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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-05-26 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. collectivities
  2. defensives
    • 2007 May 26, Julia Werdigier, “Consolidating the Banks of Europe”, New York Times:
      Such kinds of defensives are really rather protecting the local companies than the consumers.
  3. econobox
  4. econoboxes
  5. effortfully
    • 2007 May 26, Alastair Macaulay, “A World of Glacial Movements, Tense With Emotions”, New York Times:
      Their movement is often more animal than human, and as effortfully, painfully, they inch their way along the floor in various lying positions, they remind me of nothing so much as beached seals.
  6. muezzinlike
    • 2007 May 26, Nate Chinen, “Say Amen, Everybody, 15 Years Down the Line”, New York Times:
      Collectivism is a major point of the piece, but there’s ample space for individual statements, both notated and improvised. Mr. Marsalis played a muezzinlike trumpet part early on, in “Call to Prayer.”
  7. multicar
    • 2007 May 26, Viv Bernstein, “In Nascar, Two Old Hands Reach Out for Some Help”, New York Times:
      The Wood Brothers team has not expanded to multicar operations to keep up with other teams, nor has it relied as much on high-tech equipment and engineering to upgrade its program.
  8. noncarbonated
  9. nondefense
    • 2007 May 26, “Budget Battle Lines”, New York Times:
      And they have budgeted a relatively modest increase in nondefense spending of $13.5 billion over this year’s level — a 3.1 percent increase, after inflation.
  10. pianissimos
    • 2007 May 26, Anne Midgette, “Back From Europe, the Philharmonic Displays Its Skills and Nonchalance”, New York Times:
      The soloist was Julian Rachlin, a protégé of Mr. Maazel since his teenage years, now in his 30s and projecting a dissolute air as he laid into the opening of the piece with so much bow pressure that his violin produced a throaty growl in protest. Mr. Rachlin can manipulate the whole spectrum of violin sounds, and manipulate it he did, with some fine pianissimos, wonderful technique and playing that had the unctuous quality of a salon crooner.
  11. reprivatized
  12. sarcoidosis
    • 2007 May 26, “Ensuring Progress at Ground Zero”, New York Times:
      Felicia Dunn-Jones, who ran from the area as the towers disintegrated, developed sarcoidosis, a rare lung disease, and died five months later.
  13. shotmaking
    • 2007 May 26, Christopher Clarey, “Dissecting the Game, Skill by Skill”, New York Times:
      A combination of skills — from shotmaking to mental toughness — is required to win a Grand Slam event like the French Open, which begins tomorrow.
  14. soigneur
    • 2007 May 26, Edward Wyatt, “Danish Cyclist Admits Doping in Tour Victory”, New York Times:
      They may have been influenced by the release of a book last month by Jef D’Hont, a former soigneur, or support provider, for the Telekom team.
  15. underleveraged
  16. videogenic
    • 2007 May 26, Dan Mitchell, “CBS Has a Crush on Wallstrip”, New York Times:
      Like a similar service, Rocketboom, which is devoted to technology news, Wallstrip features a videogenic young woman (Lindsay Campbell), minimalist production values and plenty of attitude ( ).


  1. whiffle
    • 2007 May 26, Ben Shpigel, “Hernández Finds Warm Welcome Back Home”, New York Times:
      With his pitches fluttering like a whiffle ball, he struck out four, walked none and retired 17 consecutive hitters between singles by Alfredo Amézaga.