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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-05-22 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. antinarcotics
    • 2007 May 22, Simon Romero, “Cocaine Wars Make Port Colombia’s Deadliest City”, New York Times:
      Despite receiving more than $5 billion in antinarcotics and counterinsurgency aid from the United States this decade, making the country the largest recipient of American aid in the hemisphere, Colombia remains the world’s largest cocaine producer and the supplier of 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the United States.
  2. beardlike
  3. bottarga
  4. caperberries
  5. comebacker
  6. drydocked
  7. endocervical
    • 2007 May 22, “Letters”, New York Times:
      Re “HPV Vaccine: Few Risks, Many Benefits ” (Personal Health, May 15): As the daughter of a mother who passed away from endocervical cancer, and as the mother of an 11-year-old girl, I appreciate Jane Brody’s efforts to demystify many of the issues surrounding the new vaccine against HPV. However, I believe she minimizes some not-so-insignificant concerns.
  8. fraudproof
  9. harrumphers
  10. hitmaker
    • 2007 May 22, Kelefa Sanneh, “Rated PG, With No Dirty Dancing”, New York Times:
      By contrast Akon is a minor celebrity but a major hitmaker: much less popular than Ms. Stefani at the merchandise table, but more popular, these days, on the pop charts.
  11. lymphodema
  12. metamessage
    • 2007 May 22, John Tierney, “As the Grapevine Withers, Spam Filters Take Root”, New York Times:
      The metamessage is usually less gruesome than a body part, although once a CC: list reaches critical mass it has a horror all its own. Dr. Ryan said that in barraging me with “friendly-fire spam,” my correspondents were also telling me:
  13. needlelike
    • 2007 May 22, William J. Broad, “Mysteries to Behold in the Dark Down Deep: Seadevils and Species Unknown”, New York Times:
      When, more than 70 years ago, William Beebe became the first scientist to descend into the abyss, he described a world of twinkling lights, silvery eels, throbbing jellyfish, living strings as “lovely as the finest lace” and lanky monsters with needlelike teeth.
  14. nondietary
    • 2007 May 22, Nicholas Bakalar, “Outcomes: Alcohol Is Tied to Lower Risk of One Type of Kidney Cancer”, New York Times:
      The paper , which appears in the May 16 issue of The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, covered only prospective studies that involved at least 25 cases of renal cell cancer, that assessed long-term intake of a variety of foods and beverages, and that included information on nondietary factors.
  15. nonjury
    • 2007 May 22, Bruce Lambert, “Test Case in Charges That Gas Stations Imperil Water”, New York Times:
      The Plainview Water District has had “440 confirmed hits of MTBE” in the groundwater near the pumps, one of the district’s lawyers, Paul Napoli, said in his opening statement before Justice Kenneth Davis, who is hearing the state case in a nonjury trial.
  16. nontuition
    • 2007 May 22, “Paying for College”, New York Times:
      That’s very important for students at community colleges and public universities, where tuition is lower and may be covered by other aid, leaving nontuition expenses uncovered.
  17. permissibility
    • 2007 May 22, Linda Greenhouse, “Supreme Court to Address State Tax Breaks for Bonds”, New York Times:
      Rather than act immediately, the justices held the case while they were considering how to decide another case about the permissibility of state preferences under the commerce clause.
  18. pianissimos
  19. pilates
    • 2007 May 22, Leslie Berger, “Cancer Care Seeks to Take Patients Beyond Survival”, New York Times:
      Other doctors had told her that the symptoms were effects of chemotherapy and that she should “just get used to it,” said Ms. Huner, a 44-year-old yoga and pilates instructor.
  20. postcancer
  21. seadevil
  22. slapfight
  23. sniperlike
    • 2007 May 22, William Yardley, “Idaho Gunman Also Killed Wife, Police Say”, New York Times:
      MOSCOW, Idaho , May 21 — The gunman who killed a police officer, a church sexton and then himself in this quiet northern Idaho town over the weekend also apparently shot and killed his wife in the moments before his sniperlike shootings, the authorities said on Monday.
  24. teakwood
  25. unafflicted
    • 2007 May 22, Dave Kehr, “New DVDs: Gary Cooper”, New York Times:
      Cooper remains a largely sculptural presence, a western Adonis unafflicted by a personality.
  26. uncontrol
  27. unkosher
  28. unreimbursed
    • 2007 May 22, “The Immigration Debate, in Full Cry (7 Letters)”, New York Times:
      “Brittle hard-liners,” “Know-Nothings” and “homegrown zealots” demonizes anyone with legitimate concerns about illegal immigration, a process that has contributed to overcrowded schools, prisons, unreimbursed health and social services, and has increased our population of poor people.
  29. upfronts
  30. verifiably
    • 2007 May 22, “Iran’s Centrifuges”, New York Times:
      That means that President Bush is going to have to put a lot more on the table, including a clear offer of full diplomatic relations and security guarantees should Iran agree to verifiably contain its nuclear ambitions.


  1. metanotification
    • 2007 May 22, John Tierney, “As the Grapevine Withers, Spam Filters Take Root”, New York Times:
      Every message incorporates another message in the way it is delivered, whether it’s an e-mail or a ransom note pinned to an ear. Dr. Ryan calls this metanotification.
  2. metanotifying