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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2007-06-07 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-04).

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  1. antispyware
  2. applejacks
    • 2007 June 7, Christopher Mason, “Behind the Glass Wall”, New York Times:
      I didn’t know the difference between architecture and applejacks.
  3. artisanship
    • 2007 June 7, Eric Wilson, “Stealing the Scene Along With the Store”, New York Times:
      Doesn’t that skill and artisanship matter to consumers, compared with the brute marketing muscle behind a line like, say, Kate Moss’s recent collection for Topshop, which was copied from pieces by other designers that were in the model’s closet?
  4. bicheiros
    • 2007 June 7, Larry Rohter, “Brazilian Numbers Game Ties Officials to Mobsters”, New York Times:
      Today it is played everywhere in Brazil , including remote corners of the Amazon, but continues to be controlled from Rio by about a dozen bosses, called bicheiros.
  5. candleholders
  6. carpetlike
    • 2007 June 7, Randy Kennedy, “Tough Art With a Candy Center”, New York Times:
      While some of his signature spills and piles are composed of silver-wrapped chocolates or brightly colored hard candy, the carpetlike one that covers the floor in one wing of the American pavilion, called “Untitled (Public Opinion),” is made with grayish licorice pieces vaguely shaped like missiles.
  7. chitchatting
    • 2007 June 7, Mimi Read, “Loving New Orleans, With a Ready Escape”, New York Times:
      While people in other places are discussing summer vacation plans, New Orleans residents are chitchatting about which car they’ll take, what multilevel parking garage they’ll leave their second car in so it doesn’t flood, and which route they will take out of the city.
  8. cultlike
    • 2007 June 7, Stephanie Rosenbloom, “Trading Brews for Bags? High Five!”, New York Times:
      In Melbourne, Australia, where the brand was founded in 1995 by three former bicycle messengers, the exchange has a cultlike status, with thousands of beer-toting customers lining up with cases, kegs — even, once, a barrel.
  9. diaristic
    • 2007 June 7, Elizabeth Hayt, “Listen Up, Everybody: I’m in Menopause”, New York Times:
      And given today’s openness and even exhibitionism — including tell-all memoirs, diaristic blogging and YouTube stardom — a personal condition that is common and natural is no reason for discretion, many women say.
  10. dreds
    • 2007 June 7, Ruth La Ferla, “A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Jersey”, New York Times:
      The unseasonably sultry day prompted men to strip to their dungarees, their air-cooled look accented with beads, snap-brim, and baroque tattoos — or, in the case of Jayde Gouveia-Hernandez, a set of dreds lovingly tended with beeswax.
  11. embryoniclike
    • 2007 June 7, Nicholas Wade, “Biologists Make Skin Cells Work Like Stem Cells”, New York Times:
      It “raises no serious moral problem, because it creates embryoniclike stem cells without creating, harming or destroying human lives at any stage,” said Richard Doerflinger, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ’ spokesman on stem cell issues.
  12. faceplates
  13. groundout
    • 2007 June 7, Ben Shpigel, “Mets Stumble as Outfield Absorbs Another Hit”, New York Times:
      They led through six, 2-0, on Carlos Beltrán’s fourth-inning homer and Delgado’s sixth-inning run-scoring groundout off Adam Eaton, until Hernández said he had grown tired after throwing 99 pitches.
  14. groundouts
  15. gymgoing
    • 2007 June 7, Matt Villano, “For Hikers in a Hurry to Get Fit Fast”, New York Times:
      After nearly a decade of gymgoing, Morgan Phillips, 43, gave up last year, choosing an intense workout on the steep and deserted Vasquez Trail in Garland Ranch Regional Park in California.
  16. homefront
    • 2007 June 7, Richard Goldstein, “Arnold Lappert, 86, Who Heard Corregidor Fall, Is Dead”, New York Times:
      Sergeant Lappert tried to meet with Sergeant Strobing when they both got back to New York, having known his identity from the transcripts of his messages reproduced in newspapers and broadcast on the homefront radio soon after Corregidor fell.
  17. hyperextended
  18. hypertufa
    • 2007 June 7, Anne Raver, “Above Midtown, a Lilliputian Universe”, New York Times:
      There are weight restrictions on rooftops and terraces, of course, and fiberglass is a lot lighter than tufa, the limestone rock used in alpine gardens, or the mix of cement, peat and sand that makes up hypertufa, the artificial stone used for troughs.
