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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-05-12 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. anticonsumer
    • 2007 May 12, Dan Mitchell, “Online Ads vs. Privacy”, New York Times:
      It was, she wrote, the “angry, progressive anticonsumer guy vs. the super-corporate marketing guy.”
  2. bulldogged
    • 2007 May 12, Peter Kaminsky, “In the Gauzy Glow of the Mayfly”, New York Times:
      On the third cast, the line tightened and a nice brown trout bulldogged downstream.
  3. calzones *
    • 2007 May 12, Richard G. Jones, “A Father’s Pain and an Empty Pizzeria”, New York Times:
      He has spent much of the week shooing reporters away from the restaurant rather than serving burgers and calzones to customers as business has tapered off like a fading heartbeat: little, less, nothing.
  4. clickstream
    • 2007 May 12, Dan Mitchell, “Online Ads vs. Privacy”, New York Times:
      “My clickstream data is sensitive information,” she told Mr. Zaneis, “and it belongs to me.”
  5. clownlike
    • 2007 May 12, Virginia Heffernan, “A Charm School Teaching a Lot More Than Manners”, New York Times:
      The women may be learning charm, or strength, or how not to be so quite so clownlike in promos for their next television appearances, but viewers learn more than they would from years of social studies classes.
  6. concertized
  7. developmentals
  8. enthrallingly
    • 2007 May 12, Alastair Macaulay, “A Slap Echoing Beyond the Stage”, New York Times:
      Such, though, is Janacek’s music in his finale that we more than go along with her: we find them both enthrallingly large-spirited.
  9. fados
    • 2007 May 12, Jon Pareles, “A New Style for Portugal’s Old Fado, but the Songs Are Still Full of Emotion”, New York Times:
      Over the meticulous fingerpicking of acoustic guitar and the round, higher-pitched Portuguese guitar, Ms. Pontes suffused slow fados, “Ovelha Negra” (“Black Sheep”) and “Não É Descgraça Ser Pobre)” (“It’s No Disaster to Be Poor”), with the classic tone of foreboding and tragedy.
  10. flagstick
    • 2007 May 12, Damon Hack, “Woods Saves His Best Shot for Sabbatini”, New York Times:
      He rattled the flagstick twice with his approach shots, needed only 23 putts, and eagled the par-5 No. 16 after hitting a 6-iron to 7 feet from 207 yards.
  11. godspeed
  12. hitless
  13. hootchy
    • 2007 May 12, Virginia Heffernan, “A Charm School Teaching a Lot More Than Manners”, New York Times:
      Here you get to watch the hootchy mamas, the plus-sized brawlers and the strippers settle the biggest subjects facing womankind over cocktails and fistfights.
  14. interleague
  15. jinglebells
  16. midtrance
  17. noncash
    • 2007 May 12, Bloomberg News, “Alcatel Posts Loss on Merger Costs”, New York Times:
      The first-quarter loss included 338 million euros in noncash costs to revalue Lucent’s assets.
  18. nonnutritive
  19. prescribers
    • 2007 May 12, “The Psychiatrists and Drug Makers (2 Letters)”, New York Times:
      I believe that the drug reps target high prescribers to speak about their products for money, so naturally the group selected will prescribe more than those not targeted, and be more enthusiastic about the drug.
  20. sectionals
  21. styrofoam
    • 2007 May 12, Claudia H. Deutsch, “Incredible Shrinking Packages”, New York Times:
      The new package has been redesigned to use recycled cardboard, rather than styrofoam.
  22. symbolisms
  23. tetrachloroethylene
    • 2007 May 12, The Associated Press, “Car Wash’s Water Is Tested in Search for Contaminant”, New York Times:
      The department has been testing samples of tap water in the affected neighborhoods for the presence of the chemical, tetrachloroethylene, which is used in dry cleaning and auto body repair.
  24. touchup
  25. underperformance
    • 2007 May 12, Conrad De Aenlle, “In Investing, Passive Beats Active”, New York Times:
      They warn that underperformance by active managers may continue in the next market cycle and may be even more pronounced.
  26. unnormal
  27. whiffle
    • 2007 May 12, Tyler Kepner, “Studying the Majors, With 200 Books to Go”, New York Times:
      At home in western Pennsylvania after the season, he rediscovered his love for baseball over whiffle ball with his childhood friends.


  1. hakujin