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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-04-30 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. amour *
    • 2007 April 30, Roslyn Sulcas, “Pas de Trois: Boiling Down Tolstoy’s Tale for Ballet”, New York Times:
      But this pared-down narrative doesn’t leave much material for a full-length ballet or character development, and Mr. Eifman alternately shows us Anna’s indecision about leaving her husband and son, scenes of grand amour with Vronsky and lavish ensemble pieces.
  2. blatherskites
  3. hitless
  4. hommage
    • 2007 April 30, Anthony Tommasini, “Doing Everything but Playing the Music”, New York Times:
      The piece is like an hommage to Ives: atmospheric and thickly textured music with multiple elements happening at once.
  5. minicamp
  6. multicar
    • 2007 April 30, Trymaine Lee, “Brentwood: Car Pileup Closes Expressway”, New York Times:
      The Suffolk County police shut down a stretch of the Long Island Expressway yesterday afternoon after a multicar pileup in Brentwood left the highway strewn with debris.
  7. outhustled
    • 2007 April 30, Liz Robbins, “Young Bulls Make Defending Champ Old News”, New York Times:
      Chicago had so thoroughly outhustled and outclassed the defending champion Heat to sweep their first-round series in the Eastern Conference playoffs that last June’s N.B.A. title seemed to belong to another franchise from a distant era.
  8. prebusiness
  9. prestorm
    • 2007 April 30, David Carr, “A Flood Begets a Paper Ark”, New York Times:
      The newspaper’s circulation, which effectively dropped to zero in the aftermath of the hurricane (when there briefly was no paper version), has come back to 185,000, far below its prestorm level of 270,000 but something of a miracle when you remember that by some estimates, half the city’s population has yet to return.
  10. strongside
  11. teamwide
  12. unnuanced
    • 2007 April 30, Adam Nagourney, “California Democrats Cheer Talk They Sought 4 Years Ago”, New York Times:
      The sentiment of Democrats in this hall was clear from the moment the convention opened Friday through Sunday morning, when Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, led the crowd in a chant reflecting a decidedly unnuanced view of what the United States should do in Iraq: “Not another nickel, not another dime, not another soldier, not this time.”


  1. libs -> ad libs
    • 2007 April 30, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      The new album will keep them happy, but it’s clearly an attempt to win over their parents: Ne-Yo is drawn to lush arrangements and woo-woo-woo ad libs; he’s devoted to the venerable genre known as baby-making music.
  2. megabinges
  3. vox -> vox pop
    • 2007 April 30, “Bundling in the Capitol”, New York Times:
      These are ad splurges ginned up by lobbyists in Washington and planted as ersatz vox pop in the districts of targeted lawmakers.