, New York Times:
      If all goes according to plan, the episode will set the stage for a new series beginning in September that will feature Ms. Walsh and a new cast of kooky physicians — including the actors Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly , Taye Diggs , Merrin Dungey and Paul Adelstein — in private practice in the oceanside environs west of Los Angeles.
  14. postpartisanship
    • 2007 April 28, Jennifer Steinhauer, “A Governor’s Postpartisanship: Old-Fashioned Politicking?”, New York Times:
      LOS ANGELES, April 27 — In a sunny and joyful world — the sort that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger , a Republican , prefers to inhabit — postpartisanship means that lawmakers come together without ideological bickering, score legislative victories and happily return to their districts in time for dinner.
  15. predraft
  16. reconsolidation
    • 2007 April 28, Matt Richtel, “AT&T Chief Who Weathered a Sea Change Is Retiring in June”, New York Times:
      The industry he leaves is markedly changed from the one he joined, given the breakup of the Bell System, the reconsolidation of the industry and the now-powerful influence of cellphones and the Internet.
  17. sanitoriums
    • 2007 April 28, Allan Kozinn, “Mstislav Rostropovich, 80, Dissident Maestro, Dies”, New York Times:
      Mr. Rostropovich was hospitalized in Paris at the end of January, then decided to fly to Moscow, where he had been in and out of hospitals and sanitoriums since early February, believed to be suffering from intestinal cancer.
  18. stewpot
    • 2007 April 28, Jennifer Dunning, “There’s Something Here, Emanating From Nothing”, New York Times:
      There was too much “something” in the other three dances, whose choreographers appeared to take Mr. O’Connor’s instruction as an invitation simply to throw ideas and images into the dance equivalent of a stewpot.
  19. unpuzzlingly
  20. wallcoverings
    • 2007 April 28, Robin Pogrebin, “Cooper-Hewitt Is Determined to Expand, Despite a Host of Critics”, New York Times:
      While its holdings of wallcoverings and textiles — from 18th-century French laces to Arts and Crafts-style wallpapers — are relatively rich, museum officials say, it has failed to keep pace in areas like modern Italian lighting and the design of electronic gadgets.


  1. armsqueezer
  2. presanctimonious