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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-01 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. antiglobal
    • 2007 June 1, The Associated Press, “NASA Leader: Who Says Warming Is a Problem?”, New York Times:
      Jerry Mahlman, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, said Mr. Griffin’s remarks showed he was either “totally clueless” or “a deep antiglobal warming ideologue.”
  2. archivally
    • 2007 June 1, The New York Times, “Theater Listings”, New York Times:
      Otherwise, this archivally exact production, directed by Bob Avian, feels like a vintage car that has been taken out of the garage, polished up and sent on the road once again (2:00).
  3. bamboozlement
    • 2007 June 1, John Branch, “Rodriguez Keeps Straddling Baseball’s Foul Line”, New York Times:
      Baseball lore is filled with memorable examples of bamboozlement, from a minor league catcher carving a potato to look like a baseball to infielders serving as decoys to help win the World Series.
  4. bicoastal
    • 2007 June 1, Richard Sandomir, “Now Batting for the Yankees, Lindsay Lohan”, New York Times:
      Athletes in their seasons work nearly every day, while actors and celebrities with indefinable talents provide opportunities for paparazzi by shopping, lunching and dining and sunning themselves (the latter a pursuit that a shirtless Rodriguez engaged in last year in Central Park) in New York and Los Angeles, the bicoastal ground zero of their world.
  5. burningly
  6. cliffside
  7. countercharges
    • 2007 June 1, Steven Lee Myers, “Stalled by Conflict, Ukraine’s Democracy Gasps for Air”, New York Times:
      That led to charges, countercharges and dueling protests between the country’s warring camps, led by Mr. Yushchenko on one side and the prime minister, Viktor F. Yanukovich , on the other.
  8. cringemaking
    • 2007 June 1, Michiko Kakutani, “Past and Present: Imperfect, Tense”, New York Times:
      The couple’s attempt to consummate their marriage, predictably enough, ends in an embarrassing encounter that will snowball into a far more dire emotional exchange, all of which is depicted by Mr. McEwan in unsavory, voyeuristic terms that are as cringemaking as they are graphic.
  9. crumbing
    • 2007 June 1, Steven Rinehart, “The, Uh, Joy of Digging Ditches”, New York Times:
      Then comes crumbing and shaving; crumbing is the careful removal of loose stone and dirt, usually with a flat-bottomed shovel like a coal scoop, and shaving is the flattening of the ditch floor to create an even bed for the pipe.
  10. curbsides
    • 2007 June 1, Robin Finn, “Inspired by a Modern Marvel: Insurance”, New York Times:
      His highly personalized office in the financial district is decorated not with typical governmental fare — plaques, portraiture, and sequoia-size furniture — but with Brno and Breuer chairs scavenged from Manhattan’s finer curbsides (his motto: heavy garbage tends to be good garbage) and Pollock-esque oil paintings he drizzled into creation himself while at Vassar, where he majored in philosophy, and the Duke University School of Public Policy.
  11. desmoteplase
    • 2007 June 1, Reuters, “Experimental Stroke Drug Fails Late-Stage Trial”, New York Times:
      The Danish drug group H. Lundbeck has a deal with Paion to market desmoteplase in countries outside the United States and Canada, where Forest has the rights.
  12. expansibility
  13. glissandos
    • 2007 June 1, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      It puts a fascinating new contextual spin on the genesis of Cubism’s glissandos of transparent, stuttering, revolving, shattering forms: both Picasso and Braque were fans of the infant art of motion pictures during their Cubist years.
  14. hitless
  15. japonaiserie *
    • 2007 June 1, Alastair Macaulay, “From Mr. Masterpiece, International Odds and Ends”, New York Times:
      Even among Balanchine devotees, this depiction of Japanese male-female union in public and private has always had its detractors: its amalgam of japonaiserie, formality and overt sex has a distinctly limited fascination.
  16. midpark
    • 2007 June 1, The New York Times, “Spare Times”, New York Times:
      (registration, 8:30 a.m.; fee, $10), near the Naumberg Bandshell, midpark at 72nd Street.
  17. midphrase
  18. midstage
    • 2007 June 1, Reuters, “Experimental Stroke Drug Fails Late-Stage Trial”, New York Times:
      In two earlier midstage trials, the product was successfully tested for stroke treatment from three to nine hours after symptoms arose, extending the treatment window for breaking up blood clots beyond the current three-hour limit.