  19. laptoplike
  20. mimiced
    • 2007 June 7, Scott Shane, “Rights Groups Call for End to Secret Detentions”, New York Times:
      Meg Satterthwaite, of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University , one of the six groups, said the recent American practice mimiced “disappearances” of political opponents under Latin American dictators.
  21. minicamp
  22. minitours
    • 2007 June 7, Damon Hack, “A 17-Year-Old Turns Pro and Looks to Be the Man”, New York Times:
      Beginning today, he will be among 12 players competing for a $2 million first prize at the Ultimate Game at Wynn Las Vegas, a tournament featuring long-shot players, hard-luck cases and various professionals culled from the country’s minitours.
  23. motivic
  24. musclemen
  25. myopias
    • 2007 June 7, “Why Give Away the Airwaves? (2 Letters)”, New York Times:
      In this manner, the people would have their own station time, free of commercialism and advertising myopias, to meet a broad array of the public’s information needs.
  26. nonathletes
  27. nonconfidential
  28. nondancers
  29. nongamers
    • 2007 June 7, Seth Schiesel, “In a Virtual Universe, the Politics Turn Real”, New York Times:
      For nongamers and those whose gaming habit consists of a few rounds of Minesweeper during conference calls, it can be difficult to understand the emotional depth and commitment among players of so-called massively multiplayer online games, or M.M.O.’s. Players of such games, who generally pay about $15 a month for access, often spend thousands of hours over many years building their online personas, accumulating virtual power and wealth and often making friends with other players from all over the world.
  30. nonscreamers
    • 2007 June 7, Kelefa Sanneh, “Heartthrob Swooning and Concert T-Shirts”, New York Times:
      Early on, Pete Wentz, the bassist and lead celebrity — but not lead singer — of Fall Out Boy, took a moment to reassure the nonscreamers.
  31. nonscreaming
    • 2007 June 7, Kelefa Sanneh, “Heartthrob Swooning and Concert T-Shirts”, New York Times:
      WANTAGH, N.Y., June 5 — It was a breezy Tuesday night here at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, and the stands were filled with screaming teenagers and a few nonscreaming parents.
  32. passportless
    • 2007 June 7, Ralph Blumenthal, “Travelers Face Frustrations With Passport Rule Changes”, New York Times:
      “Basically, they’ve taken my money,” said Kevin Owens, 39, an oil industry employee, who sent in an expedited application April 20 and, with a June 14 trip to Jamaica looming, was still passportless.
  33. popemobile *
    • 2007 June 7, Ian Fisher, “‘Deranged’ Man Hurls Himself at Pope, Who Seems Unfazed”, New York Times:
      ROME, June 6 — A man the Vatican described as “clearly deranged” sprang over a barricade on Wednesday and landed a yard or so behind a waving Pope Benedict XVI as he rode in an uncovered popemobile through crowds at St. Peter’s Square.
  34. remanufactured
    • 2007 June 7, Keith Bradsher, “Chinese Auto Parts Enter the Global Market”, New York Times:
      But used starters and alternators are still remanufactured in the United States, reusing the costly copper wiring in each device and selling them in the $1.5 billion market for replacement starters and alternators.
  35. soundboards
  36. swingingly
    • 2007 June 7, Alan Cowell, “2012 Olympic Logo: Sparks Precede the Flame”, New York Times:
      “When something is so swingingly attacked as the 2012 logo has been, it tells you more about the people doing the attacking, and their taste, than about the design in question,” said Michael Wolff, the co-founder of Wolff Olins, the branding agency that designed the logo.
  37. ultraportable
  38. unfamous
    • 2007 June 7, Eric Wilson, “Stealing the Scene Along With the Store”, New York Times:
      On Monday night, they wore their new label, Elizabeth and James (named for their unfamous siblings), whereas not long ago they might have worn the designs of someone like Mr. Lim.
  39. unpresent
    • 2007 June 7, Kelefa Sanneh, “Heartthrob Swooning and Concert T-Shirts”, New York Times:
      And Mark Hoppus, from +44, gave him a birthday unpresent: he grabbed what he said was Mr. Wentz’s bass and threw it into the ocean.
  40. untraditional
    • 2007 June 7, Lee Jenkins, “Ducks Bring Cup to the West Coast”, New York Times:
      In recent years, the Cup has traveled to untraditional destinations: Tampa Bay, Carolina , and now Anaheim.