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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-05-14 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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66881 tokens ‧ 48443 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 7033 types ‧ 32 (~ 0.455%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. evanesced
    • 2007 May 14, The New York Times, “Music in Review”, New York Times:
      The second movement was a sorrowful meditation, while the third sought to make peace with a kind of lullaby that evanesced in fillips of ascending notes.
  2. exonerations
    • 2007 May 14, Patrick Mcgeehan, “New York Plan for DNA Data in Most Crimes”, New York Times:
      Mr. Spitzer’s proposal also calls for the creation of a state office that would be responsible for studying all cases that resulted in exonerations and looking for flaws in the system that led to those wrongful convictions.
  3. groundout
    • 2007 May 14, The Associated Press, “Errors Help Red Sox Rally From 5 Runs Behind in Ninth”, New York Times:
      Jason Varitek and Eric Hinske scampered home when closer Chris Ray dropped the toss at first base on what could have been a game-ending groundout yesterday as the Boston Red Sox completed a six-run rally in the ninth inning for a 6-5 victory over the Baltimore Orioles .
  4. handwringing
    • 2007 May 14, Eric Pfanner, “Briton Bullish on Buying Small Newspapers in Europe”, New York Times:
      After several years of handwringing about readers and advertisers defecting to the Internet, some investors see value in old-fashioned print publishers — at least, if their share prices have fallen enough to create bargains.
  5. hitless
  6. insulationists
    • 2007 May 14, Bloomberg News, “Hagel ‘Not Happy’ With Republican Party”, New York Times:
      WASHINGTON, May 13 (Bloomberg News) — Senator Chuck Hagel , a Nebraska Republican, said Sunday that his party had “been hijacked by a group of single-minded, almost isolationist insulationists, power-projectors.”
  7. interleague
    • 2007 May 14, The Associated Press, “Giants Rookie Hits for Cycle in Rout Against the Rockies”, New York Times:
      With interleague games resuming next weekend, Chipper Jones sharply criticized the format that requires the Braves to meet the Red Sox and the Mets to oppose the Yankees six times each, while other N.L. East teams play less-rugged schedules.
  8. janjaweed
  9. maximalism
    • 2007 May 14, Roslyn Sulcas, “Maximalism, Minimalism and a Few Narratives Askew”, New York Times:
      Mr. Williams, on the other hand, goes in for visually extravagant maximalism, with movement just one part of a greater theatrical whole that includes live music, singing and text.
  10. midsingle
  11. ministate
  12. misguessing
  13. multibillionaire
    • 2007 May 14, Diane Cardwell, “Mayor Denies Political Bid but Fuels Talk With Actions”, New York Times:
      Mr. Bloomberg, a multibillionaire unafraid to spend vast sums achieving his political goals, has increasingly fueled speculation that he will run, by doing things like retooling the Web site he used for his mayoral campaigns to promote his record in the public and private sectors.
  14. multigame
    • 2007 May 14, The Associated Press, “Sports Briefing”, New York Times:
      Johnson is scheduled to have a hearing with Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday and could face a multigame suspension.
  15. noncanceled
    • 2007 May 14, Janet Maslin, “He’s Taut of Style and Light of Foot”, New York Times:
      Whether this guy is deciphering a spreadsheet of 183 noncanceled proper fractions or wild suspense in a helicopter high above the desert, he has a natural authority that trumps other sorts of success.
  16. noncompete
    • 2007 May 14, David Carr, “Many Cuts and Crises at a Paper”, New York Times:
      When Mr. Ridder switched sides of the river, MediaNews Group Inc., which now owns The Pioneer Press, alleged that he violated noncompete agreements and stole proprietary competitive information.
  17. nonnatives
    • 2007 May 14, William Yardley, “In Native Alaskan Villages, a Culture of Sorrow”, New York Times:
      Native death rates over all are about 50 percent higher than for nonnatives, according to data compiled by the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
  18. overprescribing
  19. pantherlike
    • 2007 May 14, Roslyn Sulcas, “Maximalism, Minimalism and a Few Narratives Askew”, New York Times:
      The exception was Nina Buisson and David Kieffer’s “Chambre Noire,” a taut, atmospheric male duo for Mr. Kieffer and Joey Celej to incantatory music by Dead Can Dance. Mr. Kieffer has an extraordinary ability to move with pantherlike smoothness from low rolls and crouches to sudden levitating jumps, often propelled off the bench on which he first sits, and sometimes ricocheting off a wall.
  20. prerock
    • 2007 May 14, The New York Times, “New CDs”, New York Times:
      The prerock tradition has acquired so many layers of cultural implication that singers who take it too seriously tend to sound more like curators than entertainers.
  21. psychodynamics
    • 2007 May 14, “Psychoanalyzing Our Leaders (2 Letters)”, New York Times:
      Critical theorists from the Frankfurt School have explored this kind of historically contextual approach in past attempts to plumb the psychodynamics of 20th-century totalitarian leadership, and perhaps the time is now right to revisit their insights.
  22. recharacterize
    • 2007 May 14, Bill Carter, “Is It the Woman Thing, or Is It Katie Couric?”, New York Times:
      Ms. Couric said, “I don’t think there was ever a vision to blow up the evening news, but to maybe make some changes that would recharacterize it.”
  23. recitativelike
  24. roshambo
    • 2007 May 14, Steve Friess, “Rock, Scissors, Pay-Per-View?”, New York Times:
      “Even before the invention of scissors, we have evidence of tripartite hand games,” said Jason Simmons, who will do color commentary when the tournament is shown on ESPN in July. Mr. Simmons, who organized the Burning Man contest in 2001, is known in these circles as Master Roshambollah after roshambo, the French name for the game.
  25. scena *
  26. shotmaking
  27. superpatriotic
  28. svelteness
  29. underbody
  30. ungimmicky