  19. mineworkers
    • 2007 June 1, Finn-Olaf Jones, “Minnesota’s ‘Freshwater Ocean’ Attracts a New Generation”, New York Times:
      It is a place where you will find business titans from the Twin Cities and local wool-shirted bohemians rubbing elbows with mineworkers and sailors in the coffeehouses, bars and cafes of Grand Marais, an intimate and colorful harbor village 110 miles north of Duluth, midway up the shore.
  20. napalmlike
    • 2007 June 1, The Associated Press, “Virginia: Liberty University Student Held”, New York Times:
      Troubled by testimony showing support for Nazis, gang connections and plans for violence, a federal judge ordered a Liberty University student held without bond on a charge of possessing a napalmlike bomb that the authorities found the night before the Rev. Jerry Falwell ’s funeral.
  21. nonresisting
  22. photorealist
  23. physiognomic
    • 2007 June 1, Virginia Heffernan, “Witchy Girls on a Mission: The Dark Side of Cliques”, New York Times:
      The British know what suspense can be wrought from sustained attention to a face — think of all those physiognomic descriptions in Victorian novels — and “Hex,” which begins its second season on BBC America tomorrow night, is a distinctly British show.
  24. prestart
    • 2007 June 1, Christopher Clarey, “Italian Team Finds Familiar Obstacle”, New York Times:
      It was a deeply convincing performance, one that began with Spithill’s ability to outwit BMW Oracle’s more experienced (and now unemployed) skipper Chris Dickson in the prestart maneuvering that so often, perhaps too often, decides these races.
  25. primitivist
    • 2007 June 1, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      CALVIN JOHNSON, JULIE DOIRON (Tonight) Mr. Johnson, the granddaddy of the Northwest punk scene, is a dedicated pop primitivist whose odes to the uncorrupted child-savage within are delivered in a froggy and purposely tuneless bass that sounds anything but childlike. Ms. Doiron, formerly of the band Eric’s Trip, is too talented a songwriter for gimmickry, singing with quiet intensity about the agony of kissing “the wrong guy.”
  26. reclose
  27. scrutinization
  28. shoreless
    • 2007 June 1, Finn-Olaf Jones, “Minnesota’s ‘Freshwater Ocean’ Attracts a New Generation”, New York Times:
      Lake Superior’s granite coves and sheer cliffs, backed by deep pine, birch and fern forests, are reminiscent of the coast of Maine , right down to the vast expanse of lead-gray water that disappears into a shoreless horizon — the higher parts of the Michigan coast on the other side can only be glimpsed on clear days.
  29. shoulderless
    • 2007 June 1, Anthony Tommasini, “In Opera’s Shrinking World, It Still Helps to Use Your First Language”, New York Times:
      Surely these beautiful artists would have wanted what they wore to be reported. Mr. Hvorostovsky looked sexy in black leather pants and an open-collared black shirt. Ms. Netrebko first appeared in a simple, fetching black dress, then switched to a shoulderless cream and sequined gown for the second half.
  30. stagings
    • 2007 June 1, “Arts, Briefly”, New York Times:
      Other planned productions, besides the previously announced Sam Mendes stagings of “Hamlet” and “The Tempest,” include an adaptation of the Pedro Almodóvar film “All About My Mother,” and a Christmas pantomime of “Cinderella,” written by Stephen Fry .
  31. timberwolves
    • 2007 June 1, Finn-Olaf Jones, “Minnesota’s ‘Freshwater Ocean’ Attracts a New Generation”, New York Times:
      There aren’t many places in America where your lake view is shared with what sounds like the cast of a Disney movie: “We see timberwolves, bear, moose and even the occasional red fox,” Mr. Ankeny said.
  32. uncalculated
    • 2007 June 1, Michael Kimmelman, “Man of Steel”, New York Times:
      The industrial steel walls, in uncalculated rusty orange and velvety brown, evoke natural terrains; the spaces through which the sculptures move people are akin to spaces in nature.
  33. unpugnacious
    • 2007 June 1, Alessandra Stanley, “In Casting for President, Will Actor Rate a Callback?”, New York Times:
      Arthur was elected to replace the unpugnacious Nora Lewin (Dianne Wiest ), a liberal law professor who was skittish about capital punishment and clashed with more aggressive prosecutors.
  34. upsized