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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-02 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. acanthamoeba
    • 2007 June 2, Jeremy W. Peters, “China’s Investors Pull Back, but U.S. Bull Is Unfazed”, New York Times:
      Advanced Medical’s new priorities are managing the recall, figuring out what made MoisturePlus users especially vulnerable to acanthamoeba, and forecasting the recall’s potential financial impact.
  2. anticollision
    • 2007 June 2, Matthew L. Wald, “2 American Pilots Are Indicted in Brazilian Airliner Crash”, New York Times:
      The United States National Transportation Safety Board last month attributed the crash partly to the cockpit systems’ failure to alert the American crew that the jet’s anticollision equipment had failed.
  3. antiextremist
    • 2007 June 2, Jane Perlez, “A Journey to, and From, the Heart of Radical Islam in Britain”, New York Times:
      On the other side, Mr. Husain says he has been approached by British government officials, asking whether he wants to join their antiextremist efforts, a move that would almost certainly cast him in parts of Britain’s diverse Muslim community as a government stooge.
  4. backlighted
    • 2007 June 2, James R. Oestreich, “Strange, Faraway Fantasies of Hell and Paradise”, New York Times:
      It offers few subtleties, but those can be effective, as when the chorus is backlighted in the rear of the auditorium to produce an ominous play of shadows onstage.
  5. basepaths
    • 2007 June 2, Tyler Kepner, “Reconsidering, Torre Admonishes Rodriguez”, New York Times:
      Jackson broke up a potential double play in the 1978 World Series when he froze on the basepaths and turned his hip into a throw.
  6. cumbersomely
    • 2007 June 2, James R. Oestreich, “Strange, Faraway Fantasies of Hell and Paradise”, New York Times:
      The pit band, the cumbersomely named Ginn Resorts Spoleto Festival U.S.A. Orchestra, was excellent, as it had been the night before in “Mahagonny” (and in a Thursday morning memorial concert in honor of the composer Gian Carlo Menotti, who founded the festival in 1977, acrimoniously left it in 1993 and died in February).
  7. fungoes
  8. groundout
  9. hitless
  10. incandescents
    • 2007 June 2, Dan Mitchell, “Playing Games at CNBC”, New York Times:
      Australia plans to phase out incandescents in favor of compact fluorescents by 2010; Canada by 2012.
  11. megamarket
    • 2007 June 2, Michael J. Copps, “The Price of Free Airwaves”, New York Times:
      A station in a megamarket like New York or Los Angeles could easily fetch half a billion dollars or more.
  12. midcrossovers
  13. midphrase
  14. myelodysplastic
    • 2007 June 2, Corey Kilgannon, “A Jazzman’s Farewell Album, All Heart and Soul”, New York Times:
      One of jazz’s most influential tenor saxophonists over the last quarter-century and an 11-time Grammy winner, he had been battling myelodysplastic syndrome, a bone marrow disease commonly known as MDS, for more than a year and would pass away about four months later, at 57.
  15. nebbishy
    • 2007 June 2, Jennifer Dunning, “Memories Etched in Motion”, New York Times:
      Steven Rattazzi is the indispensable heart of the piece, an actor who moves and speaks the text with charmingly nebbishy certainty.
  16. nonballet
    • 2007 June 2, Gia Kourlas, “Young Siblings From Iowa Learn to Shine”, New York Times:
      The flowers in question bloomed in seemingly nonballet terrain, Des Moines, where Callie’s parents enrolled their daughter, now 16, in a ballet class when she was 4.
  17. noncash
    • 2007 June 2, Mary Williams Walsh, “Connecticut Takes Up Fight Over Accounting Rules”, New York Times:
      The problem, they say, is that the board generates rules that make it hard to balance the budget every year — like many states, Connecticut has a law requiring a balanced budget — by forcing legislators to grapple with long-term debts and other noncash items.
  18. noninterventionists
  19. parfum *
  20. podiatric
    • 2007 June 2, Tyler Kepner, “Reconsidering, Torre Admonishes Rodriguez”, New York Times:
      “With a 75 percent tear, if you’re going to immobilize him for three weeks, you’re looking at six weeks and possibly up to eight weeks — a month and a half to two months at most,” said Dr. Dominic Catanese, the director of podiatric medicine and surgery at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.
  21. predraft
  22. prestart
    • 2007 June 2, Christopher Clarey, “Team New Zealand Takes an Early Lead and Protects It”, New York Times:
      In a prestart that was lacking in fireworks but not in significance, Luna Rossa’s young Australian helmsman, James Spithill, maneuvered well, seemingly content to let the Kiwis and their skipper, Dean Barker, take the right side of the course.
  23. prewedding
  24. reputational
    • 2007 June 2, Helene Cooper, “Rice Plays Down Hawkish Talk About Iran”, New York Times:
      “The most powerful set of disincentives that we have now are the collateral effects of Iran being under a Security Council resolution, which has made the private sector think twice about the investment and reputational risk of getting involved with Iran,” she said.
  25. schoolmasterly
    • 2007 June 2, Michael Brick, “A Defendant for the Defense, Following His Own Rules”, New York Times:
      In court, his main adversary is Jonathan S. Kaye, an assistant district attorney with a jarhead haircut and the blocky features of a man who plainly knows how it feels to be punched in the face. Mr. Kaye has matched the defendant’s demeanor with a choice of soothing, schoolmasterly tones over harsh rhetoric.
  26. sinkerball
  27. skeeball
  28. supercenter
    • 2007 June 2, Michael Barbaro, “Wal-Mart Cuts Back Expansion”, New York Times:
      But the cutback is significant because each Wal-Mart supercenter can book sales of $100 million a year, and the giant stores have propelled much of Wal-Mart’s growth — an increase of more than 13 percent a year, on average, in the last decade.
  29. supercenters
    • 2007 June 2, Michael Barbaro, “Wal-Mart Cuts Back Expansion”, New York Times:
      After decades of staggering growth, which blanketed suburban America with thousands of its giant stores, Wal-Mart will reduce the number of new supercenters to be opened this year by nearly 30 percent, or roughly 75 stores, the company said here Friday during its annual shareholder meeting.
  30. unbundling
    • 2007 June 2, “Marriage Benefits (1 Letter)”, New York Times:
      Dalton Conley’s call for unbundling the marriage contract into its constituent parts (“Spread the Wealth of Spousal Rights,” Op-Ed, May 20) overlooks the fact that the rationales for many marriage-based benefits are inextricably linked to the obligations spouses supposedly have to each other